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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Speaking of Chrysler 300C, I think many domestic consumers and car fans are no strangers to it, especially since it was made in China that year with its luxurious appearance, it won the favor of many fans who like American style and unrestrained style, but due to fuel consumption Too high and the subsequent separation of the Dike Group also made this former star gradually fade out of people’s sight… Now, Chrysler has gotten rid of the crisis of bankruptcy after being incorporated into the Fiat Group, and under the influence of the Italian design philosophy, The new Chrysler 300C (hereinafter referred to as 300C) is making a comeback! Whether the new 300C can continue its legend in the domestic market after the tribulations, please follow our article today to uncover this mystery.

● Body size and appearance: The American luxury style is still the same, and the overall feeling is more fashionable.

Comparison of body data of mainstream models of the same level
Model/size Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
New Chrysler 300C 5066 1902 1488 3052
Old Chrysler 300C 5015 1880 1475 3050
2012 Audi A6L 5015 1874 1455 3012
2013 BMW 5 Series Li 5039 1860 1492 3108
2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 5012 1855 1464 3014

Although it has been included in the Italian Fiat Group, Chrysler’s designers did not make a radical change to the 300C, but made some adjustments to the old model. Although the body size was slightly increased compared to the old model, there was no substantial change. . If the wheelbase of 3 meters in the past could outdo the best among medium and large cars, then with the prevalence of the “extended wind” of German models in recent years, this advantage is no longer obvious, but the most incredible Yes, BMW, which has always advertised control, is the last brand in this extended battle. Its wheelbase of more than 3.1 meters is comparable to a luxury car with a larger size.

The front shape is still the same as the old 300C, but the grille and headlights have been redesigned. Compared with the old retro style, the new 300C is obviously more fashionable, especially the LED daytime running lights and lenses. Joining makes it look more energetic.

In addition, the new 300C is also equipped with the currently very popular ACC adaptive cruise system, which is more intelligent than the traditional cruise control function. It can relieve the fatigue of the driver during long-distance driving. It seems that after integrating into the European family, this veteran American Brands are also gradually undergoing some changes in product concepts…

Just like the design of the front, the side changes of the new 300C's body are not obvious. In addition to the removal of the chrome trim that runs through the door, the other is that the turn signal on the fender has been moved to the now popular exterior mirrors. Variety. But the general purpose is to make it look younger and more fashionable on the basis of maintaining the original style of the 300C model.

Comparison of tire specifications of competing models at the same price
Configuration model Chrysler 300C
2013 3.6L Honored Edition

Cadillac XTS

2013 28T Leading Type


2012 M25L Elegant Edition

Tire specification (front) 245/45 R20 245/45 R19 245/50 R18
Tire specification (rear) 245/45 R20 245/45 R19 245/50 R18
Spare tire specifications Not full size Not full size Not full size

In order to keep the appearance of the new 300C American luxury car, Chrysler is equipped with 20-inch super-sized wheels as standard, which is rare among the models of the same price.

The rear of the new 300C increases the visual impact of the overall rear by adding a chrome trim, and is equipped with a new LOGO logo, which creates an elegant and atmospheric feeling.

Interior: The materials are exquisite and high-end, but the assembly process is still quite different from that of models of the same level.

The interior of the new 300C continues the simple and atmospheric style of the American car. Compared with the previous pure black interior, the new model uses the leather color and dark matte solid wood decoration to create a luxurious but not impetuous interior. Environment, so that the mood of drivers and passengers becomes more relaxed and comfortable.

In recent years, the quartz watch has gradually become the darling of the center console design of mid-to-high gear cars. Compared with its traditional timekeeping function, I think the purpose of decoration is the real intention of the designer. The new 300C center console is inlaid. The quartz watch is exquisite and simple in shape, as if it took passengers to the golden age of American cars in the 1950s and 1960s.

Although the new 300C uses a variety of high-end materials and accessories to increase the luxury of the interior, the assembly process is not satisfactory. First of all, the surface of the center console. Because there is no filler, the feel lacks the feel of the high-end car. That kind of soft and delicate feeling, it is a pity to use Poltrona Frau luxury leather material from Maserati brand. In addition, the wood decoration technology inlaid on the center console is not in place, and the gap is obvious. This is not the level that an imported mid-to-high-end car should be close to 500,000 yuan.

The two-tone leather multifunction steering wheel is not only beautiful in style, but also comfortable to hold. The design of the function keys on both sides follows the layout of the current Jeep Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and other models. In addition, we also found paddle shifters, which are rare in traditional American cars in the past.

The central instrument panel of the new 300C uses an ice-blue light source with excellent visual effects, and this ice-blue backlight design was the first to be tried by GM's models and achieved good results.

The 8.4-inch touch LCD screen of the new 300C can be described as powerful. In addition to traditional multimedia playback control, car navigation and other touch operations, it also supports touch operations such as air conditioning, seat ventilation and heating, which improves the product. From the actual experience, the interface has a good touch response, but many functions rely too much on the touch screen, and there are no physical buttons, and the convenience of operation is still lacking.

