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[YesAuto 车坛孟料] In recent years, our country has held many military parades, but when it comes to the number of military parades, no one can compare to our neighbor Russia to the north, because here every year the Moscow Red Square Victory Day parade is held. . This year's military parade will also be held as scheduled on May 9. In the previous rehearsal, in addition to various weapons and equipment, a new car, the Aurus convertible review car, appeared.

Aurus is a young brand that has never landed in China, but its popularity is not low at all, because it has a shining halo-the Russian presidential car. In May 2018, people discovered that Putin did not take the original Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard sedan during his fourth presidential inauguration, but used a domestically produced sedan that was as mighty and majestic as a Rolls Royce. It was Aurus Senat.

The appearance of Aurus Senat ended the 25-year monopoly of Mercedes-Benz over the Russian presidential car and returned the country's most symbolic car to domestic production. At the Moscow Motor Show that opened in August 2018, the civilian version of the Aurus Senat was officially unveiled. Unlike the extended version of the presidential car, the civilian version of the Aurus Senat uses a more normal four-door sedan shape, but this does not affect the overall mighty atmosphere.

It is also reported that Aurus Senat is part of the Kortezh modular platform. In addition to cars with different wheelbases, this platform will also launch a variety of models such as SUVs and MPVs. At the inauguration ceremony of Putin, an MPV model appeared as a security team.

The convertible review car that appeared in the red square parade rehearsal is the latest version of the Aurus family. Its front face and rear are consistent with the sedan version, but due to the two-door convertible design, the body is shorter. In terms of interior, the steering wheel and center console of the Aurus review car are also basically the same as the civilian sedan.

The Aurus review vehicle uses a 2+2 seat layout, but no co-pilot seat is installed, and the vacant position is reserved for the review staff to stand. In addition, the column on the right side of the central armrest box and the huge armrest on the car door are both facilities for the inspectors to keep stable when standing. Three long microphones were extended from the position of the co-pilot's glove box to facilitate the reviewer's speech.

According to foreign media reports, the interior of the Aurus review car also has a certain degree of water resistance to cope with the rain and snow that may appear during the review. In addition, under the straight trunk cover of the Aurus review car is an electric soft-top hood, which makes it somewhat similar to Rolls-Royce Yaoying, but I don’t know if it will appear in the civilian car market in the future. Yaoying “competes on the same stage.”

At the Red Square parade on Victory Day on May 9 this year, the Aurus review car will be officially unveiled to the world; and on October 1st, my country will also hold a grand military parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. What cars will be worthy of attention by then What? Stay tuned to the Car Home Cultural Channel.

If you have any comments and suggestions on this article, in addition to the comment section of this article and my editor blog, you can also communicate with me on Weibo (@王勐先生). Alright, see you next time! (Wang Meng, home of the car; source carscoops)