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[YesAuto static experience] Langdong, Sonata Eight, Rena, ix35, New Genesis-Coolpad, Veloster Phase One, Equus… In recent years, Hyundai's large family in China has continued to grow, and the growth rate is rapid . If you want to list all its products in the country immediately, I am afraid it will be a bit difficult. Of course, its progress has not stopped. In the face of the continued popularity of SUV models, it will bring us a brand new 7-seat SUV model-the new Shengda in a month's time.

In fact, the imported version of this new 7-seater SUV has been unveiled at this year's Beijing Auto Show. At that time, I also had a simple real shooting experience on it for the first time. For details, please click “Appearance/Configuration is the highlight!” Experience the new Shengda Sport at the auto show. But having said that, what we saw before was still the imported version, which is a bit far from us. After a few months, its domestic version finally appeared in China. Without further ado, I will give you a detailed introduction to this brand new 7-seater SUV model and see what it brings us.


“Fluid Sculpture” is the design concept I have mentioned the most in recent times. At present, all new cars under Hyundai adopt this concept, and the new Shengda is no exception. Frankly speaking, it is another model that shows the design progress of Korean cars in recent years. The whole vehicle is avant-garde and dynamic, with smooth and natural lines. This may mean that its consumer group will be more than the current imported new Shengda. Be younger.

In terms of tire equipment, the actual vehicle is equipped with Bridgestone DUELER H/L 422 tires with a specification of 235/60 R18. This set of tires is specifically designed for urban SUVs by Bridgestone. According to earlier reports, the above-mentioned tire specifications will only be equipped on 2.0T models, and another set of 235/65 R17 tires will be equipped on 2.4L models.

The length, width and height of the new Shengda are 4725mm, 1880mm, and 1675mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. It can be seen that it is slightly different from the overseas version of the new Shengda. It is estimated that this is due to the difference caused by the changes in the body kit after the domestic production, but it will not cause any impact on the riding space. From the perspective of body size, its competitors will be Highlander, Sharp, and Sorento. Only in this respect, it is not dominant, especially in front of the “big guy” Highlander.

Interior and configuration:

The layout of the center console of the new Shengda is very compact, and the design is very avant-garde, which looks like a pair of spreading wings. The brand-new Shengda in front of us has a two-tone interior. The overseas version we saw before is all black. I hope that the domestic version will also have two-color and all-black options after it is officially launched. As for materials, I don’t know if the manufacturer deliberately, the light-colored parts of the vehicle interior are made of soft materials, while the darker parts are made of hard plastics, including the center console.

The leather steering wheel has a full grip, and the integrated function buttons on it seem to be more than ix35. When you first touch it, the dazzling buttons do make people a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, the distribution of buttons is reasonable, and you can use it a few more times. .

The configuration related to driving, the new Shengda is not ambiguous at all, such as steep slope descent system, body stabilization system, active fuel-saving mode, lane deviation warning, AUTO HOLD, electronic handbrake, automatic parking, etc. can all be found on it. get. In addition, it is also equipped with a bluelink system. Interested friends can click on the article “Challenging Anjixing Modern BlueLink Human-Machine Dialogue System”, which has a detailed introduction.

The multimedia system also has rich functions, such as DVD, GPS navigation, Bluetooth phone/music, USB/AUX/SD extension and so on. Its 8-inch touch screen is very attractive, the display is clear and delicate, and the overall response is relatively fast. Of course, this huge screen will not be the standard configuration of the whole series. According to data, in the future, the new Shengda low-end models launched in China will be consistent with the overseas version, and only use a 4.2-inch touch screen.

Seat and seating space:

The front seats of the new Shengda have multi-directional adjustment, seat heating/ventilation functions, and the main driver has relatively two more memory functions. Although its shoulders look relatively wide, the wrapping leather and seat padding are relatively soft, so the wrapping is general, and the overall comfort is dominated. In addition to the front seats, its second-row seats also have a heating function, so that the comfort of the second-row passengers can be better taken care of.

From the body size mentioned in the previous article, it can be seen that the 2700mm wheelbase of the new Shengda does not have an advantage in the same class of cars, but the actual overall performance is considered superior. An experiencer with a height of 1.79 meters after adjusting a proper driving posture, sitting in the front row for the experience, there is more room for a punch on the head.

