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[YesAuto Motorcycle] According to the announcement made by Qianjiang Motorcycle on the evening of the 19th, American motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson has reached an agreement with Qianjiang Motorcycle controlled by Geely Group to produce a small Harley motorcycle with a displacement of 338cc in China. The car is expected to go on sale at the end of 2020.

Harley Davidson set up an office in Shanghai, China in 2005 to sell its models in China through imports. However, in the minds of motorcycle players, this brand, in addition to representing the American spirit, also symbolizes expensiveness. Among the current models on the market, the cheapest Street 750 has a guide price of more than 80,000 yuan, and some high-end models even exceed 500,000 yuan. This price can completely buy a high-end car, so many motorcycles Fans are discouraged.

The cooperation with Qianjiang Motorcycles this time may change this status quo. This is the first time that Harley Davidson has a joint venture with a foreign manufacturer to produce motorcycles. Prior to this, it has only set up factories in other countries to manufacture motorcycles, and there is no precedent for joint production. According to the agreement, this motorcycle, including the engine, will be manufactured in Qianjiang Motorcycle, while adhering to the consistent quality of the Harley brand. Harley said that it hopes to reduce manufacturing costs and increase sales through this form, and hopes that half of its sales will come from markets outside the United States in 2027.

As early as 2005, Qianjiang Motorcycle acquired the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benali Company. After more than ten years of development, it now has rich experience in manufacturing high-end small and medium-displacement motorcycles. It is precisely this point that Harley is willing to use Qianjiang Motorcycle as the entrance to launch in-depth cooperation with China. Affected by the trade war last year, Europe substantially increased tariffs on imported motorcycles from the United States. Harley tried to transfer part of its motorcycle manufacturing out of the United States, but it was strongly opposed by President Trump. Now just less than a year later, he has signed an unprecedented cooperation agreement with China. I wonder if Trump is going to tweet again… (Guo Song, Home of Wenzhou/Photo from the Internet)