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[YesAuto Motorcycle] Hello, everyone. This time I participated in the Orange Day event held by KTM. Motorcycle brand events are currently held in China by BMW and Kawasaki. The purpose is also very simple. They are all to promote their own motorcycles. Brand influence, coupled with new product launches.

This Orange Day is held at the Tianjin V1 Automobile World Racing Stadium. It was also done in the South before, this time in order to take care of the riders in the North. I also cycled from Beijing on the Beijing-Tianjin Expressway early in the morning and arrived at the scene. I met many riders who spontaneously organized to pass together. I visually estimated that there were about 4 to 50 KTM riders. The Tianjin section of the expressway was unblocked and there were no obstructions. The staff are very patient.

In this event, KTM officially invited Zhao Hongyi, who has participated in the Dakar Rally motorcycle group many times, and teammate Zhang Min to set off the atmosphere. They will also share their experience and experience with the riders. It is worth mentioning that in the past 2019 season, Zhao Hongyi participated in the unsupported category. In other words, after running the harsh desert stage every day, he had to prepare his car at the camp before he could hurry up and prepare for it. On the second day of the game, we can see how hard it will be for him to finish the game successfully.

Another highlight is that KTM brought the upcoming heavyweight model 790 Duke. This mid-level street car is to replace the previous largest single-cylinder 690 Duke model. The biggest feature is the continuation of the essence of the KTM brand-lightweight, the weight of the vehicle is 169kg, and it is equipped with a code-named LC8 parallel two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 799cc, a maximum power of 77 kilowatts (about 104 horsepower), and a peak torque of 87 N·m. I don't think KTM needs to question the power at all. What needs attention is to practice your riding skills. Other features of this car are quick shift assistance, plus a full set of electronic control systems, including a series of settings such as ejection start mode, anti-lifting head system, and cornering ABS.

The domestic sales price of the car was not announced at the event, but everyone has speculated that the price will be around 120,000-130,000. The exact price will not be announced at the Beijing International Motorcycle Show in May (May 11-13) ).

At the beginning of the event, there were drivers to help out and new cars were unveiled, and the rest were basically projects that could be participated. First of all, the organizer led all KTM car owners to tour around the track, up to 1290 ADv, down to 390 duke, almost all KTM large trade models can be seen. As a KTM car owner, when I participated with so many riders, I was very excited, and the manufacturer would very much arouse everyone's emotions.

After the circuit tour was over, the coach invited by KTM took the riders to the track to ride in groups, but this is only a simple run for the experience type, because too many riders have uneven skills and can only ensure safety. Under the premise, be led by the coach to feel the track. However, under this restriction, there are still some emotive riders who do not understand the rules, such as surpassing the coach in the P room road with a handful of gas. There was also a sudden and dangerous overtaking from the edge of the inner track when I was pressing a U-turn. Because this is not a race, if you have participated in formal motorcycle training, you will know that when you have a coach, you need to strictly abide by the instructions and not overtake teammates on the field at will, not to mention such dangerous overtaking behavior.

The activities in the venue are relatively interactive. There is a test drive of the new ADV. The official set up some small obstacles in the designated area, allowing test drivers to experience the handling and basic passability of the KTM adventure car. However, there was a test-driving rider that day. After running a lap and then turning around, he might feel more familiar with the vehicle. As a result, the throttle was too high and the vehicle fell and rushed into the waiting area. Fortunately, no one was injured at the scene. . I think that if you are not a senior owner of a motorcycle like KTM, which focuses on high performance, it is better to have more points and awe.

In addition to the test drive activities, a Kincana competition was organized on site. KTM is called Dukehana. The reason is that the 250 Duke and 390 Duke sold in the brand have good maneuverability and are very suitable for practicing driving skills in places with limited space.

In addition, KTM also introduces good foreign riding concepts into China, and aims at children's motorcycle activities. These children wear professional protective gear and drive KTM professional children's off-road vehicles in the field, and at the same time have instructors to assist them. I believe that the parents of these children are either out-of-the-ordinary riders, or they are more open-minded to allow their children to participate in activities, and I even saw many little girls riding on the spot.

Of course, the scene of the event is not limited to these, we can also see the 450 rally chariot of the Dakar Rally, and the MotoGP car KTM RC6 appeared. A cross-country field experience area is also set up specifically. Cross-country motorcycles are the starting point of KTM, and the official did not ignore this link. In the afternoon, a KTM RC390 single-model competition was held on the track. Participants were all riders with a higher level of riding.

Finally, their stunt driver Hu Hai also came to the event. The motorcycle stunts that everyone has seen on the Internet are almost all performances by foreign riders without exception. But in recent years, Hu Hai has appeared in the field of vision of domestic motorcycle friends, such as head-up driving, front wheel sliding, drifting and a series of standard super-level movements, he is not talking about it. It seems that he usually does not practice hard in private. Okay, this year’s KTM Orange Day is about to be introduced. If you are interested, whether you are a KTM car owner or not, you can come to participate in the event. This is an event for all motorcyclists. (The picture and video material of Zhu Xuran from the home of the car are from KTMR2R)