[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Press the start button, the “READY” light on the instrument panel lights up, and lightly step on the accelerator. At this time, this Camry hybrid version relies on the battery-driven motor to transmit power when it moves forward. In the evening, drove into the community, glide past passers-by, leaving behind the taillights, making no sound, and maintaining a low-key sense of mystery.

In fact, many people do not know that the Camry Zunrui is the name of the seventh-generation Camry hybrid version in front of them. In order for you to understand the characteristics of our protagonist today, I still call it the hybrid version.

On the basis of ordinary Camry, carry out unique characteristic element transformation

It is very traditional, there is nothing to impress people on the outside. It adopts the appearance design of the ordinary version. In order to highlight its own characteristics, it will have some changes in details such as the China Open.

“Camry Junrui” “Camry Normal Edition”

A few simple signs around the body show that it is different from the regular Camry. In addition, there are some differences in the layout of the exhaust pipe. The hybrid version uses a relatively low-key single-sided single-out form, while the regular The two-sided double-out style is adopted for the version and sports version, and the visual effect is much more publicized.

The body size of the Camry hybrid version is smaller than the normal version. The length, width and height are 4825×1825×1505mm, and the wheelbase is 2775mm. There is no advantage in the same level, but the space utilization rate is very high. We will discuss in detail later.

New Teana Accord Camry Zunrui
Length (mm) 4868 4960 4825
Width (mm) 1830 1860 1825
Height (mm) 1490 1480 1505
Wheelbase (mm) 2775 2800 2775

The Camry hybrid version is not as serious and solemn as the Magotan and Passat, nor is it too calm and lacking in highlights like the Accord. Some are lively, some are low-key and filled with a solid atmosphere. This combination is the description of its personality. After appreciating the appearance, I think so.

Interior and detailed configuration

The four-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel feels good in the hand, is large in size, and is decorated with dark wood grain. For a mature family-care man, such a steering wheel should be what they want most.

The design of the instrument panel is the most beautiful part of the Camry hybrid version. The tachometer on the left has been replaced with a hybrid operating condition table, and the background has been replaced with a technologically blue, quiet one. A monochrome driving computer display screen is added in the middle, and the visual effect is clear and concise. The content includes information such as hybrid operating conditions, fuel consumption, mileage, and multimedia playback.

The two buttons unique to the Camry Hybrid Edition, the ECO energy-saving mode and the EV pure electric mode. Here is mainly to talk about this EV mode, the main purpose is to not affect others in the environment such as entering the community or basement. In terms of personal feeling, the mandatory EV mode is of little significance. The battery power is low, the throttle is too high, and the vehicle speed is too fast. Moreover, when the speed is reduced, the vehicle will automatically enter the EV mode if the throttle control is gentle. The meaning I thought of was to perform some secret special task, or to do something sneaky. Before my wife found out, the vehicle had already slipped out of the community.

●The riding space mainly experiences the back row

Camry’s performance in terms of space has always been a good project, and this hybrid version is no exception. The ride space has not changed from the normal version. After the 175cm height experiencer adjusts the sitting posture, the front row can get a punch of head space.

There should be no room for improvement in the rear seating space. The performance of one punch for head space and more than two punches for leg space can fully satisfy the discerning eyes of domestic consumers. The biggest advantage is the flat middle foot space.

The backrests of the two rear seats are soft and delicate. What makes opponents most embarrassed is the various buttons on the rear center armrest. You can adjust the angle of the seat backrests, control the audio and air conditioning, and control the rear. The opening and closing of row sunshades. The boss button is deeply loved by the rear passengers. With the adjustment of the rear seat backrest (maximum 8°), the bosses can smoothly find a comfortable sleeping position. They don’t want to move when they sit on it, and they nest in the back comfortably. Obviously it is a more sensible choice, and everyone will understand the specific performance by looking at the picture.

Focus on experiencing hybrid power

The biggest difference between the Camry hybrid version and the regular version is that it is equipped with a brand new 2.5L 4AR-FXE engine with Atkinson cycle. With a maximum power of 160 horsepower (118 kW) and a peak torque of 213 N·m, with a 142 horsepower (105 kW) and a peak torque of 270 N·m electric motor, the maximum output can be 205 horsepower (151 kW).

Its basic working principle is: it can be driven purely by electric motor under low load conditions, and it is driven by gasoline engine and electric motor under high load conditions. At the same time, the gasoline engine is also responsible for charging the Ni-MH battery pack to ensure the operation of the motor and slowing down when braking. And the energy during taxiing will also be recovered to charge the Ni-MH battery pack. In short, the ultimate goal is to save fuel. As for the effect, we will bring you the actual fuel consumption test below. In addition, readers who want to know the Atkinson cycle engine, please click here.

Fuel consumption test under normal road conditions

This fuel consumption test was divided into two times. The first time was a congested, smooth, and ordinary urban road section with signal lights; the second time was a smooth loop and highway. We will conduct two fuel consumption tests by the same driver.

