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[YesAuto Car Race] The 2015 F1 Brazil race that ends on November 15 (this morning Beijing time), I would like to use the word “boring” to describe it. There was little suspense throughout the whole journey. Rosberg, Hamilton and Vettel ranked 1, 2 and 3 on the grid respectively, and the order of the end of the game was the same. Although there were occasional crashes and withdrawals in the race, overall there were not many highlights.

For the sake of safety, the Mercedes team did not arrange for Hamilton a different tactic from Rosberg. Hamilton has been depressed after the game. He defended the world champion ahead of time, and he has been suppressed by Rosberg since these two stops. Lauda also said after the end of the Brazil station that Rosberg is now better than Hamilton.

At the beginning of the race, the first few started without any problems. The Red Bull Racing driver Carlos had a power unit failure after a few corners and he had no choice but to retire. When the race progressed to the 4th lap, Ricardo of the Red Bull Racing team chose to pit, put on neutral tires, got out of the car line, and prepared for a single long-distance drive. At the 11th lap of the race, a large number of cars pitted to change tires. It took Rosberg as much as 4.4 seconds to change tires, his teammate Hamilton changed tires in 3.6 seconds, and Ferrari driver Vettel, ranked third, changed tires. It only took 2.7 seconds.

Rosberg has been ahead of Hamilton by about one second, and Vettel is watching the changes not far from them, ready to ambush at any time. When the race progressed to the 33rd lap, the yellow flag was shown on the first stage of the track, Maldonado collided with Eriksson, and both cars could compete. There was no danger.

In the following game, Hamilton has been unable to effectively attack Rosberg. On lap 46, the gap had increased to 2.2 seconds. On lap 57, Rosberg said to the team “Don't talk to me”. After the race, he explained that he was not worried about the team talking, but only when scoring. At that time, he needed to concentrate on driving the car. The team shut up.

In the end, Rosberg won the Brazilian championship after 71 laps and secured the title of runner-up driver of the year. His teammates had secured the Drivers of the Year Championship in the previous US race. After the race, the interviewer told Rosberg that if he played his form early, he might be able to challenge the annual driver's championship!

After the game, Massa's results were cancelled and the 8th place was waived. The reason is that before the start, the FIA found that the temperature of the tires of the Williams Racing Massa car exceeded the upper limit of 110 degrees Celsius, reaching 137 degrees Celsius. The FIA believes that their tire heating blanket violates regulations. The Williams team stated that there was a problem with the FIA test. The temperature recorded by the team was 104 degrees Celsius and 107 degrees Celsius, and there was no violation.