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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] As the most important product of the Jeep brand this year, Grand Commander will be officially launched tonight. To be honest, when the price of RMB 279,800 to RMB 399,800 was announced, most people sighed, and it was indeed higher than previously expected. All 8 models of the series make people feel a little dizzy at first glance, so the purpose of this article is very clear, is to tell you which one is worth buying, and find the most suitable model for you at this not cheap price.

We have performed a detailed static interpretation and dynamic test drive of the commander before, so this article will not go into details, and interested friends can click on the link below to review.

● Power system

The entire series of the Grand Commander uses a 2.0T engine + 9AT gearbox power combination, but the two low-profile front-wheel drive models are low-power versions of the engine, and the remaining six four-wheel drive models are high-power engines. From the point of view of the parameters, the performance is good, especially the high-power version of the engine.

The Grand Commander provides six body colors for consumers to choose from, basically all of which are biased towards a stable style, with no special jumping colors, which conforms to the positioning of the car model. It should be noted that this car body with the same color decoration in the picture is exclusive to high-end models, and the wheel arches and side skirts of low- and mid-range models will be made of black plastic. To be honest, the black and gray interior color scheme is a bit dull. The Yadan brown color scheme, which can highlight the most luxurious feeling, is only available for the top models. It is a pity.

● 2.0T two-wheel drive enjoyment version

As a beggar version of the model, it is not particularly shabby if you look at the configuration alone. The whole series comes standard with panoramic sunroof, full LED headlights, three-temperature zone automatic air conditioning, multi-function steering wheel, keyless entry/start, etc. The overall performance meets the most basic There is no problem with the car demand, but the starting price of 279,800 yuan is higher than everyone's psychological expectations, and it has no advantage compared with the main competitors Highlander and Sharp.

● 2.0T two-wheel drive enjoyment version

There are only two front-drive models with low-power engines. Compared with the lowest configuration, this sub-low configuration performs much better. The extra large-size instrument panel and central control screen can greatly enhance the interior luxury. At the same time, things like automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirrors, front seat heating, electric tailgates, automatic headlights/wipers, etc. can also provide great convenience in daily use cars. So for those who like big commanders and have no need for four-wheel drive, but only want a big car that can be driven comfortably in the city, this low-end model is the most suitable choice.

● 2.0T four-wheel drive exclusive version

It can be seen from the name that this premium version has an additional four-wheel drive system, and the overall configuration performance is almost the same as that of the two-wheel drive Jinxiang version, but it only costs 8,000 yuan to get a high-power engine and four-wheel drive system, which is quite cost-effective. Besides, if you buy a Jeep without a four-wheel drive, even if you are comfortable with it, your friends will inevitably laugh at you if you hear about it.

● 2.0T four-wheel drive exclusive navigation version

It is another model that can be inferred by just looking at the name. 3000 RMB is more than a set of car navigation system. I personally think it is not particularly necessary. First of all, everyone is accustomed to using mobile phones to navigate, and the whole system of the commander is equipped with mobile phone interconnection, which directly reduces the frequency of use of car navigation. But if you are accustomed to using car navigation, this is not a big problem, but it is not so cost-effective compared to the four-wheel drive exclusive version.

● 2.0T 4WD Zhenxiang Edition

This 4WD Zhenxiang Edition is our most recommended model. In fact, it is more suitable to compare it with the four-wheel drive exclusive version. It is 10,000 yuan more expensive. In addition to the navigation, it also has an active safety configuration. It takes three thousand to care about the seven thousand, right? Regardless of whether it is comfortable or safe, this car performs well, and is highly recommended to friends with relatively ample budgets.

● 2.0T 4WD Smart Enjoy Edition

Starting from the four-wheel drive Smart Sharing Edition, the price difference between models has been widened at once. The extra thing is mainly used to improve the comfort of the car, and there is no essential improvement in driving, and the cost performance is not as high as that of the mid-range model.

● 2.0T 4WD Yaoxiang Edition

The performance of the second-top models in terms of configuration is more comprehensive. Basically, there are everything that models at this price and this level should have, but the price is equally moving.

● 2.0T 4WD Yuxiang Edition

Needless to say about the top models, the money is spent on enhancing the luxurious atmosphere. Various high-end configurations are also worthy of the title of top models. Friends who don't need money can buy them directly.

● Full text summary

The price of the Grand Commander is not affordable compared to competing products, but as a brand new model of this level, it does bring more choices to consumers. However, in the future market, the level of its own competitiveness is not only the product itself, but price and configuration are also key considerations for consumers. The commander's configuration is more reasonable, and the low-to-medium models can satisfy everyone's daily use, so you can choose one of the four models we recommend. When we visited the Jeep 4S store before, we found that many consumers were asking the commander. This also shows that everyone is still paying attention to it. Users who are willing to try it can consider taking it. However, from the perspective of consumer common sense, if you choose to buy something new rather than old, you will have to lose a bit in the cost of buying a car, just like it yourself.