[YesAuto original test drive] At this year’s Paris Motor Show, Kia’s new generation of Optima was officially released. At the same time, it will be produced in China next year and will go on sale as early as March next year. In order to allow more domestic consumers to understand the new generation of Optima ships (hereinafter referred to as “Xinyuan Ships”), Dongfeng Yueda Kia recently organized a media test drive meeting, giving us the opportunity to experience the upcoming domestic production of Xinyuan in advance. Ship.

● The appearance of the Kia family has obvious characteristics, and the far ship is completely renewed

If everyone has an impression of the previously-made distant ships, then when you see the new distant ships, your first reaction must be: huh? ! Is this the new far ship? That's right, what you see is a far ship that has been completely renewed inside and out. Designed by Peter Cyrel, the appearance of the new COSCO ship has a very obvious new feature of the Kia family: the black center net inspired by the tiger's face. I think this design is very successful, and it has been recognized by most people on the previous models such as Freddy, Kaizun, and Smart Running.

The honeycomb-shaped black center net is indeed very powerful, and it also gives extra points in the sports promotion, with the black bottom xenon headlights, the air outlet decorations above the fenders and the LED daytime running lights. Yuanjian immediately became fashionable and sporty, and it will definitely win the love of young people and consumers who catch up with trends.

The side lines of the Xinyuan ship’s body are very smooth, especially behind the C-pillar. The natural bottom edge of the roof and the short trunk cover even create a feeling of a coupe. This design is probably only emphasized like Regal and Mazda 6. It can only be seen on a sporty medium-sized car, and it can be seen that the Xinyuan ship is indeed reborn.

The bold and exaggerated design is also used in the rear: the taillights start from the fuel tank cap on the side of the car and extend to one-third of the trunk. This is the first time I have seen such an exaggerated taillight, which is very impressive. profound.

The body size of the Xinyuan Ship is 4845mm in length, 1830mm in width, and 1455mm in height, and its wheelbase reaches 2795mm. It is in the upper-middle level among medium-sized cars of the same level. And because of its smooth appearance, the Xinyuan Ship is very large in size. It doesn't seem “stupid” at all.

In order to highlight the sports characteristics of the new COSCO ship, Kia also provided optional sports kits for the COSCO ship, including uniquely shaped 18-inch wheels and a rear spoiler. In general, the appearance of the new COSCO ship is dynamic and fashionable, and the characteristics of the Kia family have been well reflected. The exaggerated rear light group is impressive, and the body size is not lost to any rivals of the same level.

● Rich configurations such as ventilated seats and panoramic sunroof are the highlights

Since it is “reborn”, the interior of the Xinyuan ship is also undergoing earth-shaking changes: the center console, which is biased toward the driver's 9.6° design, is completely different from most of the current mid-sized vehicles with a “T” design. Perhaps from the picture, the center console like this is a bit slanted, which feels very awkward, but after experiencing it, I can tell everyone responsibly: when you sit in the driver's seat, all kinds of operations are very convenient and smooth, and the layout is in line with the man-machine. engineering.

In this article, I want to focus on the rich configuration of the new COSCO ship, such as multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth phone, fixed-speed cruise, dual-zone air conditioning, external audio interface and keyless start, etc. The general configuration of medium-sized vehicles on the COSCO ship It can be found on all of the above, and the Xinyuan ship is also equipped with ventilated front electric heating leather seats. At present, the domestic medium-sized cars are only equipped on Regal, Lacrosse and other models. As for its benefits, anyone who has experienced it will certainly appreciate it.

In addition, the panoramic sunroof of the Xinyuan ship is also a rare configuration for medium-sized vehicles, and only the LaCrosse and Teana are available in the same price range.

There is also a more interesting configuration: the front wheel position reminder. When the vehicle starts, it will monitor the position of the front wheels. If the front wheels are not facing forward at this time, the display in the center of the dashboard will remind the driver where the front wheels are facing and how you need to operate the steering wheel. In order to return the wheel to the right. I think this configuration is very helpful for novices and Ma Daha drivers, and can reduce the chance of accidents caused by the starting vehicle moving in other directions due to the incorrect position of the front wheels.

