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[YesAuto Car Buying Manual] When it comes to French cars, the first impression of many friends may be that the appearance is very new. The protagonist of this article-Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS (hereinafter referred to as: Tianyi) is such a high-quality one. The car, I believe that many friends are full of interest in its individual appearance, so let's take a look at which configuration is the most cost-effective.

Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS official guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
350THP Comfortable 15.27
350THP Fashion Type 16.97
350THP luxury type 18.97
380THP fashion type 19.27
380THP luxury type 20.97
380THP flagship 23.67

Unexpectedly, the listing price of Tianyi is generally cheaper than the pre-sale price. It is worth noting that the 1.8T (380THP) model can also enjoy a purchase tax subsidy of 10,000 yuan from the manufacturer, which is very considerate ; and in addition to the minimum comfort type In addition, it can also receive up to 10,000 yuan in replacement subsidies and 24 interest-free loans.

●Appearance and interior review:

The appearance of Tianyi is highly recognizable, the design is more public, and it will give people a lovely feeling. It is slightly wider and taller than the brother model Peugeot 4008 in size, and the length and wheelbase are the same.

There are five choices for the body color of Tianyi, there are very eye-catching ones, and there are also regular black and white. I personally think that buying this kind of car that highlights the personality is still volcanic orange and iceberg blue. In addition, Tianyi’s rims are available in 17 and 18 inches. Except for the lowest configuration, they all use 18-inch two-color rims (the quality of the data found for the 17-inch monochromatic rims is not high, and we will see if there are pictures in the future. Replace as soon as possible), and all Tianyi series are equipped with Michelin Haoyue series tires, which provide some guarantee for quietness and comfort during driving.

Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS interior color/material distribution
Model Interior color/material
350THP Comfortable Dark gray/fabric upholstery
350THP Fashion Type Dark gray, light gray/fabric leather inlay
350THP luxury type Dark gray, elegant brown/Claudia leather
380THP fashion type Dark gray, light gray/fabric leather inlay
380THP luxury type Dark gray, elegant brown/Claudia leather
380THP flagship Elegant brown/Claudia leather

In the interior, the application of a large number of rectangular elements makes the overall style full of youthfulness, which is not the same as the sci-fi central control design of the brother model Peugeot 4008. I think there will be many girls who like the style of Tianyi. In addition, the interior colors are roughly divided into three types, namely dark gray, light gray and elegant brown. Among them, dark gray interior materials are divided into three types: fabric, fabric leather inlay and Claudia leather. Light gray interior has only fabric leather inlay, and elegant brown interior has only Claudia leather.

In terms of riding space, Tianyi’s performance is good, the rear legroom can reach two punches, and the rear seat cushions are longer, supporting the thighs more adequately; in addition, the height of the central platform is not too high, just the middle The seat back padding is relatively hard, which is generally satisfactory.

The flatness of the trunk is not bad, especially after the rear seats are down, a relatively flat space can be formed, which increases the practicality. The space of 516-1310L is sufficient for home users.

In terms of power, exactly the same as Peugeot 4008, Tianyi also has two displacements to choose from, 1.6T engine is matched with 6AT gearbox, maximum power is 167 horsepower, maximum torque is 245 N·m, 1.8T engine is matched with 6AT gearbox, maximum power is 204 Horsepower and maximum torque of 280 N·m. One detail is worth noting. Although both 350THP (1.6T) and 380THP (1.8T) models use 6AT gearboxes, only 380THP models use a cool electronic gear lever.

●Model analysis

The models listed this time have two displacements and a total of 6 models. The 350THP models matching the 1.6T engine are comfortable, stylish and luxury models, and the 380THP models matching the 1.8T engine are stylish, luxury and flagship models. . Therefore, the entire Tianyi car series has 4 configuration levels, which are comfort, fashion, luxury and flagship, so let's start with the lowest configuration comfort.

◆350THP Comfortable

Official guide price: 152,700 yuan

As the lowest-equipped model in the whole series, its performance in terms of price is quite good, so let's take a look at the price-performance performance of the lowest-equipped model.

350THP comfortable basic configuration
External configuration

LED daytime running lights, corner auxiliary lighting, LED tail lights, front and rear fog lights, electric adjustment of exterior mirrors,

Rear wiper (automatic reversing cleaning), 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, engine start-stop system, etc.

Internal configuration

Front headrest 2-way adjustment, rear seat 4/6 down, 4-way steering wheel adjustment, rear exhaust air outlet,

Electronic handbrake, rear parking radar, 8-inch center console screen, mobile phone interconnection, Bluetooth system,

6 speaker system, front and rear 12V power supply and USB interface, etc.

