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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] Lynk & Co 02 is the second model launched by Lynk & Co. It is also from the CMA platform with the previously launched Lynk & Co 01. But unlike the Lynk&Co 01, the positioning of the Lynk&Co 02 coupe SUV makes it look younger and more energetic. It was officially launched on June 28, with prices ranging from 122,800 to 192,800. In this article, we will take a look at which model is the most worth buying.

My colleague Shen Jiaxu has already had a detailed static experience of Lynk & Co 02, so I won’t go into details here. Next, let’s go straight to the topic and talk about price, configuration and cost performance. Let’s first look at the guide price.

Lynk & Co 02 Guide Price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
Pure Lite 1.5T+6MT 12.28
Pure Lite 1.5T+7DCT 13.28
Yao 1.5T+7DCT 14.28
Glory Pro 1.5T+7DCT 15.68
Jin 1.5T+7DCT 14.28
King Pro 1.5T+7DCT 15.28
King Pro 2.0T+6AT 17.28
Jin Pro 2.0T+7DCT four-wheel drive 19.28

● Regarding the car model and exterior interior color

Lynk & Co 02 has 8 subdivision models, which are simply divided into three styles: “Pure”, “Jin” and “Yao”. “Pure” can be understood literally, with a simple design and a relatively basic configuration. “Jin” is more sporty, and “Yao” is more fashionable. These two styles also have the “Pro version” with a higher configuration, and the “Jin Pro” version is also equipped with a 2.0T engine and a four-wheel drive version.

“Pure” has only one body color, white, and the roof and body are the same color, which looks plain. “Jing” has more body colors, there are four, and the roof is all black, which is more sporty. Finally, when it comes to “Yao”, taking the fashion route, although there is only one body color, there are orange decorations on the wheels, side skirts, and front and rear surrounds, which are very recognizable. Regarding the rim, “pure” is 17-inch, simple in shape; “Jin” and “Yao” are both 18-inch wheels, and have their own characteristics, “Jing” sports, “Yao” bright and cheerful.

The three styles of models have different orientations, and the interior materials and color schemes are also reflected. Generally speaking, they are elegant colors. Even the “jin” that is positioned more than sports is no exception. I personally feel that the colors of the interior In terms of choice, there should be more choices, especially the brighter tones, which will match the positioning of the Lynk & Co 02 coupe SUV.

● Specific configuration analysis

Now it’s time to get to the core part of this article. Let’s take a look at which model has the most cost-effective configuration?

◆ 1.5T two-wheel drive pure Lite version (guidance price: 6-speed manual: 122,800 yuan / 7-speed dual-clutch: 132,800 yuan )

1.5T two-wheel drive pure Lite version main configuration
External configuration

17-inch wheels, LED daytime running lights, front fog lights (turn assist lights),

Roof rack

Internal configuration

Electronic handbrake, four-way adjustable multi-function steering wheel,

6-way manual adjustment for main driver, 4-way manual adjustment for co-driver, rear seat ratio down,

Fabric seat, full LCD instrument, 10.2-inch central control screen, 9 speakers,

Car wifi, front 2 rear 2 USB ports, driving recorder USB port

Security configuration ESC, ramp assist, front airbag, front side airbag
Comfortable configuration

Automatic parking, keyless entry + one-key start, four-window one-key lift,

Voice control, remote control

The pure Lite version has manual (6MT) and automatic (7DCT) gearbox versions. In addition to the gearbox, the automatic version also has dual-zone automatic air conditioning, AQS air quality management system, glove box refrigeration function, and rear air conditioning. These configurations of the tuyere, so in comparison between the two, although the automatic version is 10,000 more expensive, the price/performance ratio is higher. However, LED headlights and panoramic sunroofs still have to be available in higher configuration models, so let's look down.

