[YesAuto racing exposure] Remember the unmanned electric car race called “Roborace” launched by Formula E last year? A few days ago, Roborace's latest car, DevBot, was exposed at Silverstone for a secret test, and will officially meet with the public later this week.

DevBot is currently in the prototype stage. In the next six months, Roborace will invite researchers from various fields such as science and technology, automobiles, and universities to participate in the further development and testing of software and hardware. Unlike previous driverless racing cars, DevBot can be driven by the driver or by a computer instead. The R&D team can compare and analyze the behavior of the car on the track to generate the best driving “thinking”.

The Roborace driverless electric car race is about to meet everyone in the 2016/17 Formula E season. There will be 20 cars chasing each other on the track, but there is no peculiar scene of a driver.

Compared with real drivers, the computer program can perform theoretically the most perfect routing and throttle control. In the future, it is likely to make lap times faster than top drivers such as Hamilton and Vettel. The driver is really going to be laid off. ? You don’t have to worry about this. The drivers themselves are the most important part of the car. The personal emotions of the fans towards the idols and the unique driving styles of the drivers are the charm of the game. “Computer drivers” are not destined to become the mainstream. However, the field of racing has always been the cradle of cutting-edge technology. The significance of Roborace competition lies in the exploration of unmanned driving, laying the foundation for the popularization of autonomous driving technology in civilian vehicles.