[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] After Changan Automobile entered the field of family cars, it has successively launched Zhixiang, Yuexiang, Benben i, Benben MINI and other car series. The products cover three levels of micro, small and compact. Today we tested this one. CX30 is another compact family car officially launched at the end of May last year. Whether it is a Zhixiang hatchback or not is no longer important. You can focus on the performance of the vehicle itself.

● Engine and gearbox

The engine model used by CX30 is JL475QK, which comes from Jiangling Engine Company. Like the JL475Q7 used by Yuexiang before, it belongs to the 475Q series. On antelope and other models), the German FEV company modified the cylinder diameter, cylinder head, intake and exhaust system, etc., with a maximum power of 78 kW and a peak torque of 151 Nm.

Although this four-cylinder 16-valve engine uses a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) structure, each cylinder can still retain a four-valve design. The secret is that one camshaft controls four valves through a dual rocker arm system, which reduces costs. At the same time, it ensures smoother intake and exhaust than the ordinary SOHC two-valve structure, and is more durable than the dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) structure, and the maintenance and repair costs are greatly reduced. It is a relatively compromised solution. The gearbox comes from Chongqing Qingshan Transmission Company. The gear spacing is moderate, and the longitudinal stroke is slightly longer. I don't know if it is the reason for the new car, the reverse gear is jerky. Changan is an old customer of Qingshan. Before Benben and Yuexiang used its gearboxes.

◆ Since the model version used for dynamic test and static experience is different, this article did not directly add the previous experience articles . Readers who need to understand the appearance, interior, space and other information of CX30, please click the link below:

● Daily driving

Although it is a compact hatchback, the size of the CX30 is not small at all. The length of 4.45 meters is comparable to that of some sedan in this class. While ensuring the space in the car, it also brings some to novices. Burden, for example, the shape of the C-pillar has a certain impact on the rear window line of sight, and you need to be careful when reversing. The good news is that all the hatchback versions are equipped with a reversing radar, which is more kind.

At present, the 1.6-liter model is only equipped with a manual transmission, so whether it is easy to drive is crucial. The clutch pedal force is moderate, and the clutch point is set high and clear, which can effectively avoid the embarrassment of starting to stall. The data shows that FEV also helped the CX30 to adjust the suspension while adjusting the engine. The final result was a slightly sporty “hard”. The double quotation marks were added because it did not reach the level of real effective support. The early stage gives you some fun opportunities, such as a little bouncing when passing speed bumps, and it is not strong enough to encounter fierce steering movements.

Of course, for a family car, we don’t need to pursue these unpretentious qualities at all. Your responsibility is to take good care of the wives of the co-pilot and the children in the back, and try to make them feel comfortable before reaching the destination. In this respect, the CX30 is worthy of performance. Trust, especially the matching of the engine and the gearbox, the balance of power output and the smooth connection of gears are remarkable, coupled with good noise suppression, including drivers on crowded urban roads Everyone inside will not be at risk of motion sickness, except for those who are too sensitive.

I can’t give a high score in terms of power. The low-speed torque burst capability of the JL475QK engine is still far from that of a pure SOHC engine. It is far from entering the state near our usual 2500 rpm. If you want to speed up and overtake, you just rely on deep pedaling. The throttle is not enough, and downshifts become necessary. This seems to be a little different from the information conveyed to you by the fashionable appearance, so don't simply and directly associate the hatchback with the sport. The hatchback can also be very gentle.

● Accelerated testing

The various performance indicators of the engine are not outstanding, and the weight of the CX30 cannot be considered small, so there will be no particularly good performance in the 100-kilometer acceleration test.

The 195-width Magis tires have average grip, and the front wheel slips for a long time during the initial stage. The long longitudinal stroke of the gear lever during acceleration affects the upshift speed. The engine itself is very stable, and the output in each gear is balanced and stable. It's just that the explosive power is limited, and the 12.72 seconds performance is mediocre in the same level.

● Brake test

It can be seen from the graph that the braking force of the braking system is obviously lacking, and the deceleration g value of the whole vehicle has been hovering around -0.8g. Fortunately, the strong support of the suspension system does not cause the center of gravity to move forward and backward significantly, otherwise the braking distance is still To increase. The final score of 45.4 meters is unsatisfactory, and CX30 needs to be improved in this regard.

● Noise

The noise is well controlled in idling state. The running speed of the engine in each speed range is considered to be excellent compared with the aspect ratio of models of the same level. This is one of the key reasons for the low noise during driving. It also shows that the gearbox gear ratio setting and The matching between it and the engine is more inclined to daily use, considering the price, manufacturing cost and other factors, the noise control of the CX30 is satisfactory.

● Fuel consumption test

This fuel consumption test involves three sections of congestion, loop, and high-speed, and the proportions are even, accounting for almost one-third of each. The whole process is equipped with an adult male driver and several photographic equipment.

The final result is 8.06 liters/100 kilometers. It is acceptable for a vehicle that has not yet run-in period to run out of this number. I believe that in real life, the CX30 can perform better after patience and careful running-in, and it is worth a visit. It is mentioned that the gear ratio of the gearbox used by the CX30 is good, which not only ensures the comfort of daily use, but also helps to reduce fuel consumption.

● Summary

The CX30 is a very real car. It has no outstanding performance indicators. Compared with its competitors, it does not seem to have any obvious highlights. However, its performance is more than enough for daily use. Jiangling Engine has accumulated a good reputation in the industry, 475Q The durability of the series of engines is guaranteed, and there are also advantages in later maintenance.

Despite its beautiful appearance, the CX30 is generally suitable for users with easy-going personality and family-oriented users. In their eyes, the vehicle is not necessarily related to the display of personality, and meeting the needs of life is the most tangible advantage. The brake system is a place to be improved, especially today when safety performance is getting more and more attention, I still have to remind one thing: safety first.