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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] Zotye has launched many new models in the past two years. Its brand-new compact SUV, the T500, has been officially launched on March 7. For Chinese brand manufacturers, the vehicle configuration is generally richer, so , How to choose the most suitable car model can make many consumers have trouble. This article will analyze the T500 models one by one to help you find the best choice.

2018 Zotye T500
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.6L manual luxury type 6.98
1.5T manual luxury type 7.88
1.5T manual exclusive type 8.88
1.5T automatic luxury type 8.98
1.5T automatic exclusive type 9.98
1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection distinguished type 10.98
1.5T Automatic Intelligent Interconnection Flagship 12.38

Previously, we have conducted a very detailed static experience article on the Zotye T500. You can click here to review. At the same time, I have also conducted a snow and ice test drive on the Zotye T500 in the northeast of minus 30°. Click here to review. This article will not repeat the contents of these two parts, we will directly enter the configuration analysis link of each model.

● Body color/Rim/Power system

Zotye T500 provides a total of 8 body colors, among which colors such as Marseille orange and London red are relatively bright, which can meet the preferences of more people. Colors such as Munich, Roman brown, and Paris silver are for consumers who are looking for a sense of stability. It's also very suitable. The three types of wheels are equipped according to different configuration levels. The 17- and 18-inch wheels of mid-to-high models are more dynamic in shape, and the 16-inch wheels are more simple.

1.6L/1.5T engine data
engine 1.6L naturally aspirated engine 1.5T turbocharged engine
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 116 156
Maximum power (kW) 85 115
Maximum power speed (rpm) 6000 5600
Maximum torque (N·m) 151 215
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 4000 2000-4000
Matching gearbox 5MT 5MT/6AT

Except for the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine in the lowest equipped model, the other models are matched with a 1.5T turbocharged engine. It can be seen that the models equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine are the main models sold in the future. The gearbox There are 5MT and 6AT options.

● Luxury configuration analysis

Luxury official guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.6L manual luxury type 6.98
1.5T manual luxury type 7.88
1.5T automatic luxury type 8.98

The three luxury models have only slight differences in configuration. Except for the differences in the engine gearbox, the 1.6L manual luxury model uses a hydraulic power steering system, while the 1.5T model uses electric power assistance. There are also differences. The 1.6L model uses 16-inch wheels with 215/65 R16 tires, and the 1.5T model uses 17-inch wheels with 235/55 R17 tires. The 1.6L model also lacks the door panel. The bumper has the same performance in the rest of the exterior, interior, comfort, and safety configuration.

The luxury configuration is not luxurious, there are not many highlights, even the central control screen, the security configuration and comfort configuration are relatively shabby, but fortunately the price is really not high, the lowest price is only 69,800 yuan. If you want more power, then pay more for a 1.5T engine model. In general, the luxury type is a good choice for friends who have a low budget and like the Zotye T500. However, if the budget is ample, it is recommended to choose a high-end model.

● 1.5T manual/automatic exclusive type

Official guide price: 8.88/99,800 yuan

1.5T luxury and 1.5T exclusive configuration comparison
Model 1.5T luxury type 1.5T exclusive type
Manufacturer's guide price 78,800 yuan (manual)/

89,800 yuan (automatic)

88,800 yuan (manual)/

99,800 yuan (automatic)

Spread 10,000 yuan (manual/automatic)
LED daytime running lights
Front fog lamp (with steering assist lighting)
Outside mirror anti-glare + heating
Door handle with light
Seat material Fabric Cortex
Rear seat backrest angle adjustment
Rear central armrest
Monochrome atmosphere light (front row)
Electric sunroof
Leather multifunctional steering wheel
Keyless entry + one-key start
Jade cicada type smart key
One-key lifting of four-door windows (with anti-pinch function)
8.8-inch floating central control screen
Smart phone mapping
Reverse image
Rear air conditioner outlet
Front + rear left seat belt pre-tensioning force limiting function
Engine anti-theft lock function
The whole car seat belt is not fastened
Body stability control system
Reversing radar
Wheel size 235/55 R17 225/50 R18

Compared with the manual exclusive type, the automatic exclusive type has more electric adjustment of the driver's seat, front side airbag and front and rear integrated head air curtain, and the rest of the configuration is exactly the same.

