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[YesAuto Model Shopping Guide] The long and somewhat chaotic Mid-Autumn Festival plus National Day holiday has ended. It is said that some people use annual leave to connect the two festivals and enjoy a lazy time for nearly half a month. I believe that many people will make good use of this holiday, or bring family and relatives or gather three or five friends to relax in the suburbs where they usually don't have time to go.

But at this time, you may find that the car that is usually used to travel to and from get off work is facing some severe tests in terms of carrying capacity. It’s not that every passenger can’t be settled comfortably, or some items that were originally planned to be taken on an outing must be discarded. It seems that ordinary cars can hardly complete the mission of a family outing. Is it possible to consider changing one before the next long vacation? What about a better car?

Volkswagen PASSAT Travel Edition-practical trunk is an inherent advantage

Since it is an outing model, our first choice will definitely be a travel model whose name fits the theme very well. However, due to the influence of traditional consumer concepts, domestic travel models are still relatively rare, and high-quality models are even rarer. However, recently we have seen some big brands start to experiment in this regard. The PASSAT travel version introduced by the public through imports is one of the representatives, and it also brings another attitude to life for domestic consumers.

The powerful and practical trunk is the biggest advantage of the travel version compared to ordinary cars. The body has been redesigned. The PASSAT Travel Edition can make full use of the vertical space to increase its trunk capacity. While fully loaded with five passengers, the trunk capacity has reached 1100L, and if the rear seats are completely down, The maximum expansion capacity will reach 1731L. It is important to know that the trunk capacity of a general medium-sized car is only about 500L, which allows the PASSAT travel version to hold all the items needed for the family’s outing.

However, one thing to note is that there is no net between the trunk and the compartment of the PASSAT Travel Edition. This may cause the items in the trunk to rush into the compartment due to inertia during an emergency braking. The best solution is Pull up the curtain, but this will restrict the capacity of the trunk. If you must use the trunk to the maximum, you can only place the heavy objects below and fix them.

As for the riding space that passengers can enjoy, the PASSAT travel version has the same wheelbase as the Magotan, which does not give us much unexpected feelings. It is basically equivalent to the space performance of a large-size compact car, and this has always been Magotan's weakness.

But it is clear that the travel version of PASSAT currently sold in an imported way does not have any price advantage. The entry-level comfort model also costs 340,000 yuan, while the higher-level luxury model has an asking price of 371,500 yuan. However, the top-fitting models are quite complete. In addition to the general conventional configurations, they are also equipped with steering wheel shift paddles, GPS navigation + DVD player, seat massage and xenon headlights. However, it can be said that the paddle shifters and seat massage are not so important for a touring model.

However, for novices, one configuration of the luxury PASSAT travel version is very attractive, that is, the automatic parking system that has appeared on many Volkswagen Group models (click here to view the details of the automatic parking system), as long as you pre- When the reserved parking space reaches a certain standard, the radar probe on the side of the vehicle body will detect the parking space. The system can automatically park the car in the parking space without the driver's intervention, which greatly reduces the problem of newcomers' feeling of parking difficulties.

If you put aside the price factor, the PASSAT travel version is a very attractive model, and its capabilities fully meet the needs of family travel. It has twice the size of the trunk volume of an ordinary mid-size car and a complete entertainment configuration that can be used to dispel boredom on the road. At the same time, the powerful combination of 2.0TSI + 6-speed DSG that we are familiar with can shorten the time wasted before reaching the destination. Now the only thing that makes us hesitate is its not-low price, so we are especially looking forward to the domestic production of this model, and the price similar to that of the ordinary Magotan will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the travel version.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition-a more high-end choice

In addition to Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz is another manufacturer that has recently begun to explore new markets. They officially launched the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition in June of this year. The positioning and meaning of the model are exactly the same as the PASSAT Travel Edition. The difference is of course that the C-Class Travel Edition faces more high-end consumer groups.

