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[YesAuto New Energy] Recently, the ideal ONE, which has just started delivery in early December, has encountered many user vehicle “failure” problems, including vehicle instrument panel power battery failure alarms, instrument panel exhaust system failure alarms, and due to the failure of the vehicle when the vehicle was delivered. Turning off the logistics mode resulted in the inability to speed up. In response to the above problems, the new energy channel of Autohome contacted the ideal car official at the first time, and verified the issues based on the most concerned issues of users.

Among the vehicle faults reported by users, two of them involved vehicle dashboard alarms. Among them, the exhaust system fault alarm has been given a complete response on Weibo, but there is no specific reason for the power battery alarm before the deadline. Description. Based on the fault-related issues, Autohome also conducted the first verification with the Ideal Auto official.

1. To verify the issue of “unable to speed up”

On the morning of December 16th, a Weibo user “Happy Ting Er” posted a video stating that Ideal ONE can only rely on cruise control to maintain the speed when driving at high speeds, and the speed cannot be increased after depressing the accelerator pedal.

Since then, Ideal Auto’s official Weibo also quickly responded to the matter, saying that after on-site diagnosis, it has been confirmed that the logistics mode of the vehicle has not been released before delivery to the user, and the vehicle itself has no quality problems, which is a missed inspection error in the delivery process. .

The official said on Weibo that in the logistics mode set by the ideal car, in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle during transportation, artificially stepping on the accelerator pedal can only reach a speed of 30km/h, but in the logistics mode, if the vehicle starts to adapt With cruise function, the speed can exceed 30km/h. Through on-site vehicle data detection, the user’s urban road speed has not exceeded 30km/h after picking up the car. After that, the user enables adaptive cruise. By setting, the maximum speed of the vehicle on the highway exceeds 100km/h, but the user After the adaptive cruise is cancelled, because it is still in the logistics mode, it is unable to accelerate more than 30km/h through the accelerator pedal.

In the follow-up questioning, the official staff of Autohome stated that due to the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) process problem , the logistics mode of the vehicle was not turned off when the vehicle was delivered, which caused the user's vehicle to experience an accelerator pedal failure due to the lack of rigorous process design. And ideal car CEO Li Xiang also said on Weibo: “We are too stupid, which scares users.”

At present, the official has also given a clear solution, including strengthening the vehicle PDI inspection process to ensure that the system still needs to confirm whether the certification is successful after the vehicle mode is changed. In addition, the “logistics mode” display status will also be added to the instrument panel to ensure that such process errors are avoided.

2. Verification on the issue of “exhaust system alarm”

The “exhaust system alarm” was earlier than the “can’t increase speed” problem. The car home also reported on the incident last weekend. The official also gave a complete troubleshooting last week, which was finally confirmed as the third air conditioning system. False alarm caused by the self-diagnostic mechanism of the valve.

In the auto home inquiry and verification, the official staff gave further technical explanations. Officials stated that the cause of the “false alarm” is that the air-conditioning system’s three-way valve sensor is too sensitive. The system mainly detects the vehicle’s winter air-conditioning heating system. The logic is based on “if there are two abnormal fluctuations in the diagnosis, it will be displayed in the dashboard. Prompt the alarm”.

Officials said that the current mainstream car companies will set the sensitivity of the detection system to “alarm only when there are 200 abnormal fluctuations”, and Ideal ONE takes into account “stricter monitoring and management” in the design, and will increase the 200 times to It took two times to finally cause the sensor to be too sensitive.

Officials said that from the perspective of vehicle engineering, for safety reasons, the three-way valve alarm of the air-conditioning system does involve the failure of the exhaust system, but from the user level, the over-sensitive monitoring system does cause a certain amount of user anxiety. The method to solve the “false alarm” is not complicated. Through the vehicle OTA software upgrade, the alarm sensitivity is lowered to meet the same requirements as the current mainstream car companies, and the recurrence of the failure problem can be solved.

3. Confirmation of the problem of “power system failure alarm”

The third malfunction was also discovered by users on December 16. Some netizens on Weibo said that in the ideal ONE driving, the vehicle dashboard suddenly showed a warning message of “power battery failure”, but did not indicate whether the vehicle occurred. Other specific circumstances . After the failure was exposed, at the time of the publication of the article, the official ideal car had not made a statement of the cause of the failure.

Autohome learned during the inquiry and verification that because of the failure of the power battery system, the official has now conducted a first-time problem analysis with the ideal ONE battery supplier and stated that the alarm problem has never occurred during the R&D and testing phase. The specific cause of the malfunction will also be responded to as soon as possible after the investigation , and Autohome will also follow up and report.

4. As the delivery volume increases, how can users respond to problems in the first time?

Since the delivery of the vehicle has just started, a series of malfunctions have attracted great attention from ideal ONE owners. Many people said that if there is a problem with their vehicle, which channel should be used for feedback and repair.

In response to this issue, Autohome also verified the Ideal Auto official. Officials said that currently 13 delivery centers across the country have officially put into delivery work, and the number of deliveries is increasing day by day, and all vehicle problem feedback will also be dealt with in the first time. . Users who have received the vehicle can give feedback to the official through multiple channels, including Ideal Car App, Ideal Car Customer Service, and Ideal Car Delivery Expert.

At the same time, official personnel stated that in cities with directly-operated stores, vehicle breakdowns and maintenance issues can be handled directly at the directly-operated stores, while in third- and fourth-tier cities where there are no directly-operated stores, users can go to the local authorized repair center. At present, Ideal Auto has launched authorized repair centers in about 50 cities across the country. The address of the authorized sheet spray center can be queried in the Ideal Car App.

The CEO of Ideal Automobile also stated on Weibo: “It is the greatest help for us to point out problems as soon as possible. In Ideal Automobile, discovering and solving problems is the process of creating value, and concealing problems is suicide.”

Five, refute rumors! There is no recall plan for the first batch of delivered vehicles

Due to multiple failures, the owners and prospective owners of Ideal ONE have also started discussions on Weibo and forums. Some netizens even stated that the first batch of delivered vehicles may be recalled. As for this issue, Autohome also verified with the official, the official affirmed that there is no recall plan at present, and the above-mentioned related faults can be repaired through software OTA.

Summary: For start-up car companies, delivery has entered the real test period

During the verification process of Autohome and Ideal Auto, the official staff also said that although the fault problem is small, it also reflects the lack of rigor in the current related procedures. Indeed, as a start-up car company, delivery has entered the real test period. Insufficient experience and imperfections in the process system will be exposed after the actual delivery of the vehicle. Even with a solid R&D, testing, and delivery team, the process and management experience of a traditional auto company is a start-up car company that takes time to get through.

But on the other hand, start-up car companies are more willing to communicate with users than traditional car companies. The sooner they find problems, they can solve the problems as quickly as possible. For start-up car companies that dare to face problems, consumers give enough His patience will also help it grow faster. Regarding other related follow-up developments of Ideal Auto, Autohome New Energy Channel will also continue to follow up and report.