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[Auto House Race] As an outstanding representative of the post-80s generation, Han Han is a leading figure in professional racing in China, a young best-selling author, and a well-known blogger with more than 540 million views. Around the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Han Han and Fang Zhouzi staged a battle of saliva due to the ghostwriting incident, and they were even going to confront Bo in court. This matter quickly became a hot topic on the Internet, and Han Han also jumped into the public eye again. Here, we will bring you the history of the most recent hottest character-Han Han from three perspectives: drivers, writers and bloggers.

Han Han: 29 years old, from Shanghai. At the age of 17, won the first prize of the first “National New Concept Composition Competition”, dropped out of high school at the age of 18, and published the novel “Triple Door” in the same year. Since then, many works have been published, such as “Like the Younger La Fei Chi” and “Chang'an Rebellion”. He started his career as a professional racing driver at the age of 21 and has now become the only annual championship of both venue and rally in the history of professional racing in China. Opened a blog at the age of 23 and quickly became the Chinese blogger with the highest click rate, and it continues to this day.

1. Driver Han Han-China's professional racing leader

◆Growth of a rookie: stick to ideals, study hard and practice hard

In 1993, when the young Han Han saw the Hong Kong-Beijing Auto Rally on TV for the first time, he had a keen interest in racing, and he was determined to drive a racing car when he grew up. In 2001, Han Han relied on the millions of royalties he earned from publishing books as funds, and moved towards his true ideal-racing.

Han Han's initial racing training was basically completed by karts, and his figure often appeared in the indoor karts of Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical. After developing in Beijing, Han Han trained in the karting yard near the CCTV Tower. In order to improve his level, he often goes to the mountainous areas of Beijing to train. In 2002, Han Han passed the rally racing license under the guidance of the famous driver Zhou Yong.

The first car Han Han bought was Beverly, and then he went to a modification shop to modify his car quite exaggeratedly. The exterior, power, and interior of the car have all been changed. In this way, Han Han owns the weirdest Beverly car in Shanghai at the time. Han Han then bought another Lancer EVO5, and formed the Beijing Extreme Speed Team with a few friends. Since 2003, he has participated in the national car rally.

In the 2003 competition, Han Han's results were very unsatisfactory. After introduction by the famous driver Xu Lang, Han Han brought his Lancer EVO5 car to the Red River team in 2004. But the good times did not last long. At the beginning of 2005, the Red River Racing Team no longer renewed the contract with Han Han in order to achieve better communication effects, but switched to the real acting star Lin Zhiying. Han Han joined the Shanghai Volkswagen 333 team.

At first, many people questioned Han Han's racing strength and motivations. Almost everyone thought that this rebellious post-80s writer had a mentality of just having fun with racing. Slowly, people discovered that Han Han wearing a helmet began to approach his teammates, and even ran ahead at some point, and Han Han's racing skills began to be recognized.

◆Amphibious driver: Fight on two lines in rally races and field races all the year round

Contemporary Chinese motorsports started with rallying. Although many events such as track racing, cross-country racing, and formula are now added, rallying is always the leading event and the top priority. Han Han is one of the few drivers who participate in both rally and field races. He has a relatively high level in the industry.

In 2005, in return for the kindness of Xia Qing, the owner of the Shanghai Volkswagen 333 team, in addition to rallying, Han Han also ran the track for the 333 team. Han Han, who wanted to make a name for himself in the rally field, first reached the top podium in the field race. In the next two years, Han Han won the 1600CC annual championship in the two events of venue and rally.

The 2006 race was very difficult for Han Han. On the one hand, he participated in twice as many races as his opponents. On the other hand, his car was not as good as his opponents. At that time, the opponent's engine was 200 horsepower with 16 valves, Han Han's was 150 horsepower with 8 valves, and his opponent was a straight-tooth sequential gearbox, and Han Han's was a civilian helical gearbox. The opponent uses a MOTEC computer, and Han Han uses the original computer.

In 2007, Han Han's results were very stable. All 6 races in the field race were completed, with 1 championship, 3 runners-up and 2 third runners-up, and finally won the annual drivers championship. In the 5 races of the rally, except for 1 race due to a computer failure, the rest of the races won 1 championship, 1 runner-up and 2 third runners, and finally won the third runner-up of the driver of the year.

