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[YesAuto preliminary audition] The annual National Day seven-day holiday is underway. I believe that many friends are enjoying a happy holiday trip. Naturally, there are also many friends who choose to travel by car. Are you interested in your car after returning from this trip? Have a new understanding and knowledge? Or do you think something is missing in the happy journey? Perhaps this regret comes from the fact that your car is not a casual MPV.

Avoid commercial vehicles. Domestic MPV sales are not excellent. Most people still don’t like the single-compartment style. In fact, most of their technology platforms are derived from cars, and as households, they are also practical in terms of practicability. It is even better, and it represents an attitude of loving life.

New Prima below 100,000

    The Prima assembled by Hainan Mazda is one of the earlier models that entered the domestic household MPV, but with the development of the times, it has been a bit unable to keep up with the trend, and the sales volume has naturally declined until it almost disappeared. Haima is also reluctant to let this practicality. The good compact MPV has disappeared, so it has been redesigned in appearance and interior. Although it can't be said to be earth-shaking, it also gives Prima new life. The most important thing is that the price has fallen below one hundred thousand.

In terms of appearance, the main changes of the car are the headlights and taillights, which weaken the previous sharpness and turn it into a softer style. The newly designed large-area red taillights are very harmonious with the body, and they are more stable than before. , So as to be more in line with the style of home; the lines on the side of the body are also easy to discover the differences from the previous models. The rising waistline is obviously to better connect with the taillights, from making the plain body a little more dynamic.

Prima has reached the level of a normal family car in terms of space, and the design of the second row of seats that can also adjust the angle of the backrest is obviously more comfortable. In order to take care of the third row, the space in the middle seat is not prominent, but there is no complaint about its performance. For this compact MPV, because of the limitation of the body length, the third row seat The chair is not suitable for adults, and it is more suitable for children; or if there are not so many people traveling, simply put the seat down. This kind of large load space is not comparable to ordinary cars.

The interior changes of the new Prima are not small. If you are familiar with Haima’s models, you can easily find the family-style unified style. Among them, the hidden center console is the most direct embodiment of the Haima’s characteristics. The design of the interior is quite beautiful. The display window of the air conditioner is designed on the top of the center console. The design is very good. When looking at the temperature of the air conditioner while driving, it will not be distracted, but the rigid plastic material is a little out of class. , Think about the price that has fallen a lot, it is basically acceptable.

There are two 7-seater models of New Prima, both of which are luxury configurations. The prices are respectively 99,800 and 108,800. If you prefer the 7-seater automatic model, you can only choose the latter which is slightly beyond your budget. They are all equipped with reversing radar, electric sunroof, automatic air conditioning, heated rearview mirror, multi-function steering wheel, etc., which are completely sufficient to meet normal needs. Of course, if you feel that the third row is not very useful, you can also buy more affordable 5-seater models. They are all priced below 100,000, and the lowest model even reaches 86,800. There is no obvious shortcoming in the configuration. Quite affordable.