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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] On July 27th, the Hungarian Grand Prix of F1 Formula One came to an end. Red Bull Racing’s Ricardo won the championship, Ferrari’s Alonso finished second, and Mercedes’s Hamilton finished third. In this race, Red Bull and Ferrari showed off together, shaking the myth of undefeated Mercedes.

This race has two drivers starting from the pit lane, they are Hamilton and Magnussen. In the previous qualifying competition, Hamilton's car caught fire due to a fuel leak. His car entered the pit with flames like a “Ghost Rider” and had to replace the chassis. At this time, Hamilton had not had time to complete the race. A qualifying round. Magnuson plunged into the guardrail of Turn 1 in the third round of qualifying, replaced the crashed chassis and gearbox, and also started from the pit lane.

Hamilton, who started from the pit lane, lost control of the car at Turn 2 because the brakes had not yet reached operating temperature. He readjusted his state and continued to lurch behind the set team waiting for opportunities. At this time, Rosberg, who started from pole position, took the lead carefree.

The reshuffle of the rankings was due to a serious crash of Caterham’s Eriksson at Turn 3. When the accident caused the safety car to be dispatched, the leaders Rosberg, Bottas, Vettel and Alonso were rushing into the last corner. Because the safety car was temporarily unable to enter the station, everyone's rhythm was beaten. Messed up.

When the green light at the entrance to the pit lane was lit and everyone pitted again, Ricardo took the lead, with Massa and Alonso in second and third places. Alonso also staged a “tightrope walking” in this race. His car almost drove off the track from Turn 1 on the second lap, but fortunately it returned to the lane in time.

The second safety car was dispatched on lap 23 because Perez hit the pit wall. After the safety car was dispatched, Ricardo immediately pitted, leaving Alonso to lead temporarily. Hamilton waited for the opportunity to surpass Vettel and Rosberg, to third place, and persisted until the end of the game. Alonso took the risk on lap 38 and replaced it with soft low-wear tires, and planned to stop pitting in the next 32 laps, completing the race with his excellent tire wear control ability. Until he crossed the finish line, he didn't let Hamilton pass behind. The struggle between Hamilton and teammate Rosberg still exists, but it has changed from being the first to the third.

● Transcript of Hungary

F1 2014 Hungarian transcript
Rank Car number Rider Fleet Grades Departure sequence integral
1 3 Ricardo Red Bull 1:53.05.058 4 25
2 14 Alonso Ferrari +5.2 seconds 5 18
3 44 Hamilton Mercedes +5.8 seconds twenty two 15
4 6 Rosberg Mercedes +6.3 seconds 1 12
5 19 Massa Williams +29.8 seconds 6 10
6 7 Raikkonen Ferrari +31.4 seconds 16 8
7 1 Vettel Red Bull +40.9 seconds 2 6
8 77 Bottas Williams +41.3 seconds 3 4
9 25 Virgeny Toro Rosso +58.5 seconds 8 2
10 twenty two Barton McLaren +67.2 seconds 7 1
11 99 Sutil Sauber +68.1 seconds 11
12 20 Magnuson McLaren +78.4 seconds twenty one
13 13 Maldonado Lotus +84.0 seconds 20
14 26 Koviat Toro Rosso +1 circle 10
15 17 Bianchi Marusia +1 circle 15
16 4 Chilton Marusia +1 circle 18
17 twenty one Gutierrez Sauber Energy recovery system 13
To retire 10 Kobayashi Kamui Caterham Fuel System 17
To retire 11 Perez Force India Crash 12
To retire 27 Hokenberg Force India Crash 9
To retire 8 Grosjean Lotus Crash 14
To retire 9 Erickson Caterham Crash 19

● Driver points (top ten)

F1 2014 season as of the end of the Hungarian race driver points situation (top ten)
Rank Rider Country of Citizenship Fleet integral
1 Rosberg Germany Mercedes 202
2 Hamilton United Kingdom Mercedes 191
3 Ricardo Australia Red Bull 131
4 Alonso Spain Ferrari 115
5 Bottas Finland Williams 95
6 Vettel Germany Red Bull 88
7 Hawkberg Germany Force India 69
8 Barton United Kingdom McLaren 60
9 Massa Brazil Williams 40
10 Magnuson Denmark McLaren 37

● Team points situation

F1 2014 season as of the end of the Hungarian race team points situation
Rank Fleet integral
1 Mercedes 393
2 Red Bull 219
3 Ferrari 142
4 Williams 135
5 Force India 98
6 McLaren 97
7 Toro Rosso 17
8 Lotus 8
9 Marusia 2

At this station, Red Bull and Ferrari jointly shaken the myth of the Mercedes-Benz team's “undefeated”, of course, this is also related to the reshuffle of the two safety car dispatches. However, this is the case with the car. In addition to being able to run fast, an excellent team also needs more comprehensive capabilities, and there is a little bit of luck here. The Mercedes Benz team, which only got the third place with the best result on this site, still topped the standings with 393 points, which is more than the 219 points of the second Red Bull team and the 142 points of the third Ferrari team combined. However, if the champions and runners-up Red Bull and Ferrari can maintain such a record in Hungary, maybe the ending of F1 this year will really change.