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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] In the range of 150,000 to 250,000, there are very few hard-line choices for joint venture brands, but it is clear that there is market demand. You can see how popular the newly launched Nissan Tuda is. Tuda is equipped with a time-sharing four-wheel drive system (with rear lock), which is similar in size to Prado, but the price is less than half, and the price/performance ratio can be imagined. Next, let's take a look at which model in the Tuda car series is the most cost-effective.

In the previous report, we have done a detailed description of Tuda. If you are interested in viewing the static review content, click the image above. If you want to see the test drive experience, you can see how Tuda climbs through the mountains and mountains.

Most SUVs of similar size to Tuda are equipped with large displacement engines above 3.0L, at least 2.0T. In this regard, Tuda is relatively lacking, but it is understandable and acceptable. The 2.5L displacement is less affected by the license policy. At the same time, car prices are more affordable. Matching with the engine is a 6-speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission.

Tuda is a hard-line SUV model. It adopts a front double wishbone and a rear axle suspension structure. The original factory is equipped with AT tires. After paying the money at the dealer, you can start the journey directly. Tuda’s original factory is equipped with 18-inch wheels, which are larger in size. In addition to better visual effects, it can also take care of the needs of road driving. If you really want to go off-road, it is recommended to change to 17-inch wheels and higher-specification tires. .

For a hardcore SUV that can cross-country, the spare tire is essential. All Tuda series are equipped with full-size aluminum alloy wheels as standard. They are exactly the same as the other four wheels, so don't worry if you get a flat tire.

Next is the configuration analysis to see which model in the car series has the most cost-effective. There are 6 models in the Tuda car series, all of which have the same engine, which are differentiated according to the transmission structure and drive mode.

The 2.5L manual two-wheel drive elite model is the lowest in the car series. The price is very real. After all the procedures are completed, it is about 200,000 yuan. It will be a good choice to use it as a tool cart. But it is a pity that there is only a rear drive, and off-road performance will be worse. The only advantages are higher ground clearance and AT tires.

The second-lowest configuration adds a lot of configurations, including sunroofs, leather seats, more airbags, automatic air conditioning, etc., which is worth the price of 20,000 yuan. But the second-lower model is similar to the lowest model, manual transmission or rear drive, both convenience and off-road performance are not too good, not recommended.

The 2.5L automatic two-wheel drive luxury version is the cheapest manual transmission model. It is 10,000 more expensive than the lower-level models. The configuration is the same and the price is reasonable. After being equipped with an automatic transmission, it is much more convenient than the previous two models, but it is still a rear-drive model. For an off-road vehicle, this is a big shortcoming, almost meaning, it is also not very recommended.

In terms of off-road performance, two-wheel drive cannot be compared with four-wheel drive, but whether it works or not, it depends on the purpose. If your purpose is to use bad roads, then the rear-wheel drive can also meet the demand. The automatic two-wheel drive Zhixiang Edition is the most expensive two-wheel drive model in the car series. It has LED headlights, pre-collision system, tire pressure monitoring, fixed-speed cruise and other configurations. The configuration is rich and the price is not high. The price is good. Four-star recommendation.

From manual transmission to automatic transmission, and then to the four-wheel drive system, the second-top configuration is finally a four-wheel drive model, and finally fills the last short board. Tuda adopts a non-load-bearing body structure, is equipped with a time-sharing four-wheel drive system (low-speed gear can be magnified by 2.7 times), and the rear axle is locked. These are the status symbols of the hardcore SUV. The automatic four-wheel drive luxury version is the most recommended model in the car series, five-star recommendation. It is the most suitable for users who plan to retrofit.

The top model is priced at 245,800 yuan, which is actually not expensive for Tuda's off-road capability and configuration level. If you pursue more configuration of the vehicle itself, you can consider high-end configuration. But compared to other models in the car series, it still has to increase higher costs. For a hardcore SUV, the relative increase in comfort features is far less important than the four-wheel drive capability, so this is only for A four-star recommendation.

Full text summary:

The Tuda body is not small enough to be comparable to the Prado, and it is also a hardcore SUV. Even if the configuration and performance are not as good as the original state, the victory is good, and there is a lot of room for later upgrades. This is one of the main reasons for the fire. . If you compare the configuration with an urban SUV, the Tuda will definitely be useless, but after all, it is not a road, so this shouldn't be a problem. I think the most attractive part of Tuda is the price. The cheapest four-wheel drive model is priced at 225,800. This dream is not too far away. Maybe it can be realized on impulse, and then take the family and children to the waves.

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