◆ 1.5T two-wheel drive powerful version/shiny version (guide price: 142,800 yuan / 142,800 yuan )

Engine parameter comparison
Project/model 1.5T two-wheel drive pure Lite version
1.5T two-wheel drive power version/shiny version
engine Low power 1.5T High power 1.5T
Maximum power 156 horsepower/5000rpm 180 horsepower/5500rpm
Maximum torque 245 N·m/1450-4000rpm 265 N·m/1500-4000rpm

The configuration of the 1.5T two-wheel drive Jin and Yao version is almost the same (the Jin version has paddle shifters), which is 10,000 more expensive than the pure Lite version with 7-speed dual-clutch. The more important configuration upgrades include fixed-speed cruise and reversing images. +Rear radar, tire pressure monitoring, LED headlights (headlight follow-up steering function), panoramic sunroof, front seat heating, leather seats, head safety air curtain; in addition 18-inch wheels, LED front fog Lights, exterior rearview mirror electric folding + heating, leather steering wheel, rear center armrest and 12V power supply for the trunk. The most worth mentioning is that the 1.5T two-wheel drive power version / Yao version and the pure Lite version are both 1.5T engines, but the engine parameters are higher. This 10,000 not only brings a lot of good-looking and easy-to-use configurations, but also improves the power, it is worth recommending to buy.

◆ 1.5T two-wheel drive power Pro version / Yao Pro version (Guide price: 152,800 yuan / 156,800 yuan )

Compared with the Jin Pro version/Yao version, the appearance and interior style of the Jin Pro version/Yao Pro version has not changed, but the configuration continues to be upgraded. The focus is on more active braking, anti-collision warning, automatic far and near light switching, and fatigue driving. A series of more comprehensive active safety systems such as reminders, lane keeping and merging assistance, in addition to berth departure, panoramic images, front radar, automatic headlights, automatic wipers, rear privacy glass, exterior rearview mirror memory, atmosphere lights, Automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror, electric adjustment of front seats, wireless charging of mobile phones, built-in driving recorder, Harman Infinity brand audio also appear in the configuration table. In terms of comprehensive price and configuration, the Jin Pro version is 10,000 more expensive than the Jin version, and the Yao Pro version is 14,000 more expensive than the Yao version. You can exchange so many equipment, it is worth recommending everyone to buy. And because the 1.5T two-wheel drive Pro version is 4000 cheaper than the Yao Pro under almost the same configuration, the 1.5T two-wheel drive Pro version is the best value for the entire system.

◆ 2.0T Two-wheel drive Pro version (Guide price: 172,800 yuan )

Engine parameter comparison
Project/model 1.5T Two-wheel drive Pro version
2.0T Two-wheel drive Pro version
engine High power 1.5T 2.0T
Engine structure L3 L4
Maximum power 180 horsepower/5500rpm 190 horsepower/4700rpm
Maximum torque 265 N·m/1500-4000rpm 300 N·m/1400-4000rpm

I just mentioned that “Jin” is a sports-oriented model. Since it has something to do with sports, then the 1.5T three-cylinder engine may sound almost meaningless. Therefore, there is also a 2.0T version of the model in the Shangjin Pro version. Its power The parameters are better, but other configurations only have more automatic start and stop of the engine, so 20,000 exchanges for 10 horsepower and 35 Nm and 6AT gearbox, the recommended index is not high.

◆ 2.0T four-wheel drive Pro version (guide price: 192,800 yuan )

Finally, I came to the most expensive 2.0T four-wheel drive Pro version of the whole series. It has a set of BorgWarner's fifth-generation intelligent four-wheel drive system (timely four-wheel drive). With its help, some road conditions are not so good. The place of self-driving tour has more bottom in my heart. However, I think from the perspective of the overall positioning of the model, the main “battlefield” of Lynk & Co 02 is still based on the city. Two-wheel drive is enough. The expensive 20,000 yuan for the four-wheel drive model is not very tempting. I won't make a key recommendation.

● Recommended models

● Full text summary:

In terms of overall price, the configuration of the entry-level version of Lynk&Co 02 is actually not shabby, especially the two large screens in the interior are not missing, the high-level sense of the car is guaranteed, and there are some basic comfort configurations. However, the panoramic sunroof and LED headlights that Chinese consumers love are absent. I think potential consumers of Lynk & Co 02 must be more concerned about these. So on the whole, the 1.5T two-wheel drive Pro version has a more comprehensive configuration. The price is more suitable, so the whole series is the most recommended; and the 1.5T two-wheel-drive Pro version with the same configuration as the 1.5T two-wheel-drive Pro version but the price is 4000 yuan more expensive, and the 1.5T two-wheel-drive version/Yao with a slightly lower configuration Edition, it is also worth considering. Finally, let’s talk about the “benefits”. The first owner of Lynk&Co 02 will enjoy the “three exemptions for life”, that is, free lifetime warranty, free data traffic for life and free road assistance for life. How is your heart moving? (Text/Picture Car Home Hong Bingqing)

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