Security configuration

Four-door built-in anti-collision bar + aluminum front anti-collision beam, body stability control system, ramp assist system,

Front double airbags + front seat side airbags, front pre-tensioned seat belts, rear child safety seat interfaces, etc.

The lowest model is also equipped with an 8-inch center console screen, as well as the mobile phone interconnection function that people love to see now. This is commendable. The safety configuration has not shrunk, but the comfort configuration is slightly less, but combined with 152,700 yuan From the price point of view, the performance is still okay. After all, the starting price of the Peugeot 4008 is 185,700 yuan, so if you don't have too much budget for the car, you can consider this lowest-equipped model.

◆350THP/380THP fashion type

Official guide price: RMB 16.97/192,700

The fashion model is mid-range in the 1.6T model, and it is also the lowest model of the 1.8T model. Let's first take a look at what is more stylish than the comfort model.

Configuration comparison of 350THP comfort type and 350THP/380THP fashion type
Model 350THP Comfortable 350THP Fashion Type 380THP fashion type
Manufacturer's guide price 15.27 million 169,700 yuan 192,700 yuan
Spread 17,000 yuan 23,000 yuan
engine 1.6T 1.6T 1.8T
Yacht-style electronic gear lever + paddle shifter
Tire specifications 215/65 R17 235/55 R18 235/55 R18
Induction headlights
Follow me home function
Roof rack
Stainless steel double exhaust pipe
Multifunctional leather steering wheel
Integral openable panoramic sunroof
Keyless entry + one-key start
Dual zone automatic air conditioning
filter pollen Activated carbon Activated carbon
Outside mirror heating + folding
Four windows one key lift
Tire pressure monitoring
Reverse image
Front and rear through double-sided air curtain
Pre-tensioned seat belts on both sides of the rear row
Automatic wiper
12.3 inch full LCD instrument panel
Seat material Fabric Fabric leather stitching Fabric leather stitching
Driver's seat adjustment method 6-way manual 6-way electric 6-way electric
Interior color Dark gray interior Light gray/dark gray interior Light gray/dark gray interior

As can be seen from the above table, a lot of stylish comfort configurations have been equipped, and it is especially worth mentioning that the display effect of the 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel is delicate and very technological. Let’s first talk about the 350THP fashion model, which is priced at 169,700 yuan, which is 17,000 yuan higher than the comfort model. It can be exchanged for a large-size panoramic sunroof that can be opened, and you can also get the most commonly used keyless entry + one-key start. With the 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel just mentioned, I think these three configurations are basically in line with the price difference. The remaining dual-zone automatic air-conditioning and multi-function steering wheel are also very practical daily configurations. Therefore, the price-performance ratio of the fashion model is higher than the lowest one.

Compared with the 380THP fashion model, the 350THP fashion model is different from the 380THP fashion model. In addition to the difference in engine displacement, only the gearbox lever, shift paddles and exhaust pipe are different. The rest of the configuration is the same. These two models The price difference of 23,000 yuan depends on everyone's requirements for power. Of course, the gearbox lever used by the 380THP is more scientific and technological, and this must be taken into consideration.

◆350THP/380THP luxury type

Official guide price: RMB 18.97/209,700

The luxury model is the top model in the 350THP sequence, and the mid-range model in the 380THP sequence. Compared with the fashionable model with a lower configuration, it has more LED turn signals, so some differences can still be seen in appearance, except In addition, let’s take a look at what is more than the fashion type.

Configuration comparison of 350THP fashion type and 350THP/380THP luxury type
Model 350THP Fashion Type 350THP luxury type 380THP luxury type
Manufacturer's guide price 169,700 yuan 187,700 yuan 209,700 yuan
Spread 20,000 yuan 20,000 yuan
engine 1.6T 1.6T 1.8T
Yacht-style electronic gear lever + paddle shifter
PHC adaptive hydraulic stabilization technology
Turn signal halogen led led
Stainless steel double exhaust pipe
Driver's seat adjustment method 6-way electric 10-way electric

(Including 4-way lumbar support adjustment)

10-way electric

(Including 4-way lumbar support adjustment)

Co-pilot seat adjustment method 6-way manual 6-way electric 6-way electric
Adjustable front headrest 2-way 4-way 4-way
Two-position adjustable luggage compartment partition
With foot induction opening

Electric tailgate

Anti-allergen filter
AQS Air Quality Monitoring System
Automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror
Back door privacy glass
GRIP CONTROL enhanced intelligent multi-road condition adaptation system
HDC steep slope descent
Seat material Fabric leather stitching Claudia leather Claudia leather
Front radar
360° image
SAM blind spot monitoring system
Cruise control + speed limiter
GPS smart touch screen navigation
Interior color Light gray/dark gray interior Dark gray / elegant brown interior Dark gray / elegant brown interior


In-vehicle interconnection system

The luxurious configuration can already be described as rich, especially equipped with a multi-road condition adaptation system, steep slope descent function, but for the positioning of the Tianyi car, these functions are not so useful, after all, all systems are front The driving mode of the front-driver, there shouldn't be too many people who can use this function. In general, whether it is 20,000 yuan for the 350THP luxury model compared to the 350THP fashion model, or the 380THP luxury model which is 20,000 yuan more expensive than the 350THP luxury model, it is considered a cost increase, but the absolute price is 350THP. The luxury price-performance ratio is better.

