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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] I remember that when Ford Wingbo was launched a few years ago, there were not so many small SUVs to choose from. Nowadays, the competition in the small SUV market is intensifying, as one of the pioneers in this market. , Yibo has also ushered in its own mid-term facelift, so which model is suitable for the newly-listed facelift Yibo? Today we will take a look.

●Appearance and interior review

The newly-listed Yibo is a mid-term facelift. The front styling has changed quite a bit. The tough grille is the same style as the Maverick. The side and rear are not changed much. The size is 65mm longer than the old model, but the axle The distance has not changed. There are a total of 5 colors for the new Wingbo. I personally think Kanas Blue and Flame Mountain Red are relatively good-looking and more suitable for young people. Regarding the wheels, the 16-inch steel wheels are only equipped with the fine wing shape, and the other models use 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

The changes in the interior are more in line with the current aesthetic. The sporty interior in black and orange looks very dynamic. The regular version has only two interior colors to choose from.

In terms of riding space, when a 180cm-height experiencer enters the front row, there are about 4 fingers in the head space, about 3 fingers in the back row head space, and about 1 punch and 3 fingers in the leg space. As a small SUV, this The space performance is acceptable.

In the real shot models, a rear flat backing plate is optionally installed in the trunk, so the height of the trunk cover can be adjusted. In the following configuration analysis, we will explain in detail the options of the new wingbeat.

New wingbeat power system
engine 1.5L naturally aspirated 1.0T turbocharged 2.0L naturally aspirated
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 120 125 170
Maximum power (kW) 88 92 125
Maximum power speed (rpm) 6500 6000 6500
Maximum torque (N·m) 150 170 202
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 4500 1500-4500 4500
Gearbox 5MT/6AT 6AT 6AT
Drive way Front Predecessor Front Predecessor Front four-wheel drive
Front suspension type MacPherson independent suspension MacPherson independent suspension MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type Torsion beam non-independent suspension Torsion beam non-independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension

In terms of power system, the new Yibo has added a new model with 2.0L+6AT and equipped with four-wheel drive. The 1.0T model has also changed from the previous manual gearbox to an automatic gearbox, and the 1.5L model is equipped with 5MT and 6AT. In terms of suspension structure, only the top 2.0L model has a rear multi-link independent suspension, and the rear suspension of the other models is still a torsion beam non-independent suspension.

●Model analysis

The new Wingbo has a total of three displacements and a total of 6 models, of which a total of 4 models use 1.5L naturally aspirated engines, which are manual/automatic fine wing type, automatic platinum wing type and automatic respect wing type, and the remaining 2 The two models are the EcoBoost125 automatic airfoil with a 1.0T turbocharged engine and the automatic four-wheel drive airfoil with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine. Let's start with the 1.5L model.

●1.5L manual/automatic fine airfoil

Official guide price: 7.98/8.98 million yuan

As the lowest equipped model of the whole series, the manual fine wing model is very competitive at a price of 79,800 yuan. After all, the starting price of the old models has reached 94,800 yuan, and the price has dropped significantly. The automatic fine airfoil priced at 89,800 yuan has the same performance in other aspects except for the difference between the gearbox and the manual fine airfoil, so I put it together.

1.5L manual/automatic fine airfoil basic configuration
engine 1.5L naturally aspirated engine Gearbox 5MT/6AT

AGS grille

Actively shut down the system

TVC corner torque

Intelligent distribution system

Braking System Front drum Rim tire 205/60 R16 with steel ring
Rear wiper Motorized adjustment of exterior mirrors
Seat material Fabric Front seat adjustment method Manual 4-way

Front sliding center armrest

(With storage space)

Rear seats down 4/6 down
Multi-function trip computer Front sun visor with makeup mirror
Surround-type high-fidelity speakers 4 speakers AUX, USB interface
Front double airbags Body stability control system
Ramp start assist Multifunction steering wheel

Automatic locking function,

Collision automatic unlocking function

ISOFIX safety seat interface
Follow me home function 12V power interface

After reading the configuration table of the fine wing, the most commendable is that the lowest model also has a body stability control system. You can buy such a joint-venture brand small SUV with a standard body stability control system at a lower price. It's worthwhile, and you can also imagine that it will not be too good in terms of comfort configuration. It is worth mentioning that if you want a manual transmission model, you can only choose this lowest manual fine wing type. The automatic fine wing type is different from the manual fine wing type on the gearbox, and the rest of the configuration is exactly the same. For people living in congested cities, it is reasonable to spend an extra 10,000 yuan to buy an automatic transmission. On the whole, in view of the sincerity in the price and the relatively good active safety configuration, the cost-effective performance of the fine wing is not bad, and friends with a small budget can consider it.

