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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] The 2014 F1 World Formula One Championship completed the opening match last Sunday. The first race of the year held at the Albert Park circuit in Australia is more like a bunch of “semi-finished products”. Who can finish the race successfully. In the end, 7 drivers retired before the end of the race. The drivers of the Mercedes team Rosberg won the championship of this station, please see the specific content below.

The F1 2014 season has entered a new era. The power unit has been changed from the previous 2.4-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine to a 1.6T V6 engine, and further restrictions on the fuel load and fuel flow rate. Regarding some of the changes in the 2014 season, we are in the previous It is introduced in the article, and friends who want to know can click “One Person's Stage/1.6T Engine F1 Summary and New Regulations”.

Mercedes Team

The Mercedes team is racing very fast this year. Red Bull team leader Horner predicted that in the Australian race, the Mercedes team’s car will lead the other teams’ cars by two laps by the end of the race. In practice and qualifying, the two drivers Hamilton and Rosberg driving the new car performed very well. Hamilton took the pole position and Rosberg took third place on the grid.

Red Bull Racing

The four consecutive Red Bull Racing cars this year can be described as ill-fated. The engine and chassis adjustments are quite different from those of Mercedes and Ferrari. They went to Australia to participate in the opener without being fully prepared. It is true. Let the fans fear.

The FIA stated that the fuel flow rate of the Ricardo car exceeded the 100kg/h requirement set for this year for a long time, and when it notified the Red Bull team to reduce the fuel flow rate of the car, Red Bull ignored this requirement. After discussion, it was finally decided to cancel Ricardo’s race results, and Red Bull will appeal. They reported that the FIA sensor was not accurate (the fuel flow rate sensor equipment supplier stated on their company website that 52% of the product’s test errors would be inaccurate. 0.1%, 92% product test error is 0.25%.). As Ricardo's runner-up results were cancelled, the drivers after him have all risen by one position, which will not be described separately below.

McLaren Team

The McLaren team performed very eye-catching in the first race, and currently ranks first in the team standings. The two drivers were second and third respectively, re-entering the first camp.

Magnussen personally stated that being on the podium is like winning the championship. He is the son of former F1 driver Jane Magnussen. Born in 1992, he surpassed his father's best F1 result in his F1 debut (his father's best result was the second in the race). Six).

Ferrari Team

The Ferrari team's performance in Australia was mediocre, and the two former world champions Alonso and Raikkonen did not make the podium. The team’s strategy is to allow both drivers to finish the race smoothly. Judging from the results, they did it. Ferrari aims to win the championship this year. Judging from the current performance of the car, they still have a lot to do, and it will take a short time to improve the performance of the car.

Williams Team

The veteran F1 private team Williams is very optimistic this year. The performance of the car is good. The body painting and the driver's racing suit are considered to be the best-looking of all the teams this year. Cooperation”. It is also worth mentioning that Senna's head is printed on the left side of the front of their new car body.

Bottas launched a powerful offensive at the beginning of the race, and soon caught up with Alonso. Later, due to his own mistake, the right rear wheel of the car rubbed the tire wall and caused a puncture. The result plummeted from sixth. To the sixteenth place, after he came out of the pit lane, he regained his position step by step. His performance was praised by the team’s female manager, who believed that he had presented an incredible game for everyone, but he personally blamed himself very much and said that there would never be any mistakes in this game in the future.

After the race, the officer of the station conducted an investigation and concluded that the brake system of Kobayashi Kamui's car had a malfunction, which caused only the front brakes to work at that time, so this accident occurred, so no punishment will be imposed. Massa switched to Williams as the No. 1 driver after coming out of Ferrari. He ranked first in the overall performance of the drivers during the pre-season test in Bahrain. The total signs before the race indicated that he would make a difference.

The above is the relevant information of some of the teams and drivers. The following brings you the driver's transcript and team standings of the 2014 F1 season in Australia:

F1 2014 season Australia (Australia) opening station driver report card
Ranking Car number Rider Fleet Grades integral Engine supplier


6 Rosberg Mercedes 1 hour 32 minutes 58 seconds 710 25 Mercedes
2 20 Magnuson McLaren +26 seconds 777 18 Mercedes
3 twenty two Barton McLaren +30 seconds 027 15 Mercedes
4 14 Alonso Ferrari +35 seconds 284 12 Ferrari
5 77 Bottas Williams +47 seconds 639 10 Mercedes
6 27 Hokenberg Force India +50 seconds 718 8 Mercedes
7 7 Raikkonen Ferrari +57 seconds 675 6 Ferrari
8 25 Virgeny Toro Rosso +60 seconds 441 4 Renault
9 26 Gufyat Toro Rosso +60 seconds 585 2 Renault
10 11 Perez Force India +85 seconds 916 1 Mercedes
11 99 Sutil Sauber +1 circle 0 Ferrari
12 twenty one Gutierrez Sauber +1 circle 0 Ferrari
13 4 Chilton Marusia +2 circle 0 Ferrari
14 17 Bianzi Marusia +8 circle 0 Ferrari
15 8 Grosjean Lotus Retire (43 laps) 0 Renault
16 13 Maldonado Lotus Retire (29 laps) 0 Renault
17 9 Erickson Caterham Retire (27 laps) 0 Renault
18 1 Vettel Red Bull Retire (3 laps) 0 Renault
19 44 Hamilton Mercedes Retire (3 laps) 0 Mercedes
20 19 Massa Williams Retire (1 lap) 0 Mercedes
twenty one 10 Kobayashi Kamui Caterham Retire (1 lap) 0 Renault
Cancellation 3 Ricardo Red Bull +24 seconds 525 0


F1 2014 season Australia (Australia) opening station team points
Ranking Fleet integral Engine supplier
1 McLaren 33 Mercedes
2 Mercedes 25 Mercedes
3 Ferrari 18 Ferrari
4 Williams 10 Mercedes
5 Force India 9 Mercedes
6 Toro Rosso 6 Renault
7 Red Bull 0 Renault
8 Lotus 0 Renault
9 Sauber 0 Ferrari
10 Marusia 0 Ferrari
11 Caterham 0 Renault

Looking at the overall results of the drivers and teams, the teams using Mercedes engines have outstanding results. Although none of the teams equipped with Ferrari engines has retired, the speed is worse than that of the cars equipped with Mercedes engines. There are a lot of things, and the drivers with Renault engine cars have the highest retiring rate. It can be seen that the power unit of this year's competition has a huge impact on the results. There are many things to watch in this Australian opener. The whole race is full of countless unknowns. Although it has not reached the number of pre-match predictions that half of the cars will retire, the number of 7 people who retire due to accidents and car breakdowns is not small . Four consecutive championships Red Bull Racing has performed poorly this year, temporarily losing its dominance as it did in the previous four years. This may be something many people are willing to see. After all, when an event is dominated by a certain team, it will It feels dull. However, this year's Mercedes team's car is very fast, far surpassing other cars. Compared with the previous Red Bull Racing car, it is even better. From the current point of view, they are likely to be the next Red Bull. Of course, this year's The game has just begun, everything is still unknown, let us first put all kinds of questions into our hearts, and wait until the next game.