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[YesAuto New Energy ] There have been rumors a few days ago that “Tesla is prohibited from handling license plate and other vehicle registration businesses in the Shanghai area.” Autohome contacted Tesla's official office as soon as possible, and consulted with the Shanghai Automobile Administration Office. It was learned that on the afternoon of April 7th, due to the system update of the Automobile Administration Office, the business of all pure electric vehicles (including second-hand cars) has been suspended. ), not for a single Tesla brand.

After the rumor that “Tesla bans business handling” appeared, some users also went to the vehicle management office for consultation to confirm that Tesla models can handle the licensing business normally. Weibo user “Uncle Xiaote” also provided photos showing that Tesla vehicles in the Shanghai area today completed their licenses normally.

Some users said that the cause of the rumors may be related to this morning's “Tesla car camera is suspected of privacy.” A few days ago, a video appeared on the Internet. The video was a day and night scene of a Tesla camera extracted by hackers. It is understood that the video has aroused extensive discussion among netizens, but Tesla officially stated that the camera in the cab has not been activated in markets outside of North America. In addition, Xinhua News Agency also responded to the Tesla car camera incident: “Privacy in the car is not what you want.”