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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] With the official launch of the new generation of LaVida, FAW-Volkswagen Bora, also an evergreen in the domestic compact family car market, also completed an iterative update of its products. The price range of 11.28-15.98 million yuan (the price range of the new generation Lavida is 115,900-16.29 million yuan). In addition to objectively reflecting the mutual competition in the price positioning of the North and South Volkswagens, there are a total of 8 models in the whole series (the new generation of Lavida all The series of 6 models) Bora also provides more detailed choices for consumers at different budget stages. Of course, in my opinion, the automatic elite model with relatively outstanding cost performance is expected to become the flagship model of the new generation of Bora to win market sales.

● Listing price

The new generation of Bora guides the price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.5L manual fashion type 11.28
1.5L automatic fashion type 12.48
1.5L manual comfort type 12.48
1.5L automatic comfort type 13.68
1.5L automatic elite type 14.08
1.5L automatic luxury type 14.88
280TSI (1.4T) automatic elite type 15.08
280TSI (1.4T) automatic luxury type 15.98

● Model review

In the manufacturer's own words, apart from the name, it is difficult for you to find similarities between the new and old Bora. Obviously, compared with the old models, the new generation of Bora has drastically improved the appearance design, and continues to show enough style differences with its brother Lavida. The well-defined front face shape has not been separated from the genetic genes of the popular family, but the younger generation and fashion sense of the new generation of Bora are already obvious. The new generation of models born on the MQB platform has also increased the size of the body and wheelbase, so the side shape of the body is more slender. The concise and capable tail is more noteworthy than the old model, and the wide line sense even makes the new-generation Bora's rear end the charm of a higher-level model.

The mass atmosphere of the interior atmosphere is still very strong, but the styling change of the center console slightly inclined to the driver's side still reflects a better ergonomic design than before. At the same time, the improvement of interior quality also depends on FAW-Volkswagen's strict control of interior process details. The large central control screen equipped with intelligent functions such as mobile phone mapping and interconnection provides a configuration upgrade that keeps pace with the times in terms of software.

Thanks to the malleability of the Volkswagen MQP platform, the body size surpassing the current Sagitar has won a leapfrog spatial performance for the new generation of Bora, which is expected to win the favor of more family consumers. In addition, the detailed configuration of the rear center armrest is even more detailed and humane than the same door brother Lavida. In addition, the abundant storage space in the car and the flexible luggage compartment space also make the new generation of Bora have good space practicability.

Like the new LaVida, the new generation of FAW-Volkswagen Bora also provides a new 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.4T turbocharged engine, and the book data has improved compared with the old 1.6L and 1.4T engines, and the transmission The system is still matched with 5-speed manual, 6-speed automatic (1.5L) and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (280TSI 1.4T). As for the chassis, a new generation of models based on the Volkswagen MQB platform with a front and rear torsion beam suspension combination of McPherson and rear continues to maintain its due driving comfort.

● Color selection

Note: Regarding the lack of display of some pictures, we have no specific information at present, and we will update it as soon as possible in the future.

● Configuration analysis

◆1.5L manual/automatic fashion type (guidance price: 5-speed manual 118,800 yuan / 6-speed automatic 124,800 yuan)

If you don’t mind the 15-inch tires used in the entry-level model, and the large-scale lack of exterior and interior details compared to the mid-to-high-end models (such as chrome-plated grille, chrome-plated trim on the bottom edge of the side window, and front fog lights) Chrome-plated, chrome-plated exhaust on both sides, leather-wrapped handlebars), the new generation of Polaris’s manual/automatic fashion model still provides a certain reason to buy for many consumers with limited budgets. Although the fashion sense of the visual effect is obviously reduced, the basic configuration including LED headlights, LED taillights, EPB electronic handbrake, AUTOHOLD automatic parking and engine start-stop system are retained.

◆1.5L manual/automatic comfort type (guidance price: 5-speed manual 124,800 yuan / 6-speed automatic 136,800 yuan)

In addition to the complete return of exterior decorative parts, the manual/automatic comfort configuration upgrade is also obvious enough. The front fog lights, 16-inch wheels, leather seats and electric sunroof not only solve the face problem, but also the front side airbags, the head air curtains on both sides, the cruise control and the multifunctional leather steering wheel also effectively improve the safety and functional operation. Convenience.

◆1.5L/1.4T elite type (guide price: 1.5L elite type 140,800 yuan / 1.4T elite type 150,800 yuan)

If you are willing to spend more than 4,000 yuan on the price of 1.5L automatic comfort type, then keyless start, keyless entry, automatic zoned air conditioning, rear air conditioning outlets and active emergency braking will undoubtedly add to your car life Quite necessary practicality and safety. Of course, if you have a higher pursuit of power, then the 280TSI (1.4T) model, which is also an elite model, priced at 150,800 yuan is also a choice worthy of reference.

◆1.5L/1.4T luxury type (guide price: 1.5L luxury type 148,800 yuan / 1.4T luxury type 159,800 yuan)

Compared with the elite type, the price increase of the 1.5L/1.4T luxury type is RMB 8,000 and RMB 9,000 respectively. The specific configuration differences have also been optimized in terms of vehicle safety, comfort and technology configuration. In particular, the 8-inch central control color large screen equipped with a wealth of smart applications not only enhances the sense of interior technology, but also meets the needs of consumers for smart cars. Of course, compared to the elite version, this series of configuration supplements may not be sufficiently attractive for ordinary household consumers.

Model recommendation:

Bora 2019 1.5L Automatic Elite Type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

14.08 million

Bora 2019 models 1.5L automatic comfort type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

13.68 million

Full text summary:

Compared with the same door brother Lavida, the new generation of Bora with a total of 8 configuration models in the whole series undoubtedly provides a more detailed configuration level. Especially the comfort type in the price range of 130,000, which makes the price connection of the entire car series closer. But judging from the specific configuration performance, the large-scale “cutting corners” of the fashion model of the entry version in the exterior decoration details will surely cause many potential users to question, but although the configuration is slightly shabby, the price is in place as the basic reason for its existence. The comfort type effectively alleviates the cheapness of the low-profile new car's visual effects, and the comfort and safety configuration are also significantly improved. However, based on the 1.5L comfort model, the elite model that can receive more generous configuration rewards with an additional 4000 yuan is the most cost-effective model in our minds. Among them, it provides drivers with effective safety assistance for pre-collision. The active emergency braking system and the rear air-conditioning outlets that fully take care of the comfort of the rear seats are all factors that influence consumers' choice.