In 2008, Han Han, who was full of confidence, ushered in the most tragic start-retiring three consecutive games, which also allowed him to withdraw from the championship early. The final rally result was the third place in the annual National Cup of the drivers. Although the track race won two championships, which was the most won by the sub-station champions, the total result was only sixth in the year because of the explosion of the cylinder and withdrawing from 3 games.

In 2009, in terms of rallying, Han Han moved to the FCACA team and won 1 championship, 3 runners-up and 1 third runner-up in 5 races, and finally won the annual championship. In the field race, Han Han continued to play for the Shanghai Volkswagen 333 team and won the only field race championship in the last race.

In 2010, Han Han joined the Subaru China Rally Racing Team. In the real manufacturer team, Han Han finally found a sense. “Subaru is the place where I stayed the happiest, the team atmosphere is good, and the car is also very beautiful.” In the end, Han Han won the title of “Racing Leader of the Year” by virtue of his annual runner-up in the track and the third runner-up in the rally.

In 2011, due to the schedule conflict, Han Han was unable to take care of the rally and the track at the same time, so he had to give up the track. “I hope that there will be no more conflicts. There are only a dozen games and conflicts can be arranged. I think the ability is quite great.” Han Han bluntly dissatisfied. Nevertheless, in the 11 national championships that Han Han participated in, in addition to two car failures, he was on the podium nine times and won the first full-time championship for the Shanghai Volkswagen 333 team and turbo racing. Won the first annual drivers championship for the Subaru China Rally Team.

◆Victory has regrets: There is no hero in time, let Zhuzi become famous

Han Han won the first annual driver's championship in the National Rally in 2009. Last year, he won the first annual driver's championship for the Subaru China Rally Team. Coupled with the 2007 National Motor Track Driver's Championship for the Shanghai Volkswagen 333 Team in 2007 and the 2008 National Rally 1600CC driver's annual first place, Han Han has already won four annual firsts.

Xu Lang was originally recognized as the fastest driver in the national car rally, but unfortunately he died on the track that crossed the east in 2008. Later, the banner figure of China Rally was Liu Caodong. Unfortunately, he died of an accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011. The death of Xu Lang and Liu Caodong made the victory of the game a lot less valuable. “It's like a team. You score a goal with the Chinese team and then score a goal with Barcelona. The weight of these two goals is absolutely different.” Han Han explained.

Before his death, Liu Caodong was Han Han's best opponent in the rally. Han Han especially missed the time they played together, and now there is no opponent who can continue to put pressure on Han Han. “As soon as they leave, even if I win again now, I am full of regrets. It seems that there is no tiger in the mountain, and the monkey is the king. This is the same as I do other things, but there is no hero in time, so that Zhuzi became famous.” Han Han said with emotion.

2. The writer Han Han-the bad boy in the Chinese literary world

◆School dropout: won the first prize in the New Concept Composition Competition

In 1997, Han Han began to publish his works in magazines such as “Juvenile Literature and Art”. In 1999, Han Han won the first prize in the first national new concept composition contest held by “Sprout” magazine. His preliminary works “Seeking Doctor” and “Bookstore”, and the semi-final work “Peeping People in the Cup” were all shortlisted. Because of this award, Han Han was already well-known in the school at the time.

The famous contemporary Chinese writer Jun Qing evaluated in the article “First Reading of Han Han”: When Han Han retested the first National New Concept Composition Competition, he faced the examinee with the peculiar riddle-style test questions-a very generous way. Lin Zhi was squeezed into a ball, then placed it in a cup with half a glass of water, and told Han Han: “This is the problem.” He was able to write “A glimpse of people in a cup” in a short period of one hour. “Such a composition of more than a thousand words. I really appreciate this extraordinary talent like relying on Ma Qianyan, this quick thinking and rich associations of interpreting test questions, but what I value more is the ideological connotation expressed in his works.