●1.5L automatic platinum airfoil

Official guide price: 105,800 yuan

The price of the 1.5L automatic platinum airfoil has risen to more than 100,000 yuan, which is much more expensive than the automatic fine airfoil. Let's take a look at how much the platinum airfoil has increased in terms of configuration.

1.5L automatic fine airfoil and automatic platinum airfoil configuration comparison
Model 1.5L automatic fine airfoil 1.5L automatic platinum airfoil
Manufacturer's guide price 89,800 yuan 105,800 yuan
Spread 16,000 yuan
Braking System Front drum Four-wheel disc brake
Rim tire 205/60 R16 steel wheels 205/50 R17 aluminum alloy wheels
Front fog lights
One-key lift of driver's side door and window
Roof rack
Interior color Dark color light color dark color
Driver seat adjustment Manual 4-way Manual 6-way
Multimedia audio-visual navigation system of center console
9-inch digital high-definition capacitive touch screen
Steering wheel audio control system
AUX audio input interface
USB interface 1 2
Front double side airbags
Double side safety air curtain
Reversing radar
Reverse image
Turn on automatic lighting in the trunk
Glove box refrigeration function

First of all, the automatic platinum airfoil has been further improved in terms of safety. The braking system has been replaced with four-wheel disc brakes, and many comfort configurations have been added, such as a 9-inch center console screen. , As well as multimedia audio-visual navigation system, reversing radar and video are finally available on the platinum wing, which greatly improves the convenience in daily use. The price difference of 16,000 yuan can be said to be very worthwhile. , So the cost performance of the 1.5L automatic platinum airfoil is more outstanding.

●1.5L automatic respect airfoil

Official guide price: 119,800 yuan

The Zun airfoil is the top configuration of the 1.5L model. The price of close to 120,000 yuan has been increased by how much configuration, let's take a look at it together.

1.5L automatic platinum airfoil and automatic respect airfoil configuration comparison
Model 1.5L automatic platinum airfoil 1.5L automatic respect airfoil
Manufacturer's guide price 105,800 yuan 119,800 yuan
Spread 14,000 yuan
Chrome front grille
Heated exterior mirrors
Electric sunroof
Driver seat lumbar support adjustment
Leather steering wheel
Chrome-plated interior door handle
4.2 inch digital instrument panel
Automatic air conditioning
Leather shift lever
Sunglasses box

SYNC 3 car connection system

(With CarPlay and AppLink)

Central control touch screen 9 inches 8 inches
Surround-type high-fidelity speakers 4 speakers 7 speakers

Emergency rescue call service

(SYNC connection service)

Keyless entry + keyless start

As a top model of 1.5L, compared with the platinum wing, it has more SYNC 3 multimedia system, keyless entry + keyless start, automatic air conditioning, 4.2-inch digital instrument panel, sunroof and other configurations that everyone likes to hear, and the price is 14,000 yuan. I think the price difference is acceptable, but it does not have the feeling of value, and it is worth mentioning that the platinum airfoil equipped with a large central control screen is 9 inches, but the Zun airfoil uses 8 inches. The central control screen, the reason is that this 8-inch screen is adapted to this SYNC 3 system, so it is smaller in size than the platinum airfoil.

●1.0T EcoBoost125 automatic respect airfoil

Official guide price: 125,800 yuan

Like the old Yibo, there is only one 1.0T model, but unlike the old one, the new Yibo 1.0T abandons the manual transmission and uses a 6AT gearbox. Then let’s take a look at the comparison with the 1.5L automatic. Airfoil, this 1.0T model is not worth it in the end.

Configuration comparison of 1.5L automatic wing type and 1.0T automatic wing type
Model 1.5L automatic respect airfoil 1.0T automatic respect airfoil
Manufacturer's guide price 119,800 yuan 12.58 million
Spread 6000 yuan
engine 1.5L naturally aspirated 1.0T turbocharged
Maximum power 120 horsepower/6500rpm 125 horsepower/6000rpm
Maximum torque 150 N·m/4500rpm 170 N·m/1500-4500rpm
Engine start and stop automatically
HID Xenon Headlights
Automatic headlight
LED daytime running lights
Automatic wiper
Seat material Fabric Cortex
Automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror

From the perspective of engine data, the performance of the 1.0T engine is better than that of the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. The difference between the two wing styles is 6000 yuan. In addition to the engine upgrade, there are also certain upgrades in the lighting, and the seat The chair material is made of leather, so I think this price difference is completely acceptable.

