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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] Many people choose French cars for their individuality, but this reason does not fit the group of Citroen C4L owners. Even though our three car owners today are all young 80s, they also love to pursue individuality and are all attracted by the design of C4L, but they are more mature and real people. The rich configuration and practical design make them the ultimate Reasons to pay for C4L.

In the fiercely competitive compact car market, even though the overall strength is already very good, C4L still failed to hit its opponents severely. The reasons for the three car owners to choose C4L are very real, but they also have a sentimental side. The three car owners have used their cars for more than one and a half years. Let us hear what they can share.
Mr. Xia: A rational choice

Because I was afraid that there would be no new points to say in the last row, Mr. Xia volunteered to share his C4L with us first. In fact, from the conversation, we can see that Mr. Xia is a fairly mature person, with a very delicate mind, with the typical characteristics of a post-80s polytechnic male, and his consideration will be more comprehensive. And Mr. Xia is also a person who pays attention to cars, because he is still very familiar with the configuration of the entire C4L car series, and even the new models are also concerned.

● Car selection experience:

When Mr. Xia planned to buy a car, he had only received his driver's license for less than a year, but his needs were clear and even very rational. He buys a car mainly for commuting to get off work and home, so he values practicality, which is the initial demand of many consumers. For this reason, Mr. Xia just started looking at mainstream and popular compact cars, such as Golf and Lingpai. Mr. Gao did not go to the 4S store to experience these popular models carefully.

Golf and Lingpai, which were the focus of attention, have been rejected one after another. Golf is not performing well because of space. Mr. Xia pays more attention to space when he uses his car. So although golf is good overall, the shortcoming of space makes Mr. Xia unacceptable. Ling Pai was rejected because he was not comfortable enough to sit in the back row. Households still value the performance of the back row, so Ling Pai did not meet Mr. Xia's requirements. At this time, C4L, which had not been noticed before, attracted Mr. Xia.

Mr. Xia prefers the C4L mainly because of its appearance, and as a post-80s, Mr. Xia agrees with the French car's full-featured design, and as a model for the Chinese market, the C4L will pursue atmospheric coordination in its design. Mr. Xia still likes it.

The reason for choosing the 1.8L model is that Mr. Xia feels that the 1.8L power performance is sufficient to meet household needs, and he is more concerned about the higher maintenance costs of turbocharged engine models. In the end, including the discount, the price of the naked car was 140,900, and the 4S shop also sent the film.

● Owner’s Comment:

Mr. Xia's research on his car is quite detailed, and he knows every function and configuration very well, so even if you have bought a car for a long time, you can still find surprises if you take out the manual and look through it.

Mr. Xia is quite satisfied with his car, because his daily use of the car environment is not complicated, so the requirements are not very high, and it is enough to be able to configure it. In this regard, C4L still caters to the preferences of Chinese people, and the configuration is sufficiently high-grade, especially to please the white-collar group. Mr. Xia is not picky about the storage space, and the trunk is basically not used much, but he feels that the design of some storage spaces in the car is not practical enough, and he is a bit unsatisfied. As for the power and handling, Mr. Xia also thinks that 1.8L is enough, plus the adjustment is very brisk, it is not uncomfortable to drive in a city like Beijing where traffic is often jammed.

Mr. Xia feels like a person with very clear thinking. Although he doesn't talk a lot, he has all the ideas. It can be seen that he has also paid attention to many details in the long-term use of the car, and the configuration he pursues is more realistic. Some consumers have the same fancy compact family car concept.

Mr. Xia's complaints about C4L focused on details, such as the lack of consideration in the design of the storage space and the lack of headrests in the middle of the rear row. In our opinion, in such a fiercely competitive compact car market, any small error in the details may cause consumers to switch to other competing models. Reliable reputation comes from these details, so manufacturers still want Work harder in these places.

Fuel consumption and maintenance:

The fuel consumption of Mr. Xia's 1.8L model is not low. The average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of 10L is quite high in this class, and it is also higher than the average data shared by netizens. However, who makes Beijing so congested?

