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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, according to domestic media reports, on May 19th, a woman advocated by Tesla's rights activist woman said in an interview that she would proceed with a lawsuit over the “brake failure”. Prior to May 6, Ms. Zhang sued Tesla and Tao Lin (Tesla's global vice president) for infringing on her own reputation. The case has now been filed.

Ms. Zhang said: “We plan to file a lawsuit (against Tesla’s brake failure). But isn’t there still a domestic testing agency that can detect the liability of smart-driving cars in traffic accidents? There is no independent agency that can do this data identification. “Ms. Zhang said that Tesla did not provide complete 30-minute data, and there is no domestic institution that has the qualifications to detect the responsibility of smart driving car accidents. “(The data provided by Tesla) has a time span of half an hour, but some important project parameters are missing.”

It is understood that these missing parameters include brake pedal displacement, electric door pedal displacement, motor torque, energy recovery, and whether the ABS booster system is activated. After Tesla released the data, Ms. Zhang has proposed three times to obtain more complete data, but as of May 19, she has not received it.

Regarding why the lawsuit against Tesla’s traffic accident was not initiated at the beginning, Ms. Zhang explained: “We will put the right of reputation in the first lawsuit, subject to jurisdiction and contractual issues, lawsuits regarding vehicle quality issues, this If the lawsuit is about to be fought, we may have to go to Beijing. We still hoped that he could provide us with complete driving data, and then use the data as the basis to find out the real cause of the accident. We didn’t expect this to happen at the beginning. So many things will happen in the future.”

Regarding the next development, we will continue to pay attention. If you want to know more about Tesla's rights defense events before, you can click on the topic to learn more. (Source: Economic Observer; Compiler/Auto Home Wang Yin)