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[YesAuto News] According to foreign media reports, the top leaders of Nissan Motor, French Renault, and Mitsubishi Motors held consultations for the first time after Carlos Ghosn was arrested on November 29, confirming that the future tripartite alliance will adopt a collegiate system for decision-making. Excessive concentration of correction power on the status of Ghosn, the former president of Nissan. In addition, companies have reached consensus on maintaining positive measures to promote the tripartite alliance.

In the negotiations on the same day, apart from adjusting capital cooperation, it seemed that the personnel arrangements for replacing Ghosn’s leader in the alliance were not discussed. To solve the rare situation of losing the commander-in-chief of the alliance, problems are still piled up. The decision-making authority of the tripartite alliance previously concentrated on Ghosn, who is also the president of the three companies and the leader of the alliance. The alliance integrates the production and development functions of the three parties and implements unified operations. The mechanism adopted is to set up a chief person in each field, and the information is directly reported to Ghosn.

In the future, the overall information of the tripartite alliance will be shared by Nissan President and CEO Nishikawa Hiroto, Renault's interim leader, Deputy CEO Thierry Bollore (Thierry Bollore), Mitsubishi Motors President and CEO Masuko Osamu and others. On this basis, it was changed to a form of consultation with three people, and only the decisions that reached the conclusion were reflected in the business operations of all parties. How to make decisions when there are differences of opinion will be finalized in the future.

However, due to the tripartite change to a collegiate system, decision-making may become slow. The game between the French government and Renault and Nissan continues around Nissan's successor chairman. Due to internal regulations, the CEO of Renault needs to concurrently serve as the CEO of the alliance holding company (Renault-Nissan BV). How to implement the tripartite collegiate system into the rules will become a problem. The three companies held consultations on the 29th through a video conference. The tripartite alliance issued a joint statement on the same day and night, stating that “all parties continue to promote the alliance's measures with all their strength”, confirming the maintenance of trilateral cooperation in the future. (Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun; Compiler/Car Home Zhang Xiaosha)