The exclusive type complements the missing safety configuration of the luxury type, is equipped with a body stability control system, and also has some comfort configurations added, such as keyless entry/one-button start, multi-function steering wheel, large central control screen, and multimedia The system, daytime running lights and other very practical configurations, the difference of 10,000 yuan can be exchanged for so many important configurations is very worthwhile, and in terms of riding space, the rear seat angle adjustment and the rear center armrest are effective for riding comfort. There is no doubt that there is no doubt about the improvement, so the price performance of the exclusive type is really very good.

● 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection distinguished type

Official guide price: 109,800 yuan

Configuration comparison of 1.5T automatic exclusive type and 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection distinguished type
Model 1.5T automatic exclusive type 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection distinguished type
Manufacturer's guide price 99,800 yuan 109,800 yuan
Spread 10,000 yuan
Automatic headlight
Through LED rear taillight
Automatic wiper
External rearview mirror electric folding
Front door welcome logo light
Heated front seats
Glove box flocking
12.3 inch full LCD instrument panel
Rear LED reading light
Ceiling atmosphere light
Rear privacy glass
Panoramic skylight
GPS navigation system
Intelligent voice interaction system
Mobile phone wireless charging
Number of speakers 4 6
Automatic air conditioning
Air purification system
Tire pressure monitoring system
Outside temperature display
Turbocharge indicator
Zhongtai Intelligent Interconnection System 3.0

As the second-top model of the car series, many comfort configurations have been added. The panoramic sunroof is not equipped until the second-top model. Functions such as automatic air conditioning and seat heating can also increase the convenience of daily use. Zotye's intelligent interconnection system also has Equipped to allow users to use the mobile phone App to pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and remotely control the vehicle. On the whole, the configuration purchased for 10,000 yuan played a role in the icing on the cake. Although the performance-to-price ratio is not as good as the premium model, you can also consider this premium model.

● 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection flagship model

Official guide price: 123,800 yuan

1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection noble type and 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection flagship type configuration comparison
Model 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection distinguished type 1.5T Automatic Intelligent Interconnection Flagship
Manufacturer's guide price 109,800 yuan 12.38 million yuan
Spread 14,000 yuan
Rear suspension type Torsion beam semi-independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
Through LED headlights
Reversing mirror down function (with mirror memory)
Induction trunk
Seat material Cortex Premium suede + leather
Main driver's seat electric lumbar adjustment
Main driver's seat memory
Full color gamut rhythmic ambient light
Driving recorder
Panoramic parking assist system
Negative ion air purifier
Electric anti-glare inside rearview mirror
AEB automatic emergency braking system
ACC adaptive cruise system
Lane Departure Warning System
Front parking radar
Automatic parking system
Night vision system

The top model is equipped with many high-tech configurations, such as adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, etc., and can also be equipped with a night vision system, which is very suitable for the configuration control, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The price is 123,800 yuan. In a very competitive area, there are many competitors of the same level, and consumers can choose more models. For the potential consumer of Zotye T500, it is a rigid requirement for model size and seating space. The technology configuration is not that important, so the overall cost performance is not very high.

● Recommended models

Zotye T500 2018 1.5T manual exclusive type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

8.88 million

Zotye T500 2018 1.5T automatic exclusive type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


Zotye T500 2018 1.5T automatic intelligent interconnection distinguished type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

10.98 million

The recommended model is the most cost-effective manual/automatic exclusive type, the price of 8.88/99,800 yuan is not too high, and there are commonly used configurations, and the safety configuration is relatively complete, so it is most recommended. Although the automatic intelligent interconnection premium model is the second top model in the whole series, the price has reached 109,800 yuan, but the added configurations can also be used daily, which can improve the convenience of a lot of cars, so four stars are recommended This interconnected noble type.

● Full text summary:

The appearance of the Zotye T500 is quite original, which has won the favor of many consumers. However, the model configuration is not friendly to friends with a small budget. The low-profile models are comfortable and safe. Sexual configuration is relatively lacking, so friends who are interested in Zotye T500 are still recommended to consider the exclusive type. If the budget is slightly looser, the distinguished type is also good. There will be some discounts in the market after a period of time on the market, and then the price-performance ratio of the exclusive/prestigious type can be further improved.