[YesAuto Appearance Modification] Tonka is a world-renowned toy manufacturer, and its plastic toy trucks are believed to evoke childhood memories of many people. Recently, Tonka prepared a new toy for adults. However, the material of the toy is not plastic, but “steel”, a modified Toyota 4Runner.

As you can see, the 10-inch lift kit from Bulletproof and the shock absorber from KING, as well as the 38-inch off-road tires from Mickey Thompson, give this Toyota 4Runner such an ecstatic appearance. In addition, there are also Tonka customized front bumpers. , Pedals, roof rack, and 50-inch LED spotlights, it can be described as fully equipped.

Tonka also deliberately chose the yellow of its own logo as the body garland, and even the wheels and suspension kits are in yellow. However, in terms of power, Tonka did not upgrade. This car still uses the original 4.0L V6 engine with a maximum power of 273 horsepower. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)