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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Last time we said that in order to be able to go camping with Ren Bo to eat and drink, I recommended my distant niece, Meimei, as the heroine of the travel notes. Ren Bo, of course, was overjoyed when he heard that there were girls with him, so he planned a “two-stage” camping experience that was friendly to novices. On the first night, we had a simple experience in an RV camp in the suburbs of Beijing. After all, the modern facilities are relatively complete, and my niece said it was not very enjoyable. So this time, we set off from the RV camp to the more primitive Elephant Heron Island camp to experience the stage two-“Nothing” camping.

Do you want to know what the testing process of a car is like? Do you want to know how the car home judges the advantages and disadvantages of a car? Scan the QR code in the picture below (marked in red and bold, the text is not in brackets), we will be waiting for you at the Beijing Kaize Motor Sports Center on June 27. After registration, you can talk to the professional test editors and professional drivers of Autohome Complete the test together, and you can experience the elk test, track test, AEB test and other projects. (This time only open to users in Beijing)

This is the end of the two-day “two-stage” camping experience. Although many unexpected situations occurred during the process, fortunately, being with friends is always fun. Don't look at me and Ren Bo always confuse each other. In fact, the relationship between us is really good. Otherwise, we can't sit next to each other in the company seat, right? Although the article is over here, but if you like our travel notes and want to see us go to more places to play, then you might as well extend your little hand to forward it, so that more people can see this This article, your support will always be our driving force for continuous progress. So, see you next time! (Picture/Text Car Home Yang Peng)