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[YesAuto Industry] On May 9, Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls Energy and Power Global Business), a global advanced energy storage solution provider, officially announced the company's Chinese name “Kreishi™”. According to the official statement, the new Chinese name expresses the vision of “driving forward” with smart energy storage solutions: “Ke” symbolizes the source of power; “锐” represents keenness, wisdom and vitality; “Shi” refers to scale, Quality and global practice empower the world.

“China is one of the important growth markets for Crestron in the world. The launch of the new Chinese name once again highlights our determination to take root in China, and it is also more conducive to Crestron's steady development in this market.” Yang Shifeng, President and General Manager of China Region, said, “The development trend and market demand of China’s auto market have their own unique characteristics. Ke Ruishi will continue to optimize the production capacity in China and promote the upgrading of product technology by providing complete battery technology and products. , So as to better respond to market demand and help the development of China’s auto industry. At the same time, we will continue to work with customers to innovate and consolidate the long-term and stable cooperative relationship we have established.”

In October last year, Johnson Controls International Co., Ltd. sold its power solutions business for the production of automotive batteries to Brookfield Business Partners, and announced on May 1 that it officially changed its name globally. According to reports, Curish has an annual income of nearly 8 billion U.S. dollars, has more than 16,000 employees, 56 bases and 130 years of global energy storage business experience around the world, and will continue to devote itself to the development of automotive battery technology.