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If you go to this year's SEMA auto show, I believe that Alé developed by Canadian Fuel Vapor Technologies (hereinafter referred to as FVT) must have attracted your attention! Because it is so different, it is actually a “three-wheeled” car!

According to FVT, it only takes 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers, and 12.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 400 kilometers. It can travel 92 miles per gallon!

At present, the Alé prototype we have seen here was developed by designer George Parker for 15 years before it was finally finalized.

FVT equips Alé with an improved Honda 1.5L turbocharged engine popular in the European market, with 160 horsepower. At the heart of the engine is its exclusive gasoline vapor system, which allows the engine to run on gasoline vapor instead of liquid gasoline. This configuration allows the Alé with a two-seater design to drive with an air/gasoline ratio exceeding 20:1.

In addition, FVT claims that the 10-gallon fuel tank it owns can allow it to travel non-stop from Vancouver, British Columbia to San Francisco and California without any problems.

Alé, a combination of environmental protection and peculiarities, is really hard to not let people notice! Try to imagine, if you drive a car like this on the street, what is the return rate?