[YesAuto Watching the Race] The COC China Track Cross-Country Championship is one of the track cross-country events under the China Automobile Federation. Because the competition venue is smaller and it is convenient to watch the race, it has won the favor of more car fans. Unlike large-scale cross-country events such as the Ring Tower and Dakar, the venue cross-country race is in a limited venue, and the winner is determined between square inches, which is quite enjoyable. I was fortunate enough to watch a cross-country championship held in Baishan, Jilin recently, and bring back the wonderful moments for everyone to share.

● On-site inspection

● Analysis of participating vehicles

● Overview of the competition scene

● Preliminary report (1)

● Preliminary report (2)

● Final report

The three-day race was over. In the small track of only 1km or so, everyone had a great time, all kinds of chasing after me, all kinds of stumbling, whether it is a severe test for vehicle tuning or driving level , Of course, the biggest feast may be the majority of car fans. The high threshold of professional cross-country events is destined to not be able to participate immediately, but it is also very interesting to feel the passion and fun in watching. If you go to see the ring tower, you may not see many cars in a day, maybe the track race is more enjoyable and interesting, right? What do you think?