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[YesAuto Car Race] At the 2015 F1 Mexico station that ended this Monday morning, Beijing time, Rosberg from Mercedes team won the drivers championship, 2015 driver champion Hamilton finished second, and Williams team driver Botta Sri Lanka finished third. The two Ferrari drivers Raikkonen and Vettel retired.

● A bird’s-eye view of the F1 Mexico Rodriguez Brothers circuit video

The Rodriguez Brothers circuit is 4.304km long and has a total of 16 corners. The straight road is 1200 meters long. The race ran 71 laps and 305.354 kilometers in total. The track is as high as 2285 meters above sea level, which is the highest track throughout the year, which will test the aerodynamics and heat dissipation of the car.

Rosberg continued to lead the pole position, with Hamilton second on the grid and Vettel third. Raikkonen was fined back to the 19th place on the grid, followed by Alonso and Button of the McLaren team.

Although there were no major accidents at the start, on the first lap Vettel collided with his former teammate Ricardo, Vettel punctured and returned to the pit, his ranking plummeted. At the 18th lap of the race, Vettel rushed out of the track, causing abnormal tire wear and big bumps. The team instructed him to continue to stay on the field.

On lap 23, Bottas collided with Raikkonen. Raikkonen’s right rear suspension was scrapped and unfortunately retired, but Bottas was unscathed. On lap 38, Vettel only pitted to change the tires. When he left the pit lane, Hamilton was very surprised and said to the team “How did Vettel show up?” “Don't worry, he was caught in the ring”. On lap 41, the team ordered Vettel to let Hamilton pass, otherwise he would be fined. Vettel felt inexplicable, but still executed the order.

On the 47th lap, the team ordered Hamilton to pit. Hamilton questioned that his tires were in good condition, but the team did not give in. On the 48th lap, Hamilton told the team to check the replaced tires after leaving the station. He explained the wear and tear. He thinks that the tires can last a few laps, so that he is likely to surpass his teammate Rosberg and get the leading position.

On lap 52, Vettel rushed out of the track and hit the wall to retire. At this point, Ferrari was wiped out. On lap 59, Sauber’s Nasr retired because the brake system was dead.

In the end, Rosberg was the first to cross the finish line to win the championship in Mexico. He forgot to weigh with his helmet and said, “I X, I forgot to take the helmet.” The Mexico station is here for everyone. Let’s take a look at the wonderful video summary of the last station in the United States.