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[YesAuto Illustrated Concept] The popularity of the domestic new energy market has become more apparent in recent years. With the strong support of the Chinese government, a large number of emerging car manufacturers have sprung up. In 2017, a number of new energy vehicle companies emerged, among them BYTON The Byton brand (hereinafter referred to as Byton) is one of them. Byton officially released its first concept car BYTON M-Byte Concept on the eve of North American CES in 2018. The unconventional design ideas attracted more than 100 media present. After half a year, BYTON was on the eve of CES Asia in Shanghai. On the night, BYTON K-Byte Concept, its second concept car, was also unveiled and officially met with consumers around the world. The new car is positioned as a sedan and will be officially launched on the market in 2021.

The interior of the vehicle was not announced at the conference, but through the glass we can still see the amazingly large screen that was previously mounted on the SUV concept car. It can also be speculated that the interior styles of the two cars should be very similar.

Edit summary:

At present, the BYTON K-Byte Concept concept car is the same concept car as the previously launched SUV BYTON M-Byte Concept. It is also the second product released by the Byton brand and is expected to be launched on the market in 2021. In terms of power, it is expected that the car will be the same as an SUV, offering two versions of battery and battery life options: the rear-wheel drive version uses a 71kwh battery pack (the official life is expected to be 400 kilometers); the four-wheel drive version uses a 95kwh battery pack, ( The official estimate is that the battery life can reach 520 kilometers); in terms of power, two versions will also be provided. The rear-wheel drive version uses a single motor of 272 horsepower (200 kW) and 400 N·m, and the four-wheel drive version uses 476 horsepower (350 kW) and 710 Nm. · Meter's front and rear dual motor combination.