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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] For many years, people have always had special expectations for Mazda-branded models: In addition to the conventional requirements of driving comfort, fuel efficiency, and durability, they also hope to have a beautiful appearance and more control. pleasure. It is not easy for an ordinary family medium-sized car to achieve this effect. The Mazda 6 was very successful, but its successor Ruiyi is not so eye-catching. The market performance in the next few years is not much to mention, of course, it turns out. The manufacturers are not idle either. They have done all sorts of actions, and the result is the 2013 Mazda ATENZA that we tested today.

As my country pursues the auto industry development route of “market for technology”, major auto manufacturers have gradually formed the current strategy. When introducing new cars, they are divided into two stages: first import a batch of small-scale imports, and see the market response is good, and then proceed. Large-scale joint venture production. At present, the ATENZA that we can buy is still in stage one, and only the 2.0L standard model is imported, with a guide price of 238,800 yuan.

The ancients said that Shibie should take a look at it in three days, and this car really brings us a refreshing feeling. The evolution of today's series cars still has a certain leap in design, but it is not as exaggerated as Korean cars. The design of the new car is inspired by the Mazda Shinari concept car, which is officially called the “soul movement” concept. All the lines on the body are prominent, but not too fierce. It gives a more impression of grace, elegance, and old age. Compared with the models, it is a huge improvement. Of course, you can feel the continuation of the brand concept, that is Mazda's consistent sports style, and the protruding arc on the front fender is also very similar to Ruiyi's.

The imported version of ATENZA is equipped with 19-inch wheels, which is a surprising configuration, because some models of high-end brands in domestic cars dare to use such large wheels. Although the wheels are not bigger, the better, but they are very coordinated when mounted on the ATENZA body. Coupled with 225/45 R19 tires, the visual effect is great. It can be regarded as a highlight of the whole car, but I don't know whether the domestic version will be retained.

After we greatly appreciated the appearance, we got into the car but immediately felt a huge psychological gap. The shape of the center console is too simple. It is exactly the same as the Mazda CX-5 we tested before. From layout, material to color, the design is so careful, I dare not have any radical elements appear, I even dare to say Even if you compare it with the old Mazda 6, it’s hard to see a significant upgrade.

From this, we vaguely feel the inner entanglement of Mazda ATENZA. It needs to give people a sense of freshness, but we don't want to go too far on the road of personalization. Well, even if the interior is not new, at least it is not ugly. Anyway, no matter what the style is, all the things in the car are easy to use, that's enough.

In terms of technology, the core of Mazda now is their “SKYACTIV” concept, with the Chinese name “Chuang Chi Lantian”. It is not a specific technology, but the integrated application of various high-efficiency energy-saving measures. The most direct manifestation on ATENZA is this brand new SKYACTIV-G 2.0L naturally aspirated engine. It uses in-cylinder direct injection and dual variable valve timing technology, with a high compression ratio of 13:1 and a 4-2-1 exhaust system, with a maximum power of 155 horsepower (114 kW)/6000rpm and a peak torque of 200 N ·M/4000rpm, the technical content and parameters are very eye-catching, and 93# gasoline can still be used, which reduces the cost of future use.

In daily driving, this 2.0L engine has better low-speed torque, sensitive throttle adjustment, and well-controlled power output. The 6-speed automated manual gearbox is active, and the shifting process is delicate, with minimal frustration. For those who do not pursue driving pleasure, but want a stable transportation tool, ATENZA is a very smooth car, basically do not need to worry about power problems, most of the time, it can easily achieve what you want as long as you lightly step on the accelerator. Speed, very comfortable, suitable for city driving.

This 6-speed gearbox responds positively. It is very decisive to downshift during mid-range acceleration. Perhaps it is the confidence in the gearbox's response. The manufacturer did not set the sport mode (S gear) for it, but I think this is a small regret. If you want to squeeze more sensory stimulation, you must decisively step on the accelerator. Objectively speaking, its acceleration performance is better than expected, but the 2.0L engine has insufficient explosive power, so there will be no too strong push back feeling.

Chassis tuning is Mazda's traditional strengths, and ATENZA also has a strong foundation in this respect. Like most Japanese cars, this chassis is amiable at ordinary times, with light steering feedback, convenient driving, and the suspension filters out most of the fine vibrations on the road, making it comfortable to ride. In addition, it also has the kind of flexibility that other Japanese cars in the same class do not have, with similar characteristics of European cars, the body response is slightly thick, and there will be no obvious bounce in the face of large bumps, and the high-speed stability is good.

