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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] In recent years, SUVs have become popular in the auto market, and mainstream automakers have devoted their energy to the development and promotion of SUVs. The original sedan seems to have been left out a lot. If you want to re-awaken consumers’ enthusiasm for sedan, it is natural to change and innovate. Nowadays, Chinese brands have launched coupe-style sedan, which is a change in performance. Previously, GA6, Borui and other models have begun to adopt. The fastback design, and the recently launched Changan Ruicheng CC is also a product that caters to this trend. Compared with the original Ruicheng, the Ruicheng CC is obviously a sporty style, and at the same time, it has joined the popular technologies such as Internet of Vehicles and voice control. Its market performance is worth looking forward to. Today, let’s take a look at which model of this car series. Most recommended.

■ Model introduction

Although Ruicheng CC has the name “Ruicheng”, it is actually not the same platform as Ruicheng, which is already on the market. It is different from styling to body size to various configurations. Both of them are only medium-sized cars. Cheng CC adopts Changan's latest generation design language, and at the same time it is equipped with more high-tech configurations and is positioned in a younger consumer market.

Ruicheng CC provides six body colors for consumers to choose, and they are all relatively bright types, which are more suitable for the preferences of young consumers. In terms of tires, the low-end models of the new car use 205/60 R16 tires, and the high-end models use 215/50 R17 tires. The top models use Hankook tires, focusing on economy and comfort.

The interior of Ruicheng CC is also refreshing, simple and technological. The mid-to-high models are equipped with large-size touch screens. Except for the lowest models, they all use leather seats. The top models also have 10.25. -Inch full LCD instrument panel and icy blue ambient lights, the overall sense of quality is not inferior to the joint venture brand models.

In terms of space, due to the fastback design of Ruicheng CC, the front row space is acceptable, the rear headroom is more restrained, and the rear legroom maintains the space that a medium-sized car should have. It should be said The performance in terms of space is quite satisfactory.

In terms of power, Ruicheng CC currently uses 1.5T engines in all series, providing manual and automatic transmission options. The power level of this engine is at the mainstream level in the same level, and the automatic transmission uses Aisin 6 The gearbox with automatic manual gearbox is more guaranteed in terms of reliability and smoothness.

In terms of chassis suspension, the configuration of Ruicheng CC is also the more common front McPherson rear multi-link configuration for medium-sized cars. Next, we will analyze the different configurations to see which model is more cost-effective.

■ Configuration analysis

Ruicheng CC is divided into 5 models and a total of 7 models. The lowest-equipped Shuya model only provides manual transmission, the middle-matched elegant and TAG Heuer models both provide manual and automatic transmission options, and the highly equipped Zhiya and Zunya models are available. Only automatic transmission models, this configuration is also in line with consumers' general buying rules. From the price point of view, the starting price of 89,900 yuan can be said to be a relatively low price for a medium-sized car. As for the performance of the configuration, just look at it.

Ruicheng CC guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.5T manual comfort type 8.99
1.5T manual elegant type 9.89
1.5T manual Tag Heuer 10.89
1.5T automatic elegant type 10.99
1.5T Automatic Tag Heuer 11.99
1.5T automatic smart type 12.89
1.5T automatic elegant type 13.89

● Manual comfort type

As the entry-level model of the whole series of Ruicheng CC, the manual Shuya model is very attractive in price, and there are no surprises or regrets in the configuration, and it is quite satisfactory. No sunroof, fabric seats, no large central control screen, these are all things to be expected, of course, for friends who pay attention to cost-effectiveness, these comfort configurations are not just needed. What is worthy of recognition is that the car’s safety configuration is relatively complete. The front double airbags, anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic brake force distribution system (EBD), traction control system (TCS), and body The stability control system (ESC) and the hill start assist system (HHC) are at least not far behind the mid-to-high-end models, and they also have certain advantages in the same price range.

