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[YesAuto Quick Comment] Someone said: “Downloading Pinduoduo is equivalent to bowing to life.” This sentence has its truth. After all, in the Internet age, the rise of e-commerce platforms has changed people’s consumption habits and restricted them even more. Fewer channels and lower commodity prices often make consumers shout “really good.” However, it seems that some exceptions have occurred recently, such as Tesla, who would never “bow his head”.

I think most readers should be aware of the recent “Tesla/Pinduoduo incident”. The cause of the incident was that Pinduoduo launched an online “10,000-person group purchase” campaign in July this year, which provided 5 sets of 2019 Model 3 sold in group purchases, with a discount of close to 20,000 yuan; subsequently, Tesla announced The statement stated that the event was not an official behavior, and Pinduoduo responded that car owners could purchase vehicles on their own and the Pinduoduo officials would provide price subsidies. The event was true and effective; Tesla later stated that it refused to deliver vehicles to car owners participating in the event.

As the confrontation between the two sides continues, the people who eat melons have already prepared their benches and seeds. If you think about it with your usual consumption thinking, Pinduoduo seems to have done nothing wrong: it is nothing more than subsidizing consumers with its own money, and it has given you a penny of Tesla; besides, it is sold or you have stopped production. The 2019 models are also cleared of inventory by the way; Tesla is so opposed, how can it be cheaper and sold well?

Why not Tesla?
Electric cars, rockets, and Musk with “sorrowful talk”

From this point of view, at least from the consumer's point of view, Tesla's behavior is unreasonable. So why does it do this? I think it may be necessary to talk about the Tesla brand here. In the previous “Quick Reviews” series of articles, I used the Porsche Taycan as an example to explain the impact and influence of Tesla on traditional car companies since the beginning of the electric car era; also through the introduction of Hyundai Paris. The subtle relationship between traditional dealer sales model and brand image. It is very coincidental that the views of those two articles actually overlapped in the current “wrangling” between Tesla and Pinduoduo.

Brief summary: As the “pioneer” of electric vehicles, the early emergence of Tesla brand electric vehicles can be said to have created a “template” for modern electric vehicles-minimalist interiors, large-size central control screens/liquid crystal instruments, Rich driving assistance functions, etc., they have awakened consumers' pursuit of a “sense of technology” and are more pleased with young people who grow up with smartphones and tablets. We have already demonstrated this. At the same time, although later products can be richer and more comprehensive than Tesla, they are always latecomers and imitators. As a car manufacturer, Tesla's “technological attributes” have already been implanted in the minds of consumers.

On this basis, Elon Musk, the founder of the Tesla brand, has the same or even higher reputation as Tesla. But unlike traditional entrepreneurs, Elon Musk is also very good at marketing himself, which includes but is not limited to the sense of participation he often brings with his “Sorry Talks” on Twitter. At the same time, his other company SpaceX is obviously more dynamic, because SpaceX's main business is aerospace manufacturing and space transportation! Sounds cool, right?

Therefore, Elon Musk's personal ID successfully binds Tesla and SpaceX. After all, “Silicon Valley Iron Man” is not called for nothing. And obviously the latter brings a huge “attribute bonus” to the former, directly filling Tesla's technological attributes, which also coincides with the interest of the “geeks” in the technological trend of the 21st century, which is why Everyone is eager for Tesla's products. The overwhelming technological attributes make the Tesla brand unique and hugely attractive, and the extremely high brand tonality has also accumulated many fans for Tesla and Elon Musk. How to describe it? Here I borrow the summary of Tesla from the UP owner that I like very much:

“Technology Religion”. It's really appropriate.

“We don't have a dealer…” “No, you do!”

Therefore, the success of the Tesla brand is global in scope. As a major automobile manufacturing country in my country, the localization of Tesla was quickly arranged. From the construction of the factory to the official delivery of the domestic Tesla Model 3, everything seemed to be going smoothly. At the same time, since its early imports, Tesla has also maintained a direct sales model of direct sales in online malls/after-sales of offline vehicles. For the domestic market that has relied on dealers for a long time, Tesla once again brought inspiration and allowed it to once again consolidate its “avant-garde attributes”, or in your words: “install X attributes.”

Why does Tesla resolutely adopt a direct sales model? As mentioned before when discussing Hyundai’s introduction of Paris and the direct sales model: manufacturers sell cars to dealers, and the dealers bear the inventory pressure and sell the vehicles. This inevitably involves the dealer’s own promotional behavior, which is common in All kinds of so-called “terminal discounts”, the final vehicle will be sold to consumers at a price lower than the official guide price. At the same time, due to the existence of the dealer's “rebate” model, the dealer will ask the manufacturer for a rebate fee for each car sold, and this price is often negotiated by both parties. Therefore, if the dealer has excessive “promotional behavior” and uses “rebates” to make up for the price loss of the car itself, it will result in a car with an ultra-low terminal price in exchange for sales, which will inevitably affect the brand Bring a huge impact. Including Tesla, no car company wants to see this happen.

Therefore, for Tesla, it is extremely important to preserve the “brand tone”, which to a certain extent even exceeds the product and sales itself. Because as Elon Musk's “technological religion”, losing the “brand tone” is tantamount to losing the “sense of identity” of consumers, which is fatal for Tesla. Besides, even if it is a direct sales model, is Tesla's sales low? Therefore, Tesla will not allow anyone to harm its “brand tone”-passers-by/netizens/consumers/car owners vomit it does not matter, but if it is selling its products through similar dealers’ price reduction behavior , And it has not yet passed the official cooperation, and you still fight a lot, then think about it with your toes, Tesla will not agree.

