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Lotus launched the Exige GT3 road sports car at this Geneva Motor Show. This brand new design with Lotus sports pedigree reflects the brand's profound knowledge in road sports cars. “This Exige GT3 road sports car demonstrates Lotus's sports car design and manufacturing capabilities. It has a unique and dynamic shape, wide wheelbase and innovatively designed rear spoiler, perfect road handling and wild acceleration ability, and Powerful braking efficiency.” Lotus Car CEO Mike Kimberly said at the launch ceremony.

Lotus Exige GT3 is equipped with a 1796cc turbocharged engine with intercooler, which outputs a maximum power of 275 horsepower at 8000rpm and a peak torque of 258N·m at 7000rpm. The VVTL-i variable valve system brings smooth and linear power output throughout the entire speed range. The power is transferred to the Yokohama A048 high-performance tires after the deployment of the C64 six-speed gearbox made of aluminum alloy, which is the highest of the new car. The speed can reach 257 kilometers per hour. The brake system of the Lotus Exige GT3 is not inferior. The front and rear wheels use 308 mm and 288 mm ventilated discs. AP's four-piston calipers are installed on the front wheels, and the rear wheels use Brembo products. The front suspension of the new car is a unequal-length double-fork, equipped with two-stage adjustable shock absorbers and adjustable anti-roll bars, which is almost the same as the competition car.

The new Lotus Exige GT3 will go on sale at the end of the year, and the price will be between 50,000 and 60,000 pounds.