Ruicheng CC Shuya basic configuration table
Exterior Halogen front combination headlights, front headlights with “accompany you home function”, LED rear taillight combination, high-position brake light, headlight height adjustable, shark fin antenna.
Interior Soft slush-plastic texture instrument panel, fabric seat, electronic manual air conditioner, glasses case, front USB port, rear USB port , 12V power port, cigarette lighter, front reading light, cutting-edge brown interior, exterior and rear Sight mirror electric adjustment, four-door electric windows (one-key lowering of the driver’s seat), key-controlled four-door window lift (you need to go to the 4S shop to open), Auto-Hold automatic parking system, EPB electronic handbrake , 4 speakers.
Safety Anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic brake force distribution system (EBD), traction control system (TCS), body stability control system (ESC), hill start assist system (HHC), insufficient vacuum assist, hydraulic brake assist System (HBB), AutoPlay flameout automatic clamping function, automatic drive-away function (DAA), front double airbags, HEEAB high-rigidity energy-absorbing frame body, front height-adjustable force-limiting seat belts, front seat belts System reminder system, rear door child safety lock, ISO FIX child safety seat fixing device, engine electronic anti-theft, remote control four-car door lock switch, key with car search function, automatic driving lock, headlight forget to turn off buzzer reminder, door failure Turn off the warning light and buzzer to remind.

The price of 89,900 yuan can buy such a medium-sized car with a 2770mm wheelbase, and the difference in appearance from the elegant model of the middle is mainly due to the lack of LED daytime running lights and chrome decorations on the windows. The tire configuration is the same. It should be said no It's not easy to distinguish, so don't worry about the face of buying a low-priced car. In terms of configuration, there are everything that should be enough to meet the needs of daily car use. Friends with a low budget can consider it.

● Elegant

The starting price of the elegant model is 98,900 yuan, the difference between the manual transmission model and the Shuya model is 9,000 yuan, and there are 17 configuration differences, mainly in the comfort configuration of the interior, including 8-inch floating color LCD touch screen, leather The steering wheel and seat significantly enhance the sense of class in the car, and the configuration of the rear exhaust air outlet, AutoNavi online navigation, and reversing radar has also made significant improvements in comfort and convenience. It should be said that the price difference of 9,000 yuan is excellent value for money, with improvements in appearance, interior decoration and practicality.

The elegant model has manual and automatic gears. The difference in configuration between the two is only for cruise control and tire pressure monitoring. The difference is 11,000 yuan. It should be said that this difference is a reasonable range. For friends who can accept manual transmission, the manual elegant version is priced at less than 100,000 yuan, and the price-performance ratio is more outstanding, and it is worth recommending.

● Tag Heuer

The TAG Heuer is the mid-range configuration in the car series. The price difference is 10,000 yuan with the elegant version of the lower gear under the same gearbox. The main increase is the configuration of comfort and safety, mainly including the 10.25-inch version. The central control touch screen, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, one-key start, intelligent voice system, etc., it should be said that the convenience and safety of the car have been significantly improved. However, the price of nearly 120,000 TAG Heuer automatic transmission is not low among competing Chinese brands in the same level, and it is not elegant enough in terms of cost performance.

There are also configuration differences between the TAG Heuer manual gear and the automatic gear. The manual uses front and rear LED headlights with a “breathing” function, while the automatic gear is still halogen headlights; the automatic gear is equipped with door handle chrome decoration components and four doors. Chrome-plated welcome pedals, integrated double-sided safety air curtains on the front and rear, and wider tires. It should be said that the configuration of automatic transmission models has improved in appearance and safety. The difference in headlights does not affect the practicality, so TAG Heuer The automatic transmission is more recommended.

● Smart and elegant

The Zhiya version is already the second top model of the whole car series. In terms of price, it also has a price gap of 9,000 yuan from the TAG Heuer version of the Chinese version. Because the Zhiya version only provides automatic models, we only compare the automatic version of the TAG Heuer version. Block models. There are 10 items in the configuration difference between the two, which are mainly concentrated in the technical configuration, such as LED headlights, ACC adaptive cruise, PAB early warning auxiliary braking system, etc. The increase is mainly the icing on the cake configuration, which is useful for daily use of cars. The impact is not big, but more importantly, it can enhance the sense of grade and convenience, suitable for friends with sufficient budget and more attention to high-quality equipment.