The trunk capacity of an ordinary Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan is only a poor 475L, not only has a limited carrying capacity, but because of the limitations of the trunk opening design of a sedan, it is particularly inconvenient to carry large items. The volume of the trunk of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition is at least twice that of the ordinary car version. In addition, it is more comprehensive than the PASSAT Travel Edition. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition has a net between the trunk and the compartment to prevent items. The situation happened when it fell into the car.

At the same time, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition is also equipped with trunk curtains. Moreover, this curtain adopts an unusual way of fixing and releasing. Although we can't figure out how to do it for a while, after personal experience, we can only say that Mercedes-Benz is indeed a Mercedes-Benz, it is different.

In terms of other details, the trunk of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition also has some points worth noting, such as the hooks hidden in the inner wall, the elastic net that can be used to fix the animal products, and the top of the trunk is designed to increase the vertical space. The grooves in this way all reflect the designer's meticulous intentions.

For a model that is used to enjoy the outdoor sunshine, the panoramic sunroof equipped on the top model of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition is very suitable for positioning needs. Even if the rear sunroof cannot be opened, it allows the rear passengers to feel it on the road. The sun was blowing.

Whether it is sun, beach and surfboards or mountains, snow and snowboards, if these are combined with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition, it will be a perfect holiday that is yearning for. It can be said that the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition has no direct competitors in China. If you are a consumer who pursues high-quality and diversified life content, then the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition is almost the best choice at this level. .

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso-can serve the whole family of 7

Whether it is the PASSAT Travel Edition or the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Travel Edition, all they can do is carry more items that are needed for outings, but they can't do anything if it is an excess of personnel. What you need to consider at this time is an MPV model with a larger carriage. However, most of the high-end domestic MPVs are designed for business use, and there are not many models for pure household purposes, because the large C4 Picasso imported by Citroen into the country is particularly prominent.

The big C4 Picasso has many unconventional elements in its exterior design, the most striking of which is its out-of-conventional front windshield windows and panoramic sunroofs that are rarely seen on MPV models. According to the official report, the total glass area of the whole car has reached 6.4M², which brings a more transparent interior space for internal passengers. I believe that sitting in a big C4 Picasso and driving on the road to an outing will make you feel more moody. Delightful.

Since it is a purely household-designed MPV model, there are naturally some special configurations. We can find two sets of rearview mirrors on the front windshield of the big C4 Picasso. The larger one is a normal rearview mirror for observing the situation behind the car, while the smaller one has a wider angle of view to observe the situation inside the car. This is called the “children's scope in the car”, even the actions of children sitting in the third row will be noticed by the adults in the first row. In addition, the large C4 Picasso’s child lock switch is set at the driver’s hand, which is much more convenient than the way that it needs to be clicked on the door frame.

The two seats in the third row are specially prepared by the big C4 Picasso for the minors at home, and only they can sit here more comfortably. Although the space is a bit crowded, the peripheral configuration of the third row is not at all ambiguous. It even includes independent air-conditioning outlets and side window sunshades, which can be described as considerate.

The trunk volume of the big C4 Picasso changes with the number of passengers in the car. In the fully loaded state, the trunk is only 208L, which can accommodate a small amount of personal items. But if the rear two rows of seats are all down, the volume of the entire compartment will reach an astonishing 1951L, not only the outing, even the task of moving can be competent.

At present, the popularity of Big C4 Picasso in China is not high, which has a direct relationship with its not low price, but now there have been discounts of up to 26,900 yuan in many places across the country, and the actual market price of 2.0 comfort is less than 250,000. It is worth considering to buy a personalized and practical imported C4 Picasso at a price that is basically the same as that of a domestic joint venture brand MPV model.

Full text summary:

The three models introduced in this article can be regarded as choices for family users to change or purchase a second car. Different from the general mobility models, they all have inherent advantages in carrying people or goods. The target customer groups of these models are consumers who know how to enjoy life and pay attention to the quality of life. Our hope is that in the future, more travel models and home MPV models will appear in the Chinese market. Consumers bring more diversified choices. (Zheng Yu, Home of Wen Auto)