“Peeping People in a Cup” uses the physical process of a ball of paper soaked and settled in half a cup of water. The process of being drenched and settling gradually after the water expresses his insights and comments on the various thoughts and behaviors of people in this process. Although you can have different opinions on this, you have to admit that its ideological connotation is rich, deep, and some even have a police policy effect. This shows his thinking and observation of social life, and also shows his attitude towards certain things. ( Excerpted from the preface of Han Han's collection of essays, essays and short stories “Under Zero” )

Despite being so highly praised by famous artists, the first prize of the New Concept Composition Competition cannot change Han Han's fate of being relegated due to failing seven exams. In 2000, on the eve of the publication of “Triple Doors”, Han Han took a leave of absence due to the red lights on seven courses.

◆Challenge exam-oriented education: publish the novel “Three Doors”

After a year of ups and downs, Han Han's novel “Triple Doors” was finally published in 2000. Through the perspective of the young Lin Yuxiang, “Triple Door” reveals to readers the life of a real high school student, revealing all kinds of contradictions and problems in parent-child relationship, teacher-student relationship, and classmate relationship, reflecting student-like thinking, confusion and problems. dream. The book is prefaced by Professor Cao Wenxuan, a doctoral supervisor at Peking University.

Professor Cao Wenxuan said in the preface: “The Triple Door” is a novel written by a teenager, but it cannot be simply classified as a novel in the general sense of children's literature. In my opinion, it is just mature, sophisticated, and even old enough to be known. This maturity is first manifested in the sharpness of thinking. This maturity is manifested in language. Han Han not only blindly showed his acrimony, but also showed his wisdom. And the wisdom shown in language is a sense of humor.

Han Han is humorous from beginning to end in “Three Doors”. Some humor is still black. He is accustomed to humor, and it seems that it is difficult for him to maintain his writing if he is not humorous. Wisdom may also find an escape for an embarrassed self. In this sense, it may sometimes be negative, a kind of self-deprecating, a kind of self-comfort, a kind of Ah Qism. Han Han in life may also be negative when using wisdom, maybe not, and certainly not in “Three Doors”. ( From the preface of Han Han's novel “The Triple Door” )

After the great success of “Triple Doors”, Han Han successively published novels “Like a Young Man”, “Chaos of Chang'an”, “A City”, “Glorious Day”, “His Country”, “1988: I Want to Harmonize This World Talk”, as well as “One Degree Zero”, “Poison”, “Poison 2”, “General Draft 2003”, “Anthology of Han Han's Five Years”, “Just So Drifting”, “Miscellaneous Articles”, ” Literary works such as “Lovely Beast” and “Youth”. In addition, “Bright and Aboveboard”-the manuscript of “Three Doors”, will be published as a book on April 1, 2012.

◆The continuation of the rebellion: the creation of the magazine “Solo Group”

At the beginning of 2009, Han Han decided to start a literary and artistic magazine called “Solo Group”. After nearly a year of review and review by more than ten publishing houses, on July 6, 2010, the first issue of “Solo Group” The form of the series is officially released. On December 26 of the same year, “Solo Group” magazine announced the suspension of the second phase and the team was disbanded.

From the publication of the first issue of “Solo Solo Group” to the announcement of the team's dissolution, it took less than half a year for the Solo Solo Group to become a swan song. Han Han said when explaining why the “Solo Troupe” was discontinued: “It can only be said that this is not the pressure of the press and publishing unit or the propaganda unit, but other inquiries have been fruitless. Maybe there are too many people in the relevant departments in China, and too many people have let it go. The ability of literary readings to become cultural relics, so I don’t know exactly what happened.”

In early 2012, Han Han formed a band called Tinglin Town Solo Group. At present, there are six members in the band, all of whom are members of the magazine “Solo Group”, and all of them can only play guitar. If all goes well, the Tinglin Town Solo Ensemble will hold the “Mistaken Month-New Year's Eve Concert” on November 30 this year.

3. Blogger Han Han-a public intellectual born in the 1980s

◆Opening a blog: independent thinking, cultural criticism

Han Han started blogging in 2006. At first, he wrote about racing cars and raising dogs. Later, Han Han began to challenge the literary system through blogs. In a few rounds, Bai Ye (literary critic and bookseller), Lu Tianming (writer), Lu Chuan (son of Lu Tianming, young director), and Gao Xiaosong (famous musician) were all involved. Waiting for the final piece to be killed, Han Han burned the modern poetry world with his blog in the same year. His insights and profound thinking have made Han Han's blog widely recognized as a “post-80s” value judgment and independent speculation. Below, we select some sentences from Han Han's blog for your reference.

