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[Interpretation of the YesAuto crash test] The Mercedes-Benz GLC that has just been launched, as a replacement model of the GLK, has been greatly improved from the inside to the outside. From a security perspective, since it is to become a hot product on the market, security must not be sloppy. Compared with the E-NCAP test system of previous years, new projects and stricter evaluation standards are new challenges for newly launched models.

·Score overview and collision video

· Frontal collision with 100% overlapping rigid barriers

Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier

·Deformable mobile barrier side impact

·Side collision

·Whipping test

·Pedestrian protection

·Active Safety System

·Editor's summary:

If you want to sell well in the market, you must not only be more refined, but also work hard on safety. Mercedes-Benz GLC has achieved excellent safety results in Europe, but this does not mean perfection. Mercedes-Benz GLC still has room for safety optimization. (Photo / Shu Ning, home of the car)