Now this C4L has been driven more than 17,000 kilometers in the hands of Mr. Xia. Generally speaking, there are not too many minor problems with the car. What Mr. Xia is a bit dissatisfied is that his car is noisy. He personally thinks it is. Tire problems, after all, 1.6T models equipped with Continental tires are better in terms of noise performance, while the original Magis tires of his car will be more obvious in terms of tire noise. For this reason, Mr. Xia also specially made a sound insulation in the later period, and the effect was still satisfactory to Mr. Xia.

Regarding the abnormal noise of the vehicle, Mr. Xia also encountered a headache before. At that time, abnormal noise was common in the 1.8L model engine. Many car owners also reported this problem on the forum. However, the attitude of the manufacturer at that time was not positive enough and the response was not fast enough. In the end, it was the solution found by forum netizens. Later, after the manufacturer asked the 4S shop to add assembling weights to these 1.8L models, the problem could be considered solved. Although the manufacturer still came forward to deal with it, Mr. Xia felt that it was too long. After all, it was uncomfortable to listen to the abnormal noise in a winter. I hope that the manufacturer will consider it from the perspective of the car owner.

● Owner's summary:

In general, Mr. Xia is quite satisfied with his C4L overall. After more than 17,000 kilometers, Mr. Xia still scored 80 points for C4L. However, perhaps the problem of abnormal noise before was really troublesome. Mr. Xia urged the manufacturers to provide timely and effective feedback and solve problems in the vehicle.

Mr. Wang: Absolute pragmatist

Mr. Wang is a very talkative person. He is also relatively active in the forums. He has a bright personality and he has a higher demand for cars. Therefore, although his C4L has been bought for more than a year and a half, his mileage is three. The most among the car owners has traveled more than 38,000 kilometers.

● Car selection experience:

It is also the first time for Mr. Wang to buy a car, but his demand for cars is relatively large. In addition to commuting to and from get off work, he usually goes out to discuss business. Moreover, Mr. Wang’s hometown in Inner Mongolia inevitably runs long distances home several times a year, so he The models that were just considered were compact cars that were more atmospheric and mainstream.

In the process of choosing a car, in addition to C4L, Mr. Wang also considered Sagitar and Langxing. Sagitar was because Mr. Wang felt that the model was a bit old, so he ruled it out without looking closely. As for the long line, it was because the lover didn't like its appearance, and there was no discount when buying the car, and the price exceeded the budget, so I didn't continue to look at it.

The C4L selected by Mr. Wang is the 2014 1.6T smart drive version of the automatic and smart type. The reason for choosing the 1.6T model is that Mr. Wang pursues more power and his driving style is more vigorous. Therefore, the 1.6T engine that cooperates with BMW is naturally special by Mr. Wang. value.

In addition, we found that many C4L car owners will have a Citroen complex in their hearts, like Mr. Xia just now, but Mr. Wang behaves more strongly, because the initial enlightenment on driving started with a Beverly. The Citroen logo alone has already fascinated Mr. Wang.

● Owner’s Comment:

The exterior design of C4L is indeed very appetizing to the Chinese. The original design idea is still correct, the shape is beautiful and coordinated, and it gets rid of the whimsical and strange design of French cars in many people's minds, and every stroke is smooth and natural.

Mr. Wang is quite satisfied with the configuration. The only thing he cares about is some minor issues. Details like the cup holders are too small because they were not considered more carefully in the design. This is also a stubborn problem left by the French cars' pursuit of individuality.

The configuration that Mr. Wang most hopes to add is the water temperature meter. He is particularly concerned about this configuration, because when using the car in the north, the indicator of the water temperature meter is missing when the cold starts, so he can only estimate the time to turn on the warm air, which is still not convenient. of.

We also feel that the configuration of this model is still relatively high. Compared with the 2013 model we first tested, Mr. Wang’s 2014 model has been added to the central control large screen, and the grade seems to be significantly improved, and it also keeps up. Into the mainstream.

Fuel consumption and maintenance:

Mr. Wang's fuel consumption value is quite surprising. It is lower than the average value shared by netizens on the forum. The displacement is really not all. Fuel consumption is still the road condition.

As for minor problems, Mr. Wang’s C4L once experienced loud noises in winter. Later, after going to the 4S shop to check, the timing chain was replaced and the situation was resolved. There was also a factory recall and replacement of the oil pump. Apart from this, Mr. Wang's car had no other problems.