TAG Heuer and Zhiya configuration difference table
Model TAG Heuer Smart type
price 11.99 million 12.89 million
Spread 9,000
LED headlights with “breathing” function
LED rear light with “breathing” function
LED front fog light
Automatic light-sensitive opening and closing of headlights
10.25 inch full LCD dashboard
Electric folding of exterior rearview mirror (automatic folding of car with lock)
Driver's seat electric 6-way adjustment
Forest Air Negative Ion Air Purification System
ACC Full Speed Adaptive Cruise System
PAB early warning auxiliary braking system (recognize vehicle)

It should be said that the position of the Zhiya version in the car series will be awkward. The configuration is not the highest, and the price is not low. It is also at the middle level among the Chinese brand models of the same level. From the perspective of cost-effectiveness and practicality, the TAG Heuer version is more recommended.

● Respect and elegant

The top-matched Zunya version is priced at 138,900 yuan, which is not high for a top-matched mid-size car. The price difference with the second-top Zhiya version is 10,000 yuan. There are more than 20 improvements in the configuration. From the interior to the various high-tech configurations are available, and the improvement of the vehicle is all-round, especially in the Internet of Vehicles and the safety configuration, the PAB early warning auxiliary braking system (recognizing vehicles and pedestrians) and The 360° panoramic image system and so on are more practical functions, it should be said that these configurations can be bought at this price is still worth the money.

■ Recommended models

Ruicheng CC 2018 1.5T Manual Elegant Type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

9.89 million

The most important thing to choose the elegant model is to fancy its high cost performance. The manual transmission can cost less than 100,000 yuan, which is really cost-effective for a medium-sized car, and the configuration, especially the safety configuration, is very complete. Airbags, Traction Control System (TCS), Body Stability Control System (ESC), Hill Start Assist System (HHC), Tracking Intelligent Assisted Visual Reversing Image and Reversing Radar are all equipped. In terms of convenience, the most important navigation It is equipped with Bluetooth, which can be said to be excellent value for money.

Ruicheng CC 2018 1.5T Automatic Tag Heuer

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.99 million

The TAG Heuer model is also the main mid-range model. It has everything that should be in the configuration. The automatic transmission model has a relatively more complete configuration, with side air curtains and an intelligent voice system of “Hello Xiaoan”. It should be said that the current mainstream of the same level All of the functions are already equipped. Considering the price is between 110,000 and 120,000, it is in a relatively reasonable range.

Ruicheng CC 2018 1.5T Automatic Elegant Type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


As a top-of-the-line model, the Zunya model is still a flagship model, with a rich set of configurations. The current popular Internet of Vehicles configuration such as remote door unlocking, air conditioning control, vehicle condition inquiry and diagnosis, etc. are all equipped. It is worth mentioning that the Zunya model is also equipped with a wealth of active safety systems, such as PAB early warning auxiliary braking system (recognizing vehicles and pedestrians), LDW lane departure warning system, TSR speed limit sign recognition, etc., all belong to the same level More high-end configuration, safety configuration performance is worthy of recognition. Looking at the price, the price of 138,900 yuan is considered a relatively low price among the top models of the same level, and it is worth recommending to friends with sufficient budget.

to sum up:

The appearance of Ruicheng CC embodies the latest family design of the Changan brand. It adopts the popular slip-back style, which is visually very coupe-like, and also in line with its youthful positioning. In terms of price, the price of 8.99-13.89 million is generally in a relatively low position among the same-level models, and has a good price/performance ratio.

In terms of specific models, the entry-level Shuya version only costs 89,900, and the price is relatively low. It has obvious advantages in size and configuration in the same price range, but in the Ruicheng CC car series, the price/performance ratio is not as good as the elegant one. The type is outstanding. The elegant model is the most cost-effective model in the car series. Both manual and automatic transmission are available. Friends who are interested in this car can give priority to consideration. If it is a friend with ample budget, it is recommended to directly consider the top-of-the-line model. The Zunya model already has the relatively rare active safety technology of the same level, and the price is still controlled within 140,000, which is worth recommending. (Text/Car Home Liang Haiwen)