●2.0L automatic four-wheel drive Zun airfoil

Official guide price: 155,800 yuan

The 2.0L model is a newly added model of this mid-term change. In addition to using the 2.0L engine, it is also equipped with a timely four-wheel drive system. So let's take a look at its cost performance.

Configuration comparison of 1.0T automatic airfoil and 2.0L automatic four-wheel drive airfoil
Model 1.0T automatic respect airfoil 2.0L automatic four-wheel drive Zun airfoil
Manufacturer's guide price 12.58 million 158,800 yuan
Spread 30,000 yuan
engine 1.0T turbocharged 2.0L naturally aspirated
Maximum power 125 horsepower/6000rpm 170 horsepower/6500rpm
Maximum torque 170 N·m/1500-4500rpm 202 N·m/4500rpm
Suspension type

Front McPherson independent suspension/

Rear torsion beam non-independent suspension

Front McPherson independent suspension/

Rear multi-link independent suspension

Drive form Precursor Timely four-wheel drive
Anti-scratch chrome trim for side door
Driver seat adjustment Manual 6-way Electric 6-way
Tire pressure monitoring
Cruise control
Front parking radar
Paddle shifter

As the top model of the whole series, the 2.0L Zun Wing has reached a price of 155,800 yuan, which is really not cheap, and the configuration improvement in comfort is relatively limited. It is only equipped with electric adjustable seats, fixed-speed cruise, and Front parking radar, etc., in terms of power, the combination of 2.0L+6AT and the timely four-wheel drive system can be said to be the top configuration among all models. It is only a price difference of 30,000 yuan, which does not show great sincerity. Normal cost increases, so the price-performance ratio of the 2.0L Zun airfoil is not so outstanding.

●Optional package:

New Wingbo Optional Package
Project/model 1.5L manual/automatic fine airfoil 1.5L Automatic Platinum Airfoil/Zun Airfoil 1.0T automatic respect airfoil 2.0L automatic respect airfoil
Optional package 1 (original navigation + 9-inch central control screen + reversing image) ○3000 yuan
Optional package 2 (Xenon headlights + LED daytime running lights) ○3000 yuan
Optional package 3 (sports package, limited to dark interior) ○4000 yuan
Optional package 4 (flat backing plate in the trunk) ○300 yuan ○300 yuan

The new Wingbo provides some optional packages, among which the sports package is mainly reflected in the rims, interior color matching and some blackened decorations on the exterior. Compared with the normal version, the sports version feels younger and more youthful. It is more energetic and the price is 4,000 yuan. If you like this blackened exterior style and the interior style with orange decoration, you can choose it. The price of optional package 1 and optional package 2 is not too high, if necessary, it is recommended to install them. The optional package 4 is mainly to create a flat space when the rear seats are down. The price is only 300 yuan, and it is recommended to be optional.

●Model recommendation:

Wingbo 2018 1.5L automatic platinum airfoil

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

10.58 million

The most cost-effective model in the entire car series is the automatic platinum airfoil with a 1.5L engine. Compared with the automatic fine airfoil, the difference of 16,000 yuan can be exchanged for 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and four-wheel disc system. The functions such as moving, 9-inch center console screen, reversing radar/video, etc., have been upgraded very obviously, and these configurations are also very practical, so Five Star recommends 1.5L automatic platinum airfoil.

Yibo 2018 1.5L automatic wing type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

11.98 million

Wingbo 2018 EcoBoost125 automatic wing type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

12.58 million

The four-star recommendation is the 1.5L/1.0T automatic wing type. The difference between the two models is mainly reflected in the engine, seat material and lighting configuration. The difference is only 6000 yuan, and the 1.5L wing type can be optional The package comes with optional xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights, so these two models are at the same configuration level. In terms of comfort configuration, both models are equipped with the most commonly used configuration of keyless entry + one-button start, and the sunroof, automatic air conditioning, and SYNC 3 multimedia system are also frequently used configurations. If the budget is relatively sufficient, the purchase of a Zun airfoil can greatly improve the convenience of daily use, and compared with the high price of the top model, the prices of these two models are still acceptable, so they won four Star recommendation.

●Full text summary:

The new Yibo has three displacements and a total of seven models. For consumers, there is a lot of choice in terms of power. The top models are also equipped with a four-wheel drive system, which can be carried out according to their unique needs for consumers. Choose, if the budget is not too much, there is no problem in choosing a 1.5L low-profile model; when the budget is sufficient and there are certain requirements for comfort configuration, it is recommended to buy a five-star recommended model-1.5L automatic platinum airfoil; often in daily use For relatively slippery roads such as ice and snow, then it is more appropriate to choose a 2.0L top model. In short, there is always a model suitable for you.