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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] The 2014 World Cup in Brazil ended shortly before, and the German team finally won the Hercules Cup. Before the F1 German race, the ticket agent of the Hockenheim circuit in Germany issued a message that in the World Cup Germany vs. Brazil, for every goal Germany scored, the F1 ticket price was reduced by 11 euros. In the end, the German team scored 7:1. The slaughter of the Brazilian team reduced the F1 ticket price by 77 euros (approximately 646 yuan). In addition to the benefits for fans, Rosberg, who played at home and ranked first in the drivers' standings, received a four-star World Cup. German-themed racing helmet.

The top of this helmet is paved with the German flag, the middle is printed with a symbol of the World Cup champions of the Hercules Cup, and the lower side is designed with a five-pointed star that represents Germany's four World Cup champions and the year it was won. Later, due to the copyright issue of the Hercules Cup pattern, it was not printed on the helmet in the end, and the top of the helmet was changed to a pattern with only four stars. On the upper side is the logo of the team sponsor Monster Drink. The bottom of the side is printed with the words “NICO” under the German flag, that is, Nico Rosberg's name.