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[YesAuto Auto Race] On March 21st, the 2015 Audi R8 LMS Cup opener officially kicked off at the Zhuhai International Circuit. Last year’s defending champion, Malaysian rider Alex Yoong, successfully won the title of this year’s first race. Swiss beauty driver Rahel Frey won the runner-up, and the third place was taken by the young Indian who participated in this event for the first time. Aditya Patel won.

The Audi R8 LMS Cup has entered its fourth season since it was first held in China in 2012. In this year’s race, some adjustments were made to the rules of the event. The first is to add the “super pole position” rule: the top 8 drivers in the first quarter qualifying will enter the second quarter qualifying competition, and The final start order is determined by the lap results; secondly, the minimum weight limit (80kg) for drivers is to make the competition between drivers more fair; finally, in the second round of the race, the car will start with a static start. At the same time, the “Push to Pass” function that was added last year is still retained, which further enhances the viewability of the game.

At the same time as the rule changes, the Audi R8 LMS Cup racing car has also received several upgrades, using a strengthened racing clutch, upgrading the racing brake system and braking force distribution system, and the rear spoiler has also been adjusted to allow the racing Get better downforce at high speeds.

In the first round of the competition, Swiss beauty driver El Frye ranked first on the grid due to his first “super pole position”, and defending champion Xiong Long ranked second on the grid. After the game officially started, El Frye made a mistake in the alignment due to the brake lock. The next Xiong Long took the opportunity to use “one-click acceleration” to overtake, grab the first position and quickly open the distance between each other.

Lael Fry and Aditya Patel continued to chase afterwards, but the veteran Xiong Long used the “one-button acceleration” function many times, and even used it seven times in a row in the same circle to further improve the competition. The advantage expanded, and the final victory was locked in 27 minutes 01 seconds 987.

Although Lael Frye continued to try to chase Xionglong in the next few laps, Xionglong's outstanding performance and the super-high challenge to the braking technology of the Zhuhai circuit made it regrettable to finish second. The rookie Aditya Patel performed very well in the first stop. He surpassed all the veterans in his first car and chased Frye, who ranked second. However, Hong Kong driver Li Yingjian also continued to chase him. The position was challenged and it failed to surpass Frye and won the third place. This is an amazing performance for a rookie who participated in this event for the first time. Chinese driver Cheng Congfu started in ninth place, and after strenuous pursuit, he finally locked the ranking at fifth, behind Li Yingjian.

In the second round of the next day, the Audi R8 LMS Cup event used a static start for the first time. However, because the track officials sprinkled a large amount of wood chips on the track in order to cover the oil left on the track in other races. The sawdust was sucked into the cooling pipe of the Audi R8 LMS racing car, which hindered the normal operation of the cooling system. Based on safety considerations, the official decided to terminate the race. According to the rules of the game, since the game had gone on for more than two laps before the red flag was shown, the game was still considered the second round. However, since the distance traveled is less than half of the whole journey, the points are not calculated.

The Audi R8 LMS Cup 2015 season will visit Yeongam, South Korea from May 15th to 17th, where the third and fourth rounds will be held at the Korea International Circuit. Since Xiong Long, Li Yingjian, Tang Weifeng and Cheng Congfu will form the first Audi racing experience team composed entirely of Asians to compete in the Nürburgring 24 Hours, they will be absent from Korea. Their opponents have the opportunity to accumulate more valuable points.

Audi R8 LMS Cup 2015 season calendar

March 21-22 Zhuhai International Circuit, China
May 16-17 Yeongam International Circuit, South Korea
July Dapeng Bay International Circuit Taiwan, China
August Sepang International Circuit Malaysia
October 10-11, Fuji International Circuit, Japan
October 31st-November 1st Shanghai International Circuit China