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[YesAuto Automobile Museum] A while ago, I participated in Citroen's Centennial Celebration. Nearly 4,500 classic cars gathered together, which made people feel very shocked. And I am more regretful that because I was busy collecting materials and interviews that day, I couldn't really feel the rare classic car party attentively. But recently I made up for this regret: I visited the Citroen Collection Car Museum. Compared with the celebration, there are only more than 300 cars in the Collection Car Museum, but it basically covers all the classic models of Citroen over a century. Considering that we have recently published several articles about Citroen classic cars, this issue will not repeat the introduction of each car, but carefully select ten representative classic cars to share. Of course, here will not only tell about Citroen’s past classics, but also look at the “Chinese elements” in the museum. (Ps: The video version will be launched next week, stay tuned!)

It is difficult to tell the story of a century-old car brand in a few words. By understanding its past products, we can roughly know what kind of brand it is. Although it is a brand with a century-old history, Citroen, like a casual Frenchman, does not seem to be addicted to the past. Its next work will always make people look forward to it even more. At the beginning of the new century, we also wish it a smooth journey to the East!