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[YesAuto Evaluation] As the most high-end model of Guangqi Honda, the launch of Geshitu is a bit ill-fated. The 3.5L model launched two years ago has indeed established Geshitu's flagship status, but the price of up to 400,000 yuan also makes this crossover a bit high and low. The high-displacement route is very popular in the United States on the other side of the ocean, but it doesn't work here. The dismal sales for more than a year after launching made GAC Honda learn from it. So at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, we finally waited for the long-awaited 2.4L model of Geshitu. It’s not too late to make up for it. The changes brought about by the appropriate displacement and price can be said to be immediate. It's not accidental that the “Diaosi” that no one cares about has turned into a “high, rich and handsome” in just a few months.

Regarding the static and practical experience of Geshitu, we have reported many times before, and everyone is also very clear that the practical space and multi-functional model attributes are the biggest selling points of Geshitu. But what everyone is more concerned about is whether such a guy with a very impressive body and build can be used with a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine and 5AT, whether it is fuel-efficient, and whether the characteristics of a high chassis will bring about the controllability. Come adversely? Now I will unravel the mystery for everyone.