Finally, let’s take a look at the performance of the new COSCO ship: the 1.78-meter-tall experiencer sits in the driver’s seat, adjusts the seat to the lowest position and sits in a proper posture. At this time, there is a three-finger distance from the top of the head to the roof, showing the new COSCO ship The head space in the front row is not satisfactory; when the experiencer sits in the driver’s back row, we see that the distance between the top of the head and the roof of the car is three fingers, and the knee is more than two punches from the back of the front seat. The distance of the ship can even be raised inside. Taking into account the influence of the rear roof shape, it should be said that the rear space performance of the new far ship is still good.

● 6AT transmission is very competent, driving experience is commensurate with dynamic appearance

In terms of power, the future domestically produced Xinyuan Ship will provide 2.4L and 2.0L engines. Among them, the 2.4L inline four-cylinder engine uses dual CVVT technology, with a maximum power of 132kW (180 horsepower)/6000rpm and a peak torque of 231N· m/4000rpm; 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine also uses dual CVVT technology, with a maximum power of 121kW (165 horsepower)/6200rpm and a peak torque of 198N·m/4600rpm. The transmission system can choose 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Our test drive this time is a 2.4L+6AT model. Does this combination look familiar? That’s right, it’s the same powertrain as the imported Kaizun: the engine model is θII, it is made of all-aluminum material and equipped with dual variable valve timing technology. It also uses chain transmission. It was used by Hyundai and Kia in the past two years. One of the main models; and the 6AT transmission is a brand new product independently developed by Hyundai and Kia.

Slightly different from Kaizun, the new COSCO ship is equipped with steering wheel shift paddles (left minus right plus). The driver can shift gears through the paddles in manual mode or D mode: in manual mode, the gearbox is in Before getting the upshift/downshift command, he will not easily make any action unless the protection limit is reached. In the D mode, the driver can also use the paddles to shift gears. After shifting for about 30 seconds, if there is no manual operation Gear shift action, then the gearbox will automatically return to D gear. This design brings a lot of fun to D gear downshift overtaking, and provides more sufficient power for the vehicle.

In fact, no matter in which mode, the 6AT transmission can be described as “competent”. Among them, the positive shift is one aspect, and the more important is the shift speed, especially when downshifting through paddles. The transmission response is very quick and direct, with almost no delay, just like driving a manual transmission model, and you can downgrade two gears in a row when needed, which is so exciting! There is no rival in a car of the same level.

In addition to the combination of engine and transmission reflecting the movement, the chassis tuning of the new COSCO ship is also biased towards movement: the hardness of the suspension spring is relatively moderate, and the damping of the shock absorber tube is also in place, suspension support and control when passing hurdles All are very good, and there will not be the “flicker” feeling common in many mid-sized cars of the same level.

In addition, the sense of road transmitted through the steering wheel can also make the driver feel more clearly and point more accurately. It should be noted that at high speeds, the steering wheel will appear lighter, which is quite different from the medium-heavy type of Kaizun. I hope Kia can improve on this.

to sum up:

Although a few years ago, the old domestically-made couriers performed poorly in China and were not accepted by consumers in the mid-size car market, Kia has never given up on the mid-size car market. With the introduction of Freddy, Sorento, and Sus With the hot sales of new cars such as Mai, Kaizun, and Smart Running and the new family characteristics, the popularity of the Kia brand has been improved. At this time, the new Yuanship was handed over to Dongfeng Yueda Kia for domestic production. It seems that Kia is full of it. confidence. In the briefing session of the test drive activity, Kia directly compared the new COSCO ship with Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. It also proved that Kia not only hopes that the new COSCO ship will become the main force of Kia, but also hope that the new COSCO ship will become the main force of Kia. Can become the main force in the mid-size car market.