1. Event background: In early 2007, Taiwanese actress Xu Weilun died in a car accident. Many entertainment news accused her of failing to open the airbag in front of the MINI, which was the cause of the death. Han Han expressed his views on this and popularized relevant traffic knowledge to the public.

Han Han’s blog post: The impact is on the side and back, so the side airbags and air curtains of the car are all opened, and all the passive safety protection systems of the car have fully played its role. The accusations and suspicions of cars and manufacturers are very funny and unscientific, especially the speculation about how the front airbags have not been opened is very amateurish.

It is completely correct that the front airbag does not open, because the front of the car is not damaged at all, and all the sensors have not received the signal of the impact. Imagine that this is a rear impact. When it slams backward, the airbag inexplicably opened in the front will make it worse. If you don't die, you will die. Therefore, the front airbags of all cars in the world will not be activated when the collision is behind, and the same is true for the Rolls-Royce.

If the front airbag is opened during a rear-end collision, it is a quality problem and it is very dangerous. The explosive power of the airbag can kill people, so babies are strictly prohibited from sitting in the front seat. If you have an accident on the highway, if you can move around, please get off the car and leave immediately. Many high-speed accidents are caused by the death of a person who was chased and hit by a vehicle behind when a person stayed in the car and recollected. ( Excerpt extracted from Han Han's blog post: Automobile knowledge and life appearance )

The editor said: Han Han used his own understanding of traffic, including analyzing scenes, to use evidence and logic to find the truth. At the same time, Han Han also showed an increasingly responsible adult attitude.

2, event Background: In 2007 Wembley Masters final, Ding Junhui lost to O'Sullivan. The fans criticized Ding Junhui for being uncultured, and Han Han held injustices for Xiaohui. (Ding Junhui only received elementary education, and entered Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007 after becoming famous, majoring in business administration)

Han Bowen: World logically divided into two types, one is the logic, one is Chinese logic. A bunch of unachievable people actually accused a world champion of having a problem with the education model, which is Chinese logic. Do you think the broken textbook you read is called culture? Don't be ashamed. If you only have this knowledge, don’t culture it, hurry up and cremation.

    College students are uneducated if they take the subway without giving up their seats; a doctor who drives the car at night with high beams is uneducated; but if an illiterate can go into the water to save people, he is literate. Culture and diploma are completely out of line, and everyone has a limit of knowledge. I ask you what effect the angle and toe of the car have on the handling of the car. Tsinghua University’s automotive majors have to be blind; I ask you if the engine is off-time, the engine is lagging behind the engine. I can't find out, these are still professional counterparts. I want to ask Yu Qiuyu, what is the difference between car horsepower and Super Mario, Yu Qiuyu will end up just like those Qingge contestants. ( Excerpt extracted from Han Han's blog post: Regardless of the safety period, there is no culture )

    The editor said: This is a typical Han Han-style ridicule. Although he is blunt , he is rough and not rough. This kind of language is extremely offensive and lethal .

◆Opinion leaders: questioning the system, mocking the powerful

2008 was a sensitive year, the southern snowstorm in January, the disturbance in Tibet in February, the Olympic torch being robbed in March, the boycott of Carrefour in April, the Wenchuan earthquake in May, the fake photo of the South China tiger in June, the attack on police in Shanghai in July, and the August To host the Olympics, in September, melamine…In such an “eventful autumn”, big and small things touched the nerves of the Chinese people. Against this background, Han Han will naturally not remain indifferent. From then on, criticisms of government departments and opinions on social issues will often appear in his blog posts. Below, we select some sentences from Han Han's blog for your reference.

1. Background of the event: In early 2009, the Beichuan government bought the luxury off-road vehicle Land Cruiser at a price higher than the market price. It was called a rescue emergency command vehicle. Han Han exposed it through a blog post.