Its second-row seats have good flexibility. In addition to moving back and forth, the inclination of the backrest can also be adjusted within a certain range. The same experiencer moves the second row of seats to the final position, the seat back tilt is normal, and the front seats remain unchanged before the front row. There is 3 finger multi-point space for the head and the legs. There is room for more than 2 punches. In this case, for the average passenger, the legroom is sufficient. If you feel that there is not enough head room and feel depressed, you can adjust the tilt of the back of the chair.

Although it is a 7-seater SUV, adults who want to enter the third row will inevitably bump into it. After all, its wheelbase data is not outstanding. In my opinion, it is more difficult to get into the third row of the all-new Shengda than it is to get into the back row of a two-door sedan. First of all, you have to do two steps, one is to pull the second row of seats to the front position, and the other is to fold up the seats. What is puzzling is that these two steps cannot be reversed. When the second row of seats is folded, they cannot move back and forth, and it feels like they are locked.

Bend over, bend my legs, knock my head…I finally entered the third row of the brand new Shengda. But within less than a minute, I was anxious to run out. Because if you keep the previous adjustments of the first two rows of seats unchanged, it would be too awkward. In fact, the new Shengda is not a special case. Many 7-seater SUV models have this common problem. Unless you have a lot of passengers and you must use the third row, I suggest you use it to hold your luggage. Of course, there is another solution, that is, passengers in the second and third rows can accommodate each other, and take advantage of the ability of the second row of seats to move back and forth and the inclination of the seat back to make room for the third row.

Storage space:

The new Shengda car has a lot of storage compartments, and even the third row has a cup holder and storage slot, but compared with the competitor Highlander, there is still a certain gap, and some storage There is still a lot of room for improvement in humanity. For example, the glove box, if suede backing can be added, consumers will prefer…

Thanks to the better flexibility of the second and third rows of seats, its luggage compartment space is also more flexible, depending on the number of passengers at the time. If 7 people are full, the luggage compartment is indeed pitifully small; if a family of five travels, the third row of seats can be folded down, and its luggage compartment space is about 880L at this time, and traveling with a large amount of luggage can also meet the demand; When thinking about the two-person world, you can put down the second and third rows of seats. At this time, the luggage compartment space is about 1716L, and the floor is relatively flat, plus the panoramic view of the lighting area of 0.84 square meters Sunroof, lying in the car in the suburbs and counting the stars is definitely a pleasure.

Powertrain and chassis:

The new Shengda will have two engines to choose from, the 2.0TGDi turbocharged direct injection engine and the 2.4L GDi direct injection engine. The maximum power of the 2.0TGDi engine is 180kW (245 horsepower); the maximum power of the 2.4L GDi engine is 139kW (189 horsepower). In terms of gearboxes, the 2.0TGDi engine will only match the 6-speed automated manual transmission, while the 2.4L GDi engine has 6-speed manual and 6-speed automated manual transmission options.

Full text summary:

From the configuration point of view, the new Shengda I experienced this time should be a high-end model. From the previous analysis, it can be seen that its configuration is quite rich. It is equipped with relatively high-end configurations such as steering system mode selection, lane deviation warning, automatic parking, etc., and these items are rare among competitors in the same level. Configuration. In addition to the configuration, it also has many things worth mentioning, such as a dynamic and avant-garde appearance, a satisfying interior space, a more flexible seat combination, and an engine with good book data.

Of course, its competitors are not “vegetarian”. The Highlander has ample space in the car, rich storage compartments and comfort. The Edge is a driver-focused SUV, which is not only powerful, but also powerful. Moreover, the chassis is solid and the space is good; Sorento, as the Korean brother of the all-new Shengda, its latest model has improved appearance design, and also has a lot of technological configurations, adhering to the Korean car. The consistent approach of high sex ratio is believed to put a lot of pressure on the new Shengda in the future. Judging from the current situation, the price is worse. If the price of the new Shengda listed in the domestic market is right, then I believe it is definitely a powerful “spoiler”. (Photo/Text/Car Home He Jiarong Photo/Car Home He Jiarong Ruan Zhihui)