● Owner's summary:

On the whole, Mr. Wang gave his C4L a high score of 95 points, but he was rather disappointed with the manufacturer’s original attitude to deal with the abnormal noise of the 1.8L engine. Although it has nothing to do with his car, it will also affect the owner. We have confidence in the brand, so he hopes that manufacturers can pay more attention to this aspect.

Mr. Meng: dedicated to the home

Mr. Meng, who is also born in the 1980s, is already the father of the child. After going through the two important stages of life, marriage and childbirth, buying a car has become another imminent event for Mr. Meng. Mr. Meng’s demand for buying a car is mainly for pick-up and drop-off. Children born in the 1980s have gradually become parents, so there are more and more examples of planning to buy a car at home for the sake of their children. In the eyes of parents, children deserve the best care.

● Car selection experience:

Mr. Meng’s C4L was purchased in January 2013. Yes, he is considered to be the oldest group of owners of C4L. When he bought the car, the C4L had just been on the market, so he bought this 2013 without any market concessions. The 1.6T automatic smart model, the price at that time was 169,900 yuan, but the 4S shop sent a VIP card with 800 yuan in cash that can be used to deduct maintenance costs, and it can also enjoy a 30% off lifetime working hours. Offers.

Of course, Mr. Meng didn't plan to buy C4L from the beginning, he also saw many models before that. Octavia’s preferential margin at the time was good, and the overall strength was good, but Mr. Meng didn’t like its small space and was worried about the stability of the dual clutch, so he gave up. Later, I saw Mazda Ruiyi and “Old Horse 6”, but because the model was too old, the configuration and design could not keep up, so I didn't think about it anymore.

● Owner’s Comment:

Mr. Meng is also very satisfied with the C4L. First of all, the appearance is very good-looking. As a car owner for almost three years, this is a very big compliment. In the interior, there is not much to be picky about in the design, that is, the 1.6T model at the time did not have a large central control screen, so Mr. Meng modified the central control large screen in the 4S shop. According to the 4S shop, this is the original part. The level is improved, and the operation is more intuitive, but some functions of this system are not matched enough, for example, the display of fuel consumption is a bit messy, and the mileage can only be displayed up to 9999 kilometers, and it cannot be cleared.

Mr. Meng is one of the three car owners who has more requirements for riding space. He often needs to take his family to go out. Mr. Meng feels that the riding space of C4L is still sufficient.

Fuel consumption and maintenance:

Mr. Meng’s C4L is usually used to pick up children and occasionally travel by car, so the driving is still based on complex and congested urban road conditions. The average speed is only 22km/h, and the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is between 9L and 10L.

Mr. Meng’s car has not experienced any major failures. In the past three years, the window lifter and the engine water temperature sensor in the main driver’s seat have been broken once in the past three years. However, Mr. Meng’s car has been involved in an accident. After that accident Mr. Meng felt that the direction was a little off, mainly because the rim was a bit deformed. We still advise Mr. Meng to replace the wheel as soon as possible if it is deformed. After all, this affects driving safety very much.

● Owner's summary:

Mr. Meng gave his C4L a score of 90, and he also liked his car very much. As for the suggestions to the manufacturers, because the three car owners are all active users of the forum, the abnormal noise of the 1.8L model engine last year made them a little unhappy. I hope that the manufacturers will have a better attitude to solve the problem.

● Full text summary:

The three post-80s owners are very satisfied with the C4L. There is no doubt that the design of the C4L can really impress the post-80s consumers. They are just transitioning from being active to maturity. They don't want to stick to the old rules, but they know they need to be responsible. C4L is also a mature evolution, with more practicality behind the beauty. As a family car, the configuration is solid enough, but it is not carefully considered in terms of humanized design. In the highly competitive compact car market, a small shortcoming may become fatal. Maybe it will improve these details afterwards. More people will choose. In addition, judging from the suggestions put forward by the three car owners, the attitude of the manufacturers to solve the problem really affects the confidence of users in the brand, which is also a suggestion worthy of reference by all manufacturers. (Photo/Text/Photography Car Home Wang Ziping/Yu Han)