The Chrysler 300C is equipped with a set of Harman Kardon speakers. The 7.5-channel speaker with a nominal 19 speakers is quite good, and it can already satisfy the listening enjoyment of most users.

The reversing imaging system of the new 300C is relatively simple in design, without digital distance display and instant follow-up function, which can only be regarded as an ordinary level, not reaching the level of about 500,000 imported cars.

The two-piece panoramic sunroof of the new 300C can be regarded as another outstanding configuration in the car. After all, in the same class, only a few models such as the new Audi A6L and the Mercedes-Benz E-class fashion model are equipped.

In the new 300C, only the front windows of the new 300C are lifted and lowered by one button, and the rear windows are ordinary electric windows. This design is more common in Japanese cars. Although it represents a car-making concept of the manufacturer, there is nothing wrong with it. Its German rivals are equipped with four-door one-button lift windows as standard, and its performance is slightly inferior.

Comparison of safety configuration of competing models at the same price
Safety configurationmodel Chrysler 300C
2013 3.6L Honored Edition

Cadillac XTS

2013 28T Leading Type

2012 M25L Elegant Edition
Body stability system
Traction Control System
Tire pressure monitoring
Automatic parking/uphill assist
Rear side airbag
Side air curtain
Knee airbag

In terms of safety configuration, the new 300C does a good job. There are a lot of front side airbags and front and rear side air curtains. The knee airbags also make this car a further improvement in passive safety.

Ride comfort: caring for the front passengers and less comfort for the rear passengers.

Compared with the assembly process of the center console and door panel, the seat performance of the new 300C is much better. The fully hand-stitched Nappa leather perforated two-color seat is not only comfortable and soft, but also has 12-way electric adjustment (including 4-way Lumbar support), seat memory, electric heating and ventilation and many other adjustment functions, so that the front passenger can enjoy VIP-like treatment.

Comparison of comfort configuration of competing models at the same price
Configurationmodel Chrysler 300C
2013 3.6L Honored Edition

Cadillac XTS

2013 28T Leading Type


2012 M25L Elegant Edition

Car navigation
Positioning interactive service
Panoramic skylight
Steering wheel heating
Independent rear air conditioner
Rear windshield sunshade
Rear side sunshade
Rear LCD screen
Electric closing door

The rear seats are also very comfortable, and the softer design than the front seats even gives people the feeling of sitting on a leather sofa. But other configurations are somewhat simple. Except for the central armrest and rear exhaust vents and seat heating functions, common comfort configurations in American cars such as independent air conditioning control and rear multimedia systems are not equipped. In this regard, its competitors seem to perform much better. The Cadillac XTS 28T leading model at the same price is not only equipped with conventional rear sunshades, independent rear air conditioning and other functions, but also provides a rear multimedia entertainment system. Improve the leisure and entertainment of the rear passengers. The Infiniti M25L provides an eye-catching configuration of electric suction doors, which is quite rare in the same class of models.

● Ride space experience: Compared with the old model, it has not changed much, and it does not have an advantage in comparison with models of the same level.

Comparison of the riding space of mainstream models (experiencer's height is 180cm)
Sizemodel Chrysler 300C
2013 3.6L Honored Edition
Audi A6L 2012 BMW 5 Series Li 2013 Mercedes-Benz E300L 2012
Front headroom 4 fingers 1 punch 1 punch 4 fingers
Rear headroom 3 fingers 1 punch 1 punch 3 fingers
Rear legroom 1 punch 3 fingers More than 2 punches More than 2 punches More than 2 punches

Since the wheelbase of the new 300C is only 2mm away from the old model, there is still no substantial improvement in the interior space performance. Faced with the extended version that is currently prevailing in China, the wheelbase of the new 300C has no advantage at all.

Due to the rear-drive platform structure, the central raised part of the rear floor of the new 300C is still very high, and the middle passengers can hardly get down. It seems that the rear of the car is more like a two-person ride.

● Storage space: The storage function is abundant, and the trunk loading capacity is very good.

Although the riding space is not spacious, the storage space design of the new 300C is still good. Passengers can find suitable storage space whether it is in the front row or the back row.

Not only that, the new 300C cup tank design is also in place, not only the number is abundant, but also two cup tanks that can be heated or chilled are set up in the front row, which greatly facilitates drivers' special temperature requirements for drinks in winter and summer.

In addition, the trunk of the new 300C still maintains the excellent tradition that the old car can fit, and the problem of the high trunk opening is still inherited, but in general, the trunk of the new 300C performs at the same level. The middle is still remarkable.