Why did I add a special “or you fight a lot”? Am I targeting it? Not really.

Why does Pinduoduo want?
Counterattack of “Internet Yiwu”

The reason for emphasizing “Pinduoduo” is of course not intentional. Recall your commonly used e-commerce platforms. Which apps do you usually use for online shopping? I think there must be “a certain treasure, a certain cat, a certain Dong” and so on, so do you use Pinduoduo? Maybe not everyone will give a “yes” answer, including the editor himself. But this does not prevent Pinduoduo from rapidly developing many users in recent years. What is the reason? This is because it is an Internet platform for the circulation of relatively low-priced small commodities, which attracts consumption through group grouping and bulk shopping in exchange for lower prices. After all, “white prostitution” is always happy, and there is no way to refuse the temptation of “sweeping wool”.

Therefore, in a sense, it faces a broader audience than “some treasure and certain Dong”, and of course the tone is relatively lower. However, compared to when Pinduoduo just entered people’s attention, we can find that in recent years they have gradually begun to sell some “expensive” products, such as genuine iPhones, iMacs, etc.-“subsidy price reduction” is still their sales strategy. , But the launch of such products has helped to enhance Pinduoduo’s “brand tone”.

At this point, all the elements of the “Tesla/Pinduoduo event” have been collected-Tesla, as an electric car brand from the United States, leads the current electric car market, and high-tech, “high X format” is its Synonymous, “tonality” is the foundation of its brand; Pinduoduo, originated from the sale of affordable items, has a wide range of consumer groups, uses “group purchase discounts” as its selling point, and expects “brand improvement.” Two companies with such different styles of painting can meet as they do today, and we have to lament the development of the Internet era. However, the chemical reaction between Pinduoduo and Tesla has begun, and “Mars hitting the earth” is inevitable.

“Technology Religion” vs. “Cyber Wool”

After that, as we have seen, Tesla and Pinduoduo were unsurprisingly pinched, and this matter is also continuing to ferment. Is Pinduoduo's event really effective in the end? Can consumers really buy discounted new cars with money? Who is the biggest beneficiary of this matter? There may not be an answer until the dust settles on this matter.

But for now, for Pinduoduo, they may still be on the side of the beneficiary-I paid for the subsidy myself, allowing consumers to buy the genuine Tesla Model 3; at the same time, through the fermentation of the incident, more and more The more people know that Pinduoduo is selling Tesla and being able to sell Tesla, it is beneficial from a marketing perspective. From a commercial point of view, it is an unruly behavior for Pinduoduo to sell its products at lower prices without reaching an agreement with Tesla; it is possible that most manufacturers who are pursuing sales can turn their eyes and shut their eyes, after all, do business. Well, but Tesla is definitely an exception.

For Tesla, they should be anxious. One of the reasons is that they need to prevent Pinduoduo’s “bandit” behavior and cannot allow the Model 3 with a price of 250,000 or less to appear on the market again in the future, otherwise it will be difficult for them to balance their brand image and consumer “price reduction” in the future. demand. As mentioned before, this aspect will damage their brand image, and the other aspect is to prevent direct marketing channels from being destroyed. At the same time, Tesla also hopes to quell the current “wrangling incident” as soon as possible. After all, they are the party that does not deliver cars to consumers, and such an impact is negative for them.

Why are consumers wronged?
The needs of consumers should be addressed first

Putting aside Tesla and Pinduoduo, for consumers who bought these 5 cars, they are currently in an unstable intermediate state-on the one hand, Pinduoduo promises to refund the full amount if the purchase is unsuccessful, and Will help them implement the final delivery of the vehicle; on the other hand, Tesla refuses to deliver the vehicle to these owners, which brings uncertainty to their shopping experience: they may not be able to pick up the car (the latest news is that there are already car owners Pick up the car in a different place), or the time to pick up the car has become longer due to disputes between the two parties. At the same time, due to the special purchase channel (although Pinduoduo purchased the vehicle in the name of the owner), although the wool has been collected, the later maintenance is also a problem that needs to be considered.

Why are consumers wronged? Because they were once again caught between the interests of the two companies. Therefore, as a company, whether it is Pinduoduo or Tesla, it should give priority to solving consumer problems, instead of reflecting the ultimate negative impact on consumers themselves. For Tesla, consumers choose to buy a car out of recognition of the brand, and it is a wise choice to negotiate as soon as possible to arrange the delivery of the car; for Pingduoduo, consumers are really short of that 20,000 and have to find you Buy a car? No, it's nothing more than the temptation to “spin wool” too much.

Full text summary:

In general, the dispute between Pinduoduo and Tesla seems to be far from calming down. Will there be a reversal afterwards? Who will take further action first? We still don't know for the time being. However, it can be seen that the reason why Tesla is so tough is entirely from the perspective of protecting its own brand image and brand value; and the reason why Pinduoduo is so “desperate” is also hoping to pass this incident and Tesla brand , To hype up your own fame. These two seem to be completely different business ideas, but they have caused waves in today's Internet world. This may be the magic of the contemporary Internet.