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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] The Venus D60 can be described as the first compact car independently designed by Dongfeng Venus. It incorporates the latest design concept of Venus. Its competitors are also locked in the 70,000 to 110,000 yuan including Emgrand GL and Arrizo 7. On the compact body of the Chinese brand in the RMB price range. The Venus D60 launched this time has launched 8 subdivision models. Today, I will analyze which model of these models is more worthy of selection, and where are the advantages.

Kai Chen D60 guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.6L manual fashion version 6.98
1.6L manual comfort version 7.58
1.6L CVT Comfort Edition 8.58
1.6L Manual Zhilian Elite Edition 8.18
1.6L CVT Zhilian Elite Edition 9.18
1.6L Manual Zhilian Deluxe Edition 8.88
1.6L CVT Zhilian Deluxe Edition 9.88
1.6L CVT Zhilian Flagship Edition 11.18

● Static review

On November 2, Dongfeng Qichen D60 was officially launched, with a price range of RMB 69,800 to RMB 111,800. You may not know the Kaichen D60 very well, so please review the overall performance of this car with me.

Venus D60 is positioned as a compact car. The appearance adopts the design language of “wind carving aesthetics” that Venus will be widely used in the future. The overall design is very bold. The front face style conforms to the aesthetics of modern consumers, but the rear design is somewhat Controversial, especially this group of taillights and black decorative strip design very similar to Kai Chen T90, of course, this only represents my personal opinion.

Kaichen D60 offers six body colors to choose from: Pearl White, Obsidian Black, Sunburst Brown, Clear Sky Blue, Red Rabbit Red, and Chenhui Silver. The wheels are available in three different styles of 16 and 17-inch multi-spoke styles. The rims are for consumers to choose. In addition to the picture-style 16-inch rim, there is also a steel rim equipped on low-profile cars. At present, we have only seen real cars equipped with 17-inch wheels. It matches the Bridgestone Terran tires of size 205/50 R17. As for the matching tires for 16-inch wheels, we will tell you when we shoot them in the future. .

The overall interior design adopts an asymmetrical design, and the control area of the center console is assigned to the driver's side as a whole, which tends to serve the driver. In terms of interior materials, Kaichen D60 basically meets the standards of models of the same level, and most of the panels are covered by slush molding. It is worth mentioning that the Venus D60 is equipped with the Venus Internet of Vehicles cloud platform function, which can realize functions such as online navigation and vehicle diagnosis, which is regarded as one of the characteristics of the model.

In terms of riding space, the performance of the Kai Chen D60 is not bad. For a 183cm tall experiencer, the front seat is adjusted to the lowest position, and the head space is three fingers. At this time, the same experiencer comes to the back leg space for more than two punches, and the head space is only one finger. It can be said that this kind of space performance is a satisfactory result for a Chinese brand compact car, and there is actually room for improvement in head space.

Kaichen D60 currently only provides a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine for consumers to choose from, with a maximum output of 126 horsepower and a peak torque of 154 N·m. The transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual or CVT gearbox. The suspension is a front MacPherson independent suspension and a rear torsion beam non-independent suspension, which is very similar to the Emgrand GL and other models, and is considered to be in line with the positioning of this class of models. However, one of Kai Chen D60's competitors-Arrizo 7 is a rear multi-link independent suspension. As for the driving experience of the Kaichen D60, our colleagues have already conducted a test drive before. You can click “Open a new chapter in the brand to test drive the Kaichen D60 1.6L CVT” to learn more.

● Vehicle configuration analysis

Kaichen D60 has 8 models, but according to the configuration level, there are 5 configuration levels, namely fashion version (1.6L manual fashion version), comfort version (1.6L manual/CVT comfort version), and Zhilian Elite version (1.6L) Manual/CVT Zhilian Elite Edition), Zhilian Deluxe Edition (1.6L Manual/CVT Zhilian Deluxe Edition) and Zhilian Ultimate Edition (1.6L CVT Zhilian Ultimate Edition). In addition to CVT models equipped with ECO fuel-saving mode, each configuration level has different speeds. The configuration of the box model is basically the same, so we will give you a detailed introduction and recommendation according to the configuration level.

● 1.6L manual fashion version

Official guide price: 69,800 yuan

As the most entry-level model of all Kaichen D60 models, the 1.6L manual fashion version is not very rich in configuration, basically just an entry-level state, including electronic body stability, traction control, etc. are not equipped, although the rims are 16-inch wheels, but equipped with steel wheels, matching tire size is 195/55 R16.

1 .6L manual configuration Fashion Edition
Model 1.6L manual fashion version
Manufacturer's guide price 69,800 yuan
Gearbox 5-speed manual transmission
Rim 16-inch steel wheels
Tires 195/55 R16
Lens halogen headlights
Motorized adjustment of exterior mirrors
Steering wheel up and down adjustment
Six-way manual adjustment seat for main driver's seat
Seat material Fabric
Anti-glare rearview mirror Manual
12V power jack
Brake assist system
ABS anti-lock brake system
Main and passenger airbags
Air conditioning control method Manual

Through the table, we can basically understand the configuration of this 1.6L manual fashion version. Generally speaking, the configuration is relatively low, especially the safety configuration and comfort configuration, so we do not recommend buying it.

● 1.6L manual/CVT comfort version

Official guide price: 75,800 yuan / 85,800 yuan

The comfort version is the second configuration level of the Venus D60. The 1.6L CVT comfort version can be regarded as the entry-level model of the automatic transmission model. From the configuration level comparison, the configuration of the comfort version model is not compared with the lowest configuration model. Too much improvement.

Comparison of configuration differences between Comfort Edition and Fashion Edition
Project/model 1.6L manual fashion version 1.6L Manual Comfort Edition/1.6L CVT Comfort Edition
Selling price 69,800 yuan 75,800 yuan / 85,800 yuan
Spread 6000 yuan/16000 yuan
Gearbox 5-speed manual 5-speed manual/CVT
ECO energy saving mode -/●
Rim 16 inches (steel) 16 inches (aluminum alloy)
Tire size 195/55 R16 195/60 R16

If the configuration of the low-profile fashion version is relatively low, the comfort version of the higher configuration level is also not cost-effective in my opinion. From the comparison of the configuration, the difference between the comfort version and the fashion version is 6000 yuan and 16000 yuan respectively, and this difference is only exchanged for 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, 195/60 R16 tires with a higher flatness ratio, and different The first two gearboxes (only for the CVT comfort version), the first two are basically appearance configurations, and cannot bring too much essential use improvement to the vehicle. Therefore, in my opinion, the greatest significance of the comfort version is the CVT For the entry-level models, manual transmission models do not have much meaning for choice.

● 1.6L manual/CVT Zhilian Elite Edition

Official guide price: 81,800 yuan / 91,800 yuan

The official guidance price of the Zhilian Elite version overlaps with the comfort version in a small range, and the price of the manual Zhilian Elite version is lower than that of the CVT comfort version. What is the gap between the two configuration-level models? We might as well continue to look at the analysis.

Comparison of configuration differences between Zhilian Elite Edition and Comfort Edition
Project/model 1.6L manual/CVT comfort version 1.6L Manual Zhilian Elite Edition 1.6L CVT Zhilian Elite Edition
Selling price 75,800 yuan / 85,800 yuan 81,800 yuan 91,800 yuan
Spread 6000 yuan
Traction control
Body stability control
LED daytime running lights
Electric sunroof
Multifunction steering wheel
Seat material Fabric Cortex
Rear central armrest
Electric air conditioner
Rear exhaust vent
Multimedia display 5-inch TFT instrument panel 8 inches
Kaichen Cloud Control App
One-key start/keyless entry
Bluetooth car phone
Reverse image
Cruise control
Front side airbag
Front side air curtain

From the configuration differences we have listed, you can see that there is a huge configuration difference between the Zhilian Elite Edition and the Comfort Edition. You only need to spend 6000 yuan more than the manual/CVT Comfort Edition in exchange for the body stabilization system and multimedia display. , One-button start/keyless entry, fixed-speed cruise, reversing image and power sunroof, and many other practical configurations, why not do it?

● 1.6L manual/CVT Zhilian Deluxe Edition

Official guide price: 88,800 yuan / 98,800 yuan

Coming to the second configuration level second only to the top-equipped car, it is also two subdivision models. The configuration of the 1.6L manual/CVT Zhilian luxury version of the two models remains the same, but they use different gearboxes. As usual, we continue to compare these two configuration models with the manual/CVT Zhilian Elite model of the previous configuration level to see how the Zhilian Deluxe Edition is configured and whether it is worth it.

Comparison of configuration differences between Zhilian Deluxe Edition and Zhilian Elite Edition
Project/model 1.6L manual/CVT Zhilian Elite Edition 1.6L Manual Zhilian Deluxe Edition 1.6L CVT Zhilian Deluxe Edition
Selling price 81,800 yuan / 91,800 yuan 88,800 yuan 98,800 yuan
Spread 7000 yuan
Rim 16 inches (aluminum alloy) 17 inches (aluminum alloy)
Leather steering wheel
Rear central headrest
Tire pressure monitoring system
Seat adjustment 6-way manual 6-way electric

Still through the table analysis, we can see that the price difference between the Zhilian Deluxe Edition and the Zhilian Elite Edition is not big, and the maximum is only 7,000 yuan. As for the differences in specific configurations, the most useful ones are electric seat adjustment and tire pressure detection system. These two configurations are commonly used in daily life. As for the choice of 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels or 16-inch wheels, this is the key. It is not very useful, and it is basically a decorative configuration. Therefore, I think that the price difference of 7000 yuan, compared with the series of configurations exchanged for the 6,000 yuan difference between the Elite Edition and the Comfort Edition, has some cost-effectiveness gaps.

● 1.6L CVT Zhilian Flagship Edition

Official guide price: 111,800 yuan

Finally, let’s talk about the top model of all Kaichen D60 models-the 1.6L CVT Zhilian flagship version. The official guide price of this car is 111,800 yuan, which is 98,800 yuan compared with the previous configuration-level CVT Zhilian luxury version. The price is 13,000 yuan higher. It can be said that this price difference is the biggest difference between the adjacent models of the Venus D60. What can this 13,000 yuan be exchanged for?

Comparison of configuration differences between Zhilian Ultimate Edition and Zhilian Deluxe Edition
Project/model 1.6L CVT Zhilian Deluxe Edition 1.6L CVT Zhilian Flagship Edition
Selling price 98,800 yuan 11.18 million yuan
Spread 13000 yuan
Front and rear parking radar
USB interface 1 piece 3 pcs
Full-time online navigation with real-time road conditions
Multimedia display 8 inches 10.4 inches
Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror
Style tail
Engine start-stop system

After comparing with the Zhilian Deluxe Edition, the difference of 13,000 yuan for the 1.6L CVT Zhilian Ultimate Edition can be seen in exchange for many practical configurations, including front and rear parking radars, two additional USB ports, and a 10.4-inch multimedia display. And the engine start-stop system and other configurations, of which the engine start-stop system can bring better vehicle fuel performance, and other configuration models are difficult to achieve later installation. However, spending 110,000 yuan to buy a Chinese brand compact car just for these additional configurations does not seem to be in line with the consumption philosophy of consumers at this level.

In addition, we learned from the feedback from users on the forum that the current Zhilian flagship model manufacturers have less production capacity, so we have not taken pictures of the top models, nor do we know the two styles of the tail wing and the 10.4-inch multimedia display. The actual style of the configuration.

● Recommended models

After the analysis of each configuration level model, we also have a deeper understanding of each car. Next, we should give the Qichen D60 the recommended configuration level model for a roll call.

Kaichen D60 2018 1.6L Manual Zhilian Elite Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

8.18 million

Kai Chen D60 2018 1.6L CVT Zhilian Elite Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


The reason why the 1.6L manual/CVT Zhilian Elite version is recommended is completely because as the middle configuration model of the whole series of models, it plays a very good role in connecting the previous and the next. The Zhilian Elite Edition basically has most of the configurations required for daily use, and these configurations cover multiple aspects such as safety and comfort, including body stabilization system, multimedia display, one-button start/keyless entry, fixed-speed cruise, and reverse Video and electric sunroof, etc. Compared with the previous configuration-level model, a series of configurations that can be exchanged for 6,000 yuan is very worthwhile, which can help the owner's daily use, and the convenience is also greatly improved. As for the difference between manual transmission and automatic transmission, you can choose according to your personal preference. If you like to pursue some driving experience, choose the manual transmission model; if the urban road conditions are not good, people who are not suitable for driving manual transmission models will spend an extra 10,000 yuan Just select the automatic transmission model.

● Full text summary

Perhaps in the past, when talking about the compact cars of Venues, what we have the deepest impression is the Venues D50 and the Venues R50 with “Nissan blood”. Nowadays, with the establishment of the Dongfeng Qichen brand in February this year, it gradually got rid of the Dongfeng Ri product brand, and its products have also undergone new changes, including the Qichen T70, T70X and even the early Qichen T90 models. New design elements. Now this Venus D60 can be described as the first compact car that truly belongs to the Venus brand after the establishment of the Venus brand. From the product point of view, the vehicle styling design is relatively young and radical, incorporating many family-style design concepts, and the configuration of mid-to-high-end models is also quite comprehensive, not inferior to competitors of the same level, plus the Nissan technology that has been accumulated before. Basically, product power is definitely not something consumers need to worry about. The price range of 70 to 110 thousand yuan is not too expensive for a Chinese brand compact car, so this car can be included in your candidate list. Of course, how to choose the specific model, we have given you earlier Opinions, you can refer to it a lot.