Power and traditional system

Comparison of power system parameters of models at the same price
Power systemmodel Chrysler 300C
2013 3.6L Honored Edition

Cadillac XTS

2013 28T Leading Type


2012 M25L Elegant Edition

Engine overview V6 3.6L naturally aspirated L4 2.0T turbocharged V6 2.5L naturally aspirated
Fuel supply method Multi-point EFI Direct injection Multi-point EFI
Maximum power 286 horsepower 269 horsepower 235 horsepower
Maximum torque 340 Nm 355 Nm 253 Nm
Gearbox specifications 8 gears and automatic integration 6-speed hand-in-one 7-speed manual integration

The new 300C is equipped with a Pentastar 3.6L V6 naturally aspirated engine. This engine is the same as the ones installed on the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. There are some changes in tuning. The maximum power is 286 hp (210 kW) at 6350 rpm, and the maximum torque is 340. Niu·m/4650 revolutions. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual gearbox from ZF. The handlebar style is similar to the Audi A8L and Grand Cherokee, and the feel is quite good.

Driving experience part

Driving a wide 300C is definitely as simple as being able to overwhelm the opponent in terms of momentum. Look at the words 286 horsepower, 340 Nm, front and rear drive, you can easily associate it as a sportsman, this is the moment of ignition. It can be felt that a short but powerful roar seemed to give the driver a slamming power.

In fact, the 300C is not as wild as you think in daily driving. It is still docile and decent. The 3.6L V6 engine and the 8-speed automatic manual transmission can give the driver the most suitable power feedback, and the accelerator pedal will not appear too sensitive or somewhat Hysteresis. The right foot is pressed with sufficient energy, and a little bit is enough to overtake. It does not have the explosive power of a turbo engine, but the continuous and calm power pouring impressed me a lot, and the driving difficulty coefficient in the city has been reduced a lot.

The steering wheel feels light, the size is too large, and the number of steering turns is large. This will give you a deeper experience when driving intensely. In addition, you can't help but complain when you park and move. The slower steering and the heavier front will make it impossible to judge the exact direction of the vehicle. In this case, the vehicle will show the driving performance of pushing the head first and then flicking the tail, which is difficult to bring the driver's control satisfaction.

In a hurry? No problem, you don't need to engage in S gear or adjust any driving mode, just step on half of the accelerator pedal, because it is full of power at any time, and this may be the power reserve that we often talk about. The big 20-inch wheel is very moving when it is turned, in my opinion it is like a high-profile show off!

0-100km/h acceleration test

Turn off the ESC and start at 2500rpm at full force, and the 300C will not skid like a normal high-horsepower rear-wheel drive vehicle, which looks aggressive. It’s a strategy to start steadily and not do the least useless work. The final 0-100km/h score is 7.72 seconds, which is 0.02 seconds slower than the official score. The ten test results are also very stable, basically around 7.7 seconds.

By observing its start and acceleration curve, we found that the 300C is a car built for comfort. It is willing to create a smooth experience for the driver and passengers, and will not blindly chase the skin and pursue the ultimate speed.

100-0km/h brake test

What is the braking performance of a 1.8-ton big guy within 38 meters? The 300C brake system can provide a very good and stable braking force. The deceleration G value can be maintained at -1.1G, which is a very good performance. , The operation is also handy in daily driving. The final score of 37.84 meters is worthy of praise!


Noise control is the strength of the 300C. The handling of wind noise and road noise during driving is in place, which is in line with the identity of a high-end car. People in the car can talk easily within the test speed range.

● Summary:

In terms of test strength, the new 300C has hardware competitiveness with Audi A6L and BMW 5 Series Li, but because the brand awareness is not loud enough, it can only go to a relatively niche market at present.

Audi A6L BMW 5 Series Li

What can't be ignored is that in addition to the top three of the German series, there are many American and Japanese competitors in the mid-to-high-end car market. The new 300C will more or less face the competition from these brands. How to locate itself in the market is also the next issue the new 300C will face. Fortunately, the 300C has a huge price advantage, and the price cuts for all series are basically around 100,000. So my suggestion is if you are tired of the conventional choice of routes, you might as well go to the 4S store to see the new Chrysler 300C.

In general, the progress of the new Chrysler 300C is obvious to all. The new interior design, the use of high-end luxury materials and the new power system combination can all show that it has gradually moved closer to the ranks of luxury cars, but the interior assembly process There is still a lot of room for improvement. Although we have seen some improvements, I think this is far from enough. Whether in the face of the traditional German top three, or many American and Japanese competitors, the new 300C does not have a particularly obvious advantage. But from another point of view, in today's domestic Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW running all over the street, the Chrysler 300C with American style might give you a personality of your own.

Chrysler 300C (import) 2013 3.6L Premium Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

49.19 million

If you want to learn more about the detailed configuration of the 2012 Chrysler 300C 3.6L Exalted Edition, you can click here, and the staff of the 4S shop will contact you in time; if you want to know the situation of nearby dealers and more preferential information, please click here. Please click on the quotation of the car series to see which 4S shop offers more attractive quotations.

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