Han Han's blog post: The reason why this generation of Land Cruiser is expensive is not because of its off-road performance, but because of its luxury. This is not a hardcore off-road vehicle. Choose the new Land Cruiser. In the final analysis, it is still two words, style. I don't believe that without this car, “command” work cannot be carried out. If you are not guilty, why have all the information and prices of all vehicles in the government procurement network been deleted?

In addition, the Beichuan government has also purchased Ba Rui, Cheetah, Tucson, Land Cruiser, Prado, Forester, CRV Premium Edition, the new Qijun, Lion Race and other vehicles. Are you a car magazine, do you want to conduct a comparative test of recreational off-road vehicles? Most of these SUVs, especially Hyundai Tucson and Honda CRV, have almost no off-road performance. The government explained that this is for the convenience of work and is untenable. Would you like me to recommend a few cheap and good-quality work cars for you? The car I recommend can definitely go far off-road, and the price is not expensive. The downside is that it may not be luxurious enough. ( Excerpt extracted from Han Han's blog post: People who are alive must live better )

The editor said: The blog has brought influence and appeal to Han Han, but Han Han does not accept the title of “public intellectual”. He said that he only expressed his personal views and opinions on social issues.

2. Background of the event: During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, thousands of fans of the popular Korean group Super Junior crowded in the ticket collection area of the World Expo Performing Arts Center, which caused a stampede. The park had to dispatch a large number of armed police to maintain order, and the scene was chaotic. After the incident was exposed, it set off a big battle between anti-Kazakh and Korean netizens and Super Junior fans, the “6•9 Holy War”. Han Han felt ashamed for both sides.

Han Han’s blog post: In this game where big friends (note: “World of Warcraft” as the birthplace, appearing on Tianya, Maopu and other major websites) bully children (note: Super Junior fans) game, the big friends actually Should think more, are they brain-disabled? They are indeed brain-disabled. But it's like buying a car. Now other kids like Korean cars. If you say people are brain-dead, you want to buy our own-brand domestic cars. As a result, the kids still bought Korean cars. That's because your own brand is worse than others. When it's your turn to buy a car, because you have accumulated more than others, you are not the same as buying American cars and European cars, it is best to buy a joint venture brand imported car known as a domestic car.

Do you think people chasing South Korean celebrities are brain-dead, you are not the same as watching American dramas every day, and don't use this kind of fake patriotism to bully other children. Back then, you also studied Zilong, you imitated Rukawa Feng, you also chased F4, and you were obsessed with Leonardo. Even if you have a higher taste, you haven't passed away to catch the blind at the Expo, but you can't insult you. Little brother likes SJ. (Excerpt extracted from Han Han's blog post: Inexplicable, I hate you )

The editor said: Han Han has a cool head, and he transformed the chaotic logic of his peers into clear thoughts and sharp words. He speaks to society as a young man who has matured in his mind.

◆Han three articles: Disturbing people's sight again

At the end of 2011, Han Han published three blog posts one after another: “Talking about Revolution”, “Talking about Democracy” and “To Freedom” (referred to as “Han Three Articles”), which triggered hot discussions on the Internet. For such a big proposition, some people say that Han Han handed in an unqualified answer sheet. It is also said that those who understand the crux of China's problems are now sitting in prisons looking up to Beidou, while Han Han only used his influence to push these major issues into a broader space for public discourse. In any case, in this era of divergent opinions, we need “symbols” like Han Han.

Around the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the IT critic Mai Tian first questioned his article fraud. Han Han firmly denied the accusation of ghostwriting and suspended 20 million yuan for evidence. The incident caused an uproar and quickly ended with an apology from the wheat field. Unexpectedly, Fang Zhouzi, the “Fake Fighter”, went mad at Han Han again. The two sides refused to give in to each other, and the incident quickly became the hottest public topic in the New Year. At present, Han Han has filed a lawsuit against Fang Zhouzi and others for infringing his right of reputation and authorship of works.

Summary: From the above we riders, writers and bloggers to introduce the three angles Han, he can be said to break out of their paradise on earth in each area. As a driver, Han is a double degree in Chinese professional racing championship in the history of the site and the only tension, he has become a Chinese professional rally leader; as a writer, Han as “triple gate” fame, has become China's most one of the best-selling author; as a blogger, Han Han is the opinion leaders, he uttered a lot of people want to say and not say, do not want to say.