The first test is the fuel consumption performance during daily use. The whole distance is 139km, and the road conditions less than 20km/h account for 40%. The rest are smooth and stop-and-go ordinary urban roads. The D gear does not turn on the ECO energy-saving mode, which is completely simulated. The average speed of ordinary consumers is 27km/h. In the end, we measured the overall fuel consumption of 5.41 liters/100km . I am very satisfied with this result. To be precise, it is a bit of a surprise, which is lower than expected.

Fuel consumption test in high-speed mode

I heard that hybrid cars do not perform so well when running at high speeds. For this reason, we also conducted tests. I don’t know if you can guess the specific performance.

The road conditions in this test were unobstructed ring roads, the whole distance was 130.9 kilometers, and the average speed was 62km/h, which was quite good road performance. The test conditions were the same as the first time, and the final test result was 7.48 liters/100km. It seems that the generator cannot play an obvious role when driving on a pure high-speed section. At this time, it is equivalent to a regular Camry, and the result is the same as we expected.

Looking at the fuel consumption test rankings of the Autohome, the top few are small cars and mini cars. The only compact player is a hybrid CT200h, like the Camry Zunrui. The fuel consumption of the 1.6-ton mid-size car is already lower than that of the Chery QQ 1.0MT, and it will replace the QQ in the seventh place! If the ECO mode is used throughout, I believe its fuel consumption can be lower.

With the addition of generators and battery packs, the weight of the hybrid version is about 100 kg more than the general version, but the total output of 205 horsepower is almost the same as a 2.0T engine, so it still feels very light to drive. Step on the accelerator deeply and let the engine and the electric motor work together. At this time, the performance of the Camry Hybrid Edition will greatly exceed your psychological expectations, and the back feeling is very strong. You might think I’m a bit boring to talk about the back feeling on the Camry, but that’s the truth, it’s really tougher than the regular version.

Continue to accelerate? Forget it, I don't want to ruin such an energy-saving Camry. Compared to a slightly low-level acceleration game, I am more willing to reduce the average fuel consumption displayed on the trip computer by making subtle changes in my right foot. The hybrid powertrain works very efficiently. The power connection between the engine and the electric motor is very close. The computer will properly handle the working situation between the two brothers, and the intervention of the engine or the electric motor will not produce a sense of abruptness.

Looking at the constantly changing picture on the central display, this aroused me a lot of interest. Try to change the driving style, adopt as many judgmental taxi strategies as possible, and let the kinetic energy recovery system store the energy of the vehicle during taxiing into the battery, and supply it to the pure E electric mode. The state at this time should be the most suitable ” The term “new energy” is defined.

As for the other aspects of driving experience, it is exactly the same as that of ordinary Camry. The steering system and suspension are adjusted in standard Japanese style. The soft steering wheel has no driving feeling, no emotion at all, and no road information feedback at all, and it is dull. It's as if the nerve endings in the hands are dead, maybe this feeling is what some people want. The driving performance of the chassis and suspension system can give ninety points, and the level of comfort is really not to say, but when passing through some short-wavelength bumpy roads such as potholes, the body has some extra small jumps, which is not as solid as European cars.

The hybrid version will also provide the driver with the recent fuel consumption status on the central display. The significance is to keep you in a good state of mind at all times and continue to be environmentally friendly as always. The braking kinetic energy recovery is quite interesting. When braking, with the green arrow flowing to the battery on the display, sometimes watching the power increase a little bit, my heart is still full of a lot of accomplishment.

Various performance tests

I don’t know how many people will be interested in the performance of this car. Maybe the owner will never step on floor oil in his life, but I still recommend you to check it. The result may be beyond your expectations.

The acceleration time of the Camry Hybrid Edition is directly related to the battery power. We start the acceleration test after the battery is fully charged. The fastest time for 0-100km/h is 8.12 seconds. Later, as the battery power decreases, the results will get more and more. slow. The whole acceleration process is smooth and linear, and the sustained strength is very good, there is no particularly exaggerated momentum, and it is calm. For a Camry, I think such results are already luxurious enough.

The excellent performance is not only the acceleration performance. In the emergency braking link, the average score of 39.82 meters is still convincing enough, and the results of 10 times are very stable at about 39 meters. The four 215mm Yokohama tires can hold the road well. The deceleration curve shows that there are several obvious dips. In short, I am very satisfied with the results. The brake pedal feels softer, obviously the style of Japanese cars, which needs to be adapted in daily use.

to sum up

Generally speaking, the appearance or handling feeling of a car occupies a relatively high position in our hearts. The Camry Hybrid does not look outstanding or can be said to be very modest, and the control feels even more bland, but this does not prevent it from having fans, because they don’t care how much slower its cornering speed is than the BMW 3 Series. Low emissions and a more comfortable rear row are the essence of the Camry Hybrid.

Camry 2012 Zunrui 2.5HQ Ultimate Edition

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Many people think that the price of a hybrid hat on a car model will be much higher. The official price of this top-equipped Camry hybrid version has reached 329,800, which is indeed a bit expensive. It doesn’t matter. Let’s continue to look down. The lowest official price is 259,800, and the configuration is missing the navigation system, independent rear air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring, memory seats, and rear sun shades. At present, the Beijing 4S store of this car can already offer discounts to around 230,000, and the price/performance ratio is very outstanding. With the current oil price rising steadily, it is really a good choice to get a hybrid model to open. .

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