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[YesAuto Design Decoding] I have done many design interpretations of GAC Trumpchi models before, including Trumpchi GM6, GS5 and GS4 COUPE. Although their design concepts and design elements are tending to be younger, the overall appearance has never been To get rid of the shadow of the former moderation, it is not amazing. However, today this EMPOW55 may be able to make your eyes shine. As the first sports-style sedan with the new GPMA architecture, EMPOW55 can be regarded as the best explanation for young people by GAC Trumpchi.

◆ Refuse to make fashion goods, be handsome and look good

The user's perception and expectations are constantly changing, forcing technology and design iteration speeds beyond imagination. Although the development cycle of GAC has been reduced to 2 to 3 years, which is much faster than European and American car companies, Zhang Fan still feels that it is not enough from the perspective of the designer, and anxiety often accompanies them.

Different from the stable and stable Trumpchi models in the past, the angular EMPOW55 looks like an outlier in the family. The young design team of GAC has created this very cool model for young urban youths with the theme of fighters. Compared with previous car platforms, EMPOW55 has five major evolutions in size ratio: low posture, short front overhang, wide wheelbase, long wheelbase, and wide body.

How to impress young people in styling design? Zhang Fan believes that it is necessary to think from another perspective and to understand what young people do not like. After research, it is found that “good looking, boring, and cheap” are all factors that make young people feel insensitive to a car. In this case, the EMPOW55 is easy to handle. The design must be hardcore and real, to make it more attractive. The design team has explored in multiple directions, discarding the serious and stylized front-face design of the past, and applying brand-new design ideas.

At the beginning of the design, Zhang Fan and his team had the idea of restructuring the front face design, highlighting the sense of play, gamification, bold and publicity, and finally confirmed a new design language: light plastic surface, and modular fighters. Front face, completely say goodbye to mediocrity. Next, what they have to think about is how to show a sense of quality and sense of superiority on the basis of maintaining vitality.

Earlier we mentioned that the new GPMA architecture brings more changes to the EMPOW55. Compared with the previous car platform, it has 5 major evolutions in the size ratio: low posture, short front overhang, wide wheelbase, long wheelbase, and wide body. . These features provide an excellent foundation for EMPOW55 to create a dynamic, low-lying posture.

From the perspective of body size, the length, width and height of the EMPOW55 are 4700/1850/1430mm, and the wheelbase is 2736mm. It embodies the younger characteristics of the new GPMA architecture and achieves “two drops and three rises”, that is, lowering the height of the car, short front overhang, raising the wheelbase, increasing the wheelbase, and increasing the width of the car, and builds the model's low sports ratio. In addition, through the optimization of aerodynamics, the drag coefficient of EMPOW55 reaches 0.26Cd.

The tail of EMPOW55 is like a tall and strong hip, this kind of figure feels only those handsome guys who work out every day. Of course, this is just a joke. Closer to home, in order to create a sense of high-level, the design team designed different styles for the two versions, and the difference is quite big.

◆ Briefly describe the evolution of the GPMA architecture

EMPOW55 comes from the GPMA architecture, which is the modular architecture of GAC's global platform. It includes two sub-platforms, R and L, covering cars, SUVs, MPVs, PHEVs and HEVs. Specifically, EMPOW55 was born on the R platform, and the same platform models also include GA4, GS3, GS4 and M6.

To put it simply, as the main consumer force gets younger and younger, the GAC Trumpchi under the GPMA structure will be more dynamic. In addition to the youthful appearance, it also requires that it must be driven vigorously, and the sense of technology that young people like should also be satisfied. Anyway, what young people want, EMPOW55 wants to present it.

Full text summary:

What kind of car do young people like? Maybe before answering this question, we have to figure out what they don’t like. I hope that what I have is different from the mainstream, and I am eager to be recognized by the mainstream. The GAC Trumpchi design team brought their understanding of youth this time: EMPOW55, an impressive model.

Although in recent years, Chinese brands have no shortage of products of the same type, EMPOW55's rather out-of-the-circle design is still impressive. Looks good, boring, cheap, these three labels are also torn off by it one by one. For such a car that can awaken people's desire to drive, perhaps we should remember the sentence: Everyone can't escape the law of true fragrance.