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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Now is a fast-paced era. Not only is the speed of product iterations accelerating, but the speed of aesthetic changes is also jaw-dropping. For car designers, this is undoubtedly a huge challenge. A car model developed with great effort a few years ago may become Old Fashion when it goes on the market. Since the trendy is difficult to control, it's better to try to retro. The little guy standing in front of us-Euler Good Cat (hereinafter referred to as Good Cat) was born under this guiding ideology.

● The trend can be described as fleeting, the safer way is to choose retro, of course, the premise is to evolve according to today's consumers;

● It is a pity that Chinese consumers have no memories of classic old cars before the 1980s, but this does not prevent us from liking these “old guys” today;

● Retro does not mean backward, so you can find some popular design schemes and detailed settings in the interior;

There are many criteria for judging whether the design is good or not, but even if we have not studied a related major, we can still judge one or two. The core is that we live in various design styles every day.

Take the Euler Good Cat (hereinafter referred to as the Good Cat) in front of us, I believe you can tell at a glance, it uses a retro design. So the question is, whose history is it recovering?

Today, MINI, Volkswagen Beetle, Fiat 500 are synonymous with classic and retro, and they are all sought after by consumers from all over the world after they have experienced time.

But you must have discovered that these are all active products on the European continent. For Chinese consumers, the memories of this period of time are blank.

Although embarrassing, the attitude of Chinese consumers towards retro design is not the same as that of European consumers towards the resurrected MINI, Beetle, and Fiat 500.

But looking at it from another angle, we have not resisted the retro trend because of these vacancies. In fact, this situation exists in many fields. Today, many big-name clothes are still being fried, but this does not prevent young people from pursuing this year.

In other words, even if there is no memory of that time, it does not prevent us from accepting the retro design of classic European models today.

Therefore, Haomao’s development team chose the retro route not to pay tribute to a certain model, but to cherish all the products of that era, and there is no question of which model is retro. After all, after the polishing of time, things that can still be recognized by consumers yesterday are likely to rejuvenate after packaging.

Of course, the core of retro design is not a simple copy, but an evolution of the classic core based on today's aesthetic characteristics to make it more suitable for the tastes of today's consumers.

Today, in order to pursue a sense of unity, the wheel arches and the engine compartment are mostly integrated, but Euler’s engine compartment cover has made a bulging shape, which is also a popular trend more than half a century ago.

The rear-engine Porsche 911, which can be called a living fossil of design, has been a loyal fan of protruding wheel arches for a long time (thanks to its engine placed on the rear of the body), which is also one of its labels.

In the 1960s, the integrated lamp set that combined high beam, low beam and fog lamp was still in the ascendant. The independent round lamp set was the trend of that era. Euler retained the fashion of the past. Of course, it is now one. Style lamp group.

The core of the retro model is the simple shape. In today's era when it is necessary to deeply portray the shoulder line, waist line and skirt line, such a design may make some friends feel dull.

It's like we are stimulated by hot pot and abnormal spicy grilled wings every day. When we eat normal spicy skewers, we will feel that it is not stimulated enough. At this time, a bowl of white porridge without additives may make people cry.

Of course, this does not mean that designers can be lazy, on the contrary, they need to adjust the details to the aesthetics of today's people. For example, the front and rear door areas that are not easy to attract attention are designed with a shrinkage design, which will further highlight the wheel arch shape and increase the overall sense of expansion.

The most controversial point of my friends about the design of the good cat is actually not the front, but the rear. On the one hand, the curvature of the trunk cover is obvious, on the other hand, the position of the taillight group is also very rare.

To say a thousand words and ten thousand words, aesthetics is a matter for the benevolent to see the benevolent and the wise. I don’t know if you can accept its retro style in front of the screen. What are you hesitating? Come and vote to show your opinion.

Insert the voting mark: “Do you like the retro design on the good cat?” 》

After all, the exterior is for others to see, and the interior is the area most contacted by car buyers. From the sensory level, this little guy with low positioning is full of attitudes like luxury and quality.

The impression that can be given comes from the use of materials and the matching of colors. Although the cost is limited, soft materials are undoubtedly more affinity, and the reasonable layout of imitation leather materials also makes people feel good.

We often hear the term “crossover”. The interior design of many French cars refers to the details of luxury goods. In the interior details of a good cat, we can also find these dazzling stitches.

Earlier we mentioned that the core of retro is to interpret it with modern techniques. In the interior of a good cat, you can find some design elements that are popular today, such as through the screen.

Today, many new car center control parts that target young people like to put a huge touch screen, but it is a bit disappointing on the good retro cat, so the design team matched it with more tonal buttons.

The interior part of the classic models of the last century is characterized by the use of low-floor design. At that time, storage space was not as important as it is today, and it is a little waste to continue such details today. The design team of Haomao is just borrowing here. The concept of low floor.

The words written at the back:

The chief designer of reform and opening up once said, “Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, it is a good cat that can catch mice.” For Great Wall, the new brand of Euler undoubtedly supports their hope to accumulate weak electric Desire for the car market to show its ambitions. Although the positions and orientations of the few guys that have been listed are different, they are just like that memorable saying. Although they have different attitudes, they have a unified purpose. So, in front of the screen, can you accept the retro design of a good cat?