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[YesAuto Industry] Ford is trying to use recycled plastic bottles to make auto parts and thereby reduce carbon emissions. Ford estimates that an average of 300 recycled bottles are used per vehicle, and about 1.2 billion plastic bottles are used each year for the chassis armor of Ford SUVs and the rim linings of Ford F series trucks.

Ford said that recycled plastic is an ideal choice for auto parts because it is lightweight and can improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. According to Ford, better aerodynamics also improve fuel efficiency and provide a quieter environment for the new 2020 Ford Escape.

Thomas Sweder, a design engineer at Ford Motor Company, said in a statement: “The underbody is a very large part. If we use strong plastic, its weight may increase by three times.” Therefore, Ford considered shredding the bottle into pieces. Small pieces are sold to suppliers, turning them into fibers used to make plastic sheets. Ford then uses these plates to manufacture underbody panels for its vehicles.

In fact, as early as the 1990s, Ford began to use recycled plastics. “We do this because it is technically and economically meaningful, and it also makes sense for the environment.” Sweder said, “This material is very suitable for us to make parts with it, and it is very practical.” (Source: CNBC ; Compilation/Car Home Li Na)