◆380THP flagship

Official guide price: 236,700 yuan

The flagship model is the top model in the entire car series. The price has reached 236,700 yuan, which is really not cheap. Then let's take a look at the top model, which features are more than the luxury model.

380THP Luxury and 380THP Flagship configuration comparison
Model 380THP luxury type 380THP flagship
Manufacturer's guide price 209,700 yuan 236,700 yuan
Spread 27,000 yuan
Tianyi three-dimensional matrix headlight halogen Full LED
Automatic headlight height adjustment
Driver's seat adjustment method 10-way electric (including 4-way lumbar support adjustment) 12-way electric (including 4-way lumbar support adjustment)
Co-pilot seat adjustment method 6-way electric 12-way electric (including 4-way lumbar support adjustment)
Driver's seat memory + welcome function
Front seat heating and three-speed temperature adjustment function
Front seat massage function
LED comet light strip (sunroof guide rail)
The exterior rearview mirror reversing automatically flips + memory function
Front door noise reduction laminated glass
DAA3 driver attention reminder (driving track monitoring)
360° image
ACC-STOP adaptive cruise with automatic brake function
AEBS2 active emergency braking system with front collision warning
SAM blind spot monitoring system
ABSD Active Blind Spot Monitoring System
LDW Lane Departure Warning System
LKA Lane Keeping Assist System
SLI Speed Limit Intelligent Identification System


In-vehicle Internet System

Interior color Dark gray / elegant brown interior Ya brown interior

As the top model of the whole series, the price of 236,700 yuan is really not cheap. From the above table, we can see that compared with the luxury model, there are more such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure, car networking system, active braking, ACC automatic It is suitable for high-tech configurations such as cruise, and full LED headlights and more complete seat configurations are commonly used functions in daily life. It can be said that the price difference of 27,000 yuan is relatively worthwhile, but for this price, There are too many models to choose from, so if you have a configuration control and a sufficient budget, you can consider this top-of-the-line model.

●Model recommendation

Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS 2017 Model 350THP Fashion Type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

16.97 million

Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS 2017 Model 380THP Fashion Type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

19.27 million

On the whole, the fashion model is the most cost-effective. In terms of price, the 350THP model is priced at 169,700 yuan, and the 380THP model is priced at 192,700 yuan, which is no more than 200,000. And don’t forget that the 380THP fashion model has 10,000 yuan. Purchase tax subsidies. In terms of configuration, keyless entry, one-key start, reversing image, full LCD instrument panel and other functions are all equipped to meet daily use without any problems. The 350THP luxury model is 20,000 yuan and 17,000 yuan more expensive than the 350THP fashion model, and the 380THP luxury model is 20,000 yuan and 17,000 yuan more expensive than the 380 THP fashion model. However, the upgraded configuration is a normal cost increase, and the cost performance is relatively average. So on the whole, the most cost-effective model is the fashion model.

The difference between the two fashionable models is 23,000 yuan, which is actually the difference between the engine displacement and the electronic gear lever. If the power requirements are not high, it is recommended to consider the 350THP model.

Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS 2017 models 350THP luxury

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

18.97 million

The four-star recommended model is the 350THP luxury model. Regardless of its power is slightly weaker than the 380THP model, but as the top configuration of the 350THP model, the configuration is still remarkable, such as induction trunk, front and rear radar, panoramic sunroof, fixed Speed cruise has these configurations, and the price of less than 190,000 is worth recommending.

●Full text summary

Tianyi has worked hard on the exterior and interior design of this car, and the visual effect is good. The price after the launch today is not too far from everyone's expectations. From the perspective of specific selling prices, the price difference between models is relatively large, so the configuration differences between different models are relatively large. At this time, you can only make a trade-off between the configuration and the silver in your pocket. In a nutshell, fashion Type more value.

For Tianyi's car itself, its high appearance can make many young consumers pay for it, and it can also attract some potential buyers of the Peugeot 4008. The fashionable model recommended in the article, neither of which has more than 200,000 powers, is cost-effective. More prominent, this unique French car is worthy of your consideration.