However, under the surface of comfort, you can still vaguely feel the hidden potential for sports. In the continuous intense driving process, this car can adapt to the rhythm very well. Its suspension is not stiff, but the whole body is very compact. Four 225mm wide Bridgestone Terran tires exert sufficient grip and excellent corner tracking. The clarity of the steering system feedback is average, but it still provides the necessary sense of road, and the front of the car is pointed accurately, giving people enough confidence.

With the close cooperation of various links, ATENZA has shown its due control fun. In contrast, the biggest shortcoming of the whole car is power. It is indeed a bit reluctant to experience passion with a 2.0L engine. It mainly focuses on fuel economy. If you want to exercise, the domestic 2.5L models should be better in the future.

Next, let us take a look at the test results of this car.

0-100km/h acceleration performance test:

The starting speed of the engine is about 2500rpm, and the tires will slip a little at the moment of starting, and then the grip will be restored quickly. The whole acceleration process is relatively smooth, and there is no strong feeling of pushing back. The final measured 0-100km/h acceleration time is 9.33 seconds, which is 1.27 seconds faster than the official 10.6 seconds! Such a phenomenon is really rare.

◆ 100-0km/h brake performance test:

When braking at full capacity, the front suspension is significantly compressed, the body leans forward, and the posture looks uncomfortable. However, the final average score of 38.79 meters is excellent. In addition, the braking system is stable, and the results of each test are very close with little fluctuation.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

We drove ATENZA for 105.1 kilometers, half of which were more congested sections. The automatic start-stop function was turned on during the whole journey. The average speed was 31km/h, the total fuel consumption was 7.68 liters, and the average fuel consumption was 7.31 liters/100 kilometers. This is a very surprising number. Usually we think that the 2.0L medium-sized car will always have the trend of a small horse-drawn car, and the fuel consumption will not be much lower, and ATENZA can get such a result can be described as very powerful. It seems that the high compression ratio engine and automatic start-stop function of Chuangchi Blue Sky Technology are worthy of recognition on congested road sections.

At the end of the article, the various details and size data of this car are listed. We list these trivial details separately. I hope that you can be more intuitive when inquiring about the article, and interested readers can read it.

◆ Body size:

◆ Tire size:

◆ Spare tire size:

◆ Ride space:

◆ Storage space:

◆ Trunk space:

◆ Skylight size:


In general, the performance of this car is very good, even a bit exaggerated. A 2.0L model can achieve a 0-100km/h acceleration of 9.33 seconds is already considered very fast, and its fuel economy advantage Obviously, even more attractive than performance. In addition, its braking, noise reduction and other abilities are satisfactory, and the riding space is also acceptable. The only shortcoming is the lack of highlights in the interior design.

It's worth saying more about the chassis. Its biggest feature is that it fully takes into account the needs of sports on the basis of ensuring comfort. Although in fact, any car is striving to achieve the unity of these two elements, Mazda ATENZA does do more in the current domestic medium-sized car class. balance. What it pursues is not to make sharp corners and how to stimulate your adrenaline, but to let people experience a kind of invigorating feeling and pleasant mood. This kind of artistic conception is relatively deep, I think it is very rare in Japanese cars.

When it comes to competitors, it must be the Ford Mondeo, Buick Regal, Toyota Reiz and Honda Sprite, which tend to be younger and more or less sporty. Compared with the above-mentioned rivals, ATENZA's advantages are appearance, fuel consumption, and smooth driving experience; the disadvantage is that the price of imported channels is high, the model is single, and the sales volume cannot be compared with domestic cars.

ATENZA (import) 2013 model 2.0L standard

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Therefore, no matter how good the car is, it still has to wait for domestically-made models to be launched to form sufficient competitiveness. Mazda ATENZA is ready to go, and its various performances have left a deep impression on people. I hope that the domestic version will give us more surprises at that time, make a beautiful blow, and relive the glory of the old “Ma 6” . It's just that the specific listing date is still unclear, which makes people really anxious! But if you really can’t wait and want to try new things in advance, then you might as well consider this imported 2.0L model, it will not let you down.