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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] The biggest winner of this year’s F1 Grand Prix should be Mercedes. The team is the annual champion with 701 points, 296 points ahead of the runner-up, and the driver’s championship. How to make people envy and hate? Yes, Mercedes has come out to “pull hatred” again. They said: “We are'surprised' at our dominant success in the new V6 era.”

Followed by the “help” are the McLaren team's Patton and Williams team's Bottas. They all agree that their tank is the best car ever driven, and Red Bull's Ricardo is the only one to use The champion driver of a non-Mercedes-powered car also expressed his respect to his opponent: “When the Red Bull Racing dominated the stadium last year, I felt that that kind of advantage was nothing new. I didn't expect to have it this year.”

As for the story behind the success, a relevant person in charge of Mercedes said that the team has been preparing for the 2014 season since the beginning of 2013 or even earlier. At that time, the research and development budget was limited, and the team focused all its energy on 2014. year. When the new F1 rules were promulgated in early 2013, engine engineers regarded it as a great opportunity. Surprisingly, it seemed that only our family followed up.

Well, when I heard that the non-Mercedes team members and fans have already got their noses crooked. Even though he has such an advantage this year, Lise is a little bit unkind when it comes out now. As for whether to win votes for himself or to frighten opponents before the start of the 2015 season, only Mercedes knows. Anyway, next year, Honda, which once relied on turbocharged engines to dominate the F1 car world, will return to F1. Mercedes may face unprecedented competitive pressure, at least it will be greater than this year. Then, who will be the winner? See how everyone performed in 2015.