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[YesAuto original test drive] At present, miniature models with a price range of 50,000-70,000 yuan in China have gradually become popular. AMT gearbox models have gradually become popular. From the previous Tianjin FAW Weizhi to Hafei Lobo to today’s The protagonist Changhe Suzuki Beidouxing manual version, AMT transmission model has become a new idea for many manufacturers to launch automatic transmission models under the premise of controlling prices.

Since the models using AMT gearboxes are mainly to reduce the difficulty of driving for novices and some female drivers, what is the performance of our protagonist, Big Dipper, on this? This article will explain for you one by one.

    Appearance and interior: changes are not outside!

The exterior design of the manual version of Beidouxing is not different from that of the current manual transmission models. Even the “AMT” logo on the general AMT models is not marked on the exterior, but this car is really different, because it The change is inside but not outside!

With the launch of the Beidouxing manual version, Changhe Suzuki also added a lot of new colors to the Beidouxing. In addition to the previous silver and black models, the three colors of glitter, beach gold and light green are newly added. Color, which adds a lot of attention to consumers for the Big Dipper.

I remember that at this year's Shanghai Auto Show, Changhe Suzuki held a Big Dipper modification contest, and Big Dipper owners from all over the country sent their modified cars to the booth one after another. No matter how they change the shape, there is a unified modification point, and that is the tire! Of course, the original 13-inch tires are indeed a bit small in the eyes of the modders. For them, 14-inch or even 15-inch wheels are not too big.

Since the appearance has not changed, then our focus is on the big changes. The hand-in-one version of the model has relatively large changes in the interior. The light beige and the black center console are very stylish, and it also gives people a simple and bright visual impact.

Since it is a hand-in-one version, its instrument panel design will definitely change. The original “three-panel” instrument panel has been replaced by the current “two-panel” instrument panel, while the previous oil level and water temperature gauges are integrated with a liquid crystal display that can display the current gear.

The positioning of the Beidouxing manual version will be young consumers, so in order to cater to their needs, CD and manual air conditioning must become standard. In addition, although the front cup holder has been designed, it seems that the location is not chosen, which is very inconvenient to use.

Speaking of the configuration, the Big Dipper AMT version does not have any features. It can only be said that it basically maintains simple daily use. In addition, in terms of safety, it is really difficult to satisfy consumers without airbags. Let's say it is a car with more than 50,000 yuan! Too little safety configuration is a bit unreasonable, not to mention that safety is now a condition for consumers to choose vehicles.

    Space Combination: A variety of combinations increase space utilization!

In addition to the manual gearbox, another major sales highlight of Beidouxing is the changeable space combination. Through field operations, we did find that Beidouxing has not only a large space but also many combinations, and at the same time, in order to increase the space utilization rate. The designer designs as many spaces as possible into storage compartments.

The second-row seats of the Big Dipper can be folded in a 4/6 split mode to meet the needs of users for different spaces. It’s okay to put a washing machine on the second row and put the mountain bike in a standing position without disassembling it.

Of course, the Big Dipper also considers the needs of the more and more popular “lathe family” in terms of space changes. By combining the front and rear seats of the Big Dipper, it can be turned into a simple bed, so that you can have one when playing in the wild. Simple resting place. But is this “bed” comfortable or not? Let's ask the man below!

It seems that the Big Dipper Simmons bed can't lie down for a long time. If you lie down for too long, you may get lumbar muscle strain! If you really want to sleep in the car, you really have to put a cushion under your waist. However, the design of becoming a “bed” through assembly is still very novel!

Up to now, Big Dipper has been made and designed to satisfy space and daily use, but below we found a shortcoming. The manufacturer advertises that the main consumer groups of the auto-manual version are some female groups, so many designs must be carried out around women! But when closing the trunk door, even men need a lot of force to close it, so it is really difficult for women to close the trunk door of the Big Dipper!

    Driving experience: Auto mode driving is the most suitable

Since it is a manual version, the focus of the article is on driving. Although the Beidouxing has only two pedals, its gearbox is not an ordinary automatic gearbox. Beidouxing adopts an electronically controlled gearbox developed by itself. Its principle is to add an electronically controlled upshift module and an automatic gearbox from the control computer on the basis of the existing manual gearbox. It can make the driver follow the normal automatic Driving in gear mode reduces the difficulty of driving.

Let’s take a look at the engine matched with the manual gearbox. This engine is a four-cylinder engine code-named K14B. It is said that the manual transmission Beidouxing using this engine has ran to a minimum fuel consumption of 3.28L per 100 kilometers, of course. This engine has no bright spots in performance, and everything is still sufficient, but it is commendable in terms of quietness and economy!

This is the AMT gearbox. In fact, it seems complicated but it is relatively easy to get started. The manual shift and automatic shift mode can be switched in an instant. Of course, what needs to be said here is that when you reach the D gear, release it. The braked vehicle does not move forward, and you need to fuel the vehicle before it can start.

In addition, the suspension of the manual version of the Beidouxing still follows the “hard design” of the current model. This is mainly due to the fact that the Beidouxing may often drive at full load. If the suspension is too soft, the vehicle will be affected. Of course, it is so hard. Suspension will also cause some minor troubles to the driver when driving with no load, especially when cornering.

Generally speaking, we often use the automatic shift mode when driving, but the gearbox of the Big Dipper seems to be lazily upshifting when the engine reaches 2500 rpm, and when you step on the accelerator deeper, the shift speed It will be extended to around 4000 rpm. Since it is not a true automatic gearbox, the frustration is a bit more obvious when shifting gears, but the Beidouxing automatic gearbox minimizes this frustration.

Of course, in order to satisfy some friends' pursuit of driving feeling, you can also use the manual shift mode to drive. But for such a model that often needs to be fully loaded, sports seems to be a bit far for it, but it is better than nothing. Although we can't use it to run the track, we can indulge ourselves a little when there is no one. There is no problem with a wild heart.

In addition, in order to protect the gearbox, the electronic control module will intervene in some extreme situations, such as dropping to 2nd gear at very high speeds, or starting at a high gear. These will be used for driving through the buzzer and the display in the middle of the instrument panel. The person prompts to ensure the use.

In addition, I would like to tell you that the steering control of the Big Dipper is very sensitive, so you'd better hold the steering wheel with both hands when driving. If you move the vehicle lightly, it will change lanes!


The introduction of the AMT gearbox has indeed played a great role in reducing the difficulty of driving. Of course, it is also a highlight of this car. At the same time, the lower fuel consumption and lower price make this car very good in the market. Competitiveness. However, these do not allow the Beidouxing AMT models to have an absolutely win-win situation. Therefore, in order to make the vehicles sell better, I hope that manufacturers will work harder on the configuration that consumers are more concerned about! But in general, this ANT Big Dipper does reduce the difficulty of driving a lot