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[YesAuto preliminary audit] With the growth of China’s auto industry, independent brands are also making continuous progress. Not only are models more and more abundant, they are also improving in terms of technology. Many models are in line with joint venture brands in terms of comprehensive strength. The important thing is that self-branded cars have brought more benefits to the common people. You can often buy products with higher configuration for the same price. Many independent manufacturers also show different characteristics in their products.

While the Junjie and Chery A3 retain good quality, they have injected new vitality into the models through the appearance and interior changes. Emgrand EC7 has always been regarded as a domestic model with strong comprehensive strength. Jianghuai has also entered the car field soon. Regarding Heyue Space as its selling point, today let us review these independent models with their own characteristics.

●The strong performance among Junjie 1.8T independent brands

When it comes to self-owned brand control models, many people may first think of Roewe 550, but after all, it is regarded as an imported product, not an out-and-out independent model. Brilliance is a relatively solid company. Although Junjie has seen a decline in sales in recent years, it is still the leader of its own models in terms of handling and cost-effectiveness. The appearance of the 2011 model has been simply upgraded, and it looks younger and more fashionable. It has further increased its competitiveness.

Junjie adopts a front double-wishbone rear multi-link rear suspension structure, which has inherent sports advantages. Consumers also agree with this point. Strictly speaking, there are almost no models that fully pursue sports among independent models. Junjie is relatively competitive. It's just better. In normal driving, Junjie's chassis feels very solid, which is inseparable from the suspension structure and good chassis tuning, but the steering is a bit vague and lacks some sense of road.

Brilliance’s 1.8T engine was jointly developed by the German FEV company, and it was also the first self-branded turbocharged gasoline engine. The turbocharger used was from the British Garrett. The maximum power reached 170 horsepower at 5000rpm. The maximum torque of 235 Nm can be exerted at 2000-4500 rpm, and the performance is still good from the data point of view. In order to highlight its sportiness, the manual version of the 1.8T model also uses a 6-speed gearbox, which is rarely seen in models of the same level, which increases driving pleasure and also benefits fuel economy.

The most important thing about a vehicle is its actual performance. The power output of Junjie’s 1.8T engine is more than 2500rpm. In the 0-100Km/h acceleration test of Junjie by Car House, its score is 10.4 seconds. There is a slight gap in imagination. The long shift time caused by the long gearbox stroke is also an important factor affecting its performance; but it is worthy of affirmation that its measured braking results are not bad, and the distance of 41.6 meters has entered the car home. The scope of assessment.

The biggest change of the 2011 Junjie is its interior. The new styling makes it look very technological, and the black wood grain replaces the previous peach wood decoration, without the old style before, just like the exterior upgrade. The ornaments also seem to have taken a big step towards youthfulness. The 2011 Junjie high-end models are also equipped with a keyless start system, which not only enhances the sense of technology but also makes it more convenient to use. The official guide prices for 1.8T manual and automatic models are 138,800 and 158,800 respectively. If you are keen to enjoy the fun of T, it is recommended that you buy manual models, one is because it is more fun to drive, and the other is automatic models. The price is slightly higher.

In addition, it should be noted that many readers may think of Chery Riich G5's 2.0TCI turbocharged direct injection engine, which is indeed better than Junjie's in terms of performance parameters and technology. I believe that the overall performance is also good, but the car home has not yet implemented it. After the performance test, when the